Music and Fangirling

ED SHEERAN IS A LITERAL GOD. Okay, glad we cleared that up. But seriously, his music is an actual blessing to the ears.

Not only is there his entire (not so new) album, but all his music is amazing??? I mean, I’m one of those people who know every lyric to every one of his songs, and when his last album was released, I’d memorised it all in around two days. I was so dedicated to it that I got up at 5am the day it was released so that I could hear it all before I went to school. Yes, I’m a fangirl, what’s new?

Who else do I extensively fan girl over? 5SOS. They revealed earlier this year that ALBUM THREE IS BEING RECORDED. (Edit: It’s already recorded lol) They also hinted that the album would, in fact, be released THIS YEAR! And hopefully, with this new album, there will be a UK tour and I can finally see them!
Next up, dodie! Though it’s not officially been announced m, we all know that EP number 2 is being released soon! Plus I’m convinced that all of my favourites of her original songs will be on there, including 6/10!

Onto TakeThat, when I previously wrote a music and fangirling post, I was crazy excited to be going to see them in concert at the Manchester Arena. It would of been my third TakeThat concert, however, with the Manchester Terror Attack taking place a couple days before the concert, it was rightfully cancelled. I did, however, go and see Take That in cinema, as I couldn’t go to the postponed version of the Manchester Concert as I had two exams the next day, one at 9am, and knew that I wouldn’t get home until 5am.
In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge music fan girl lol. I’m looking for some new music, so comment your favourite song(s) down below so I can check them out! Thank you!
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I kinda just, what. Right, sentences, gotta learn how to form them. Anyway, 1,500 followers??? How??? I kinda just blinked and boom, followers. 

I don’t even understand why you guys even like this blog. Seriously, you’re all so nice and I can’t even dedicate the time to writing new content. I mean, that’s not my fault, because I am revising for exams, but how are you guys even still here? It takes me an age to reply to comments (which I always feel guilty about), yet you’re all still commenting???

Basically, I’m part way through revision (having an existential crisis of course) and then I see that we’re almost at 1,600 followers. How didn’t I notice??? (Also, I was part way through English revision so if any of you reading are GCSE English teachers then please hmu with some key poetry or Jekyll and Hyde quotes?)(Never mind, that exam’s done, gotta focus on language now)

Right, I’m getting off track. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been having a bit of a hard time with this blog recently in the sense that I’ve been unable to write new content because of time restraints and the fact I need more hours in a day, but you guys are still here and still as amazing as always.

Seriously, what do you guys even like about this blog??? Like I’m nothing special??? I’m literally just me??? Actually, you should totally comment below and tell me, maybe then I’ll have motivation to study for my exams lol

Okay, this post is a mess, but I’m a mess so I’m sure I can be excused. Give me a few weeks and I’ll be back. As soon as summer holidays arrive, I’m going to be focusing a lot more on my blog ❤

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17 Things To Do In ’17

17 things to do in ’17:

-Learn To Rollerskate ♡

-Hit A Milestone On A Social Media ♡

-Go Rockclimbing 

-Join A Fitness Class ♡

-Go Ice-Skating ♡

-Go On A Road-Trip ♡

-Go To A Big City

-Go To A Concert

-Find Love (Either with a person or an activity)

-Say Yes More! ♡

-Enter A Competition (And Win!) ♡

-Get A Job You Love

-Go To A Masquerade Ball

-Go On Holiday With Friends

-Go Stargazing

-Watch A Sunrise

-Complete this list and be happy!
(ALSO ~ I’m returning to this list throughout the year to tick things off, so if you see the little heart by it, I’ve done it!)
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Pizza appreciation day should be a thing. 
Wait, never mind, world pizza day exists and that’s practically the same thing. I’ll take any excuse I can to eat a pizza, not that I need one.

Haha, I’m such a Relatable Blogger™, but seriously, my pizza addiction is way way way too extreme. Literally the thought of pizza whilst writing this post had me craving it so bad I’ve gone out and brought four frozen pizzas. Four. What am I to do with four pizzas?

Pizza is honestly the best food. I get it, some people hate it. A secret fact about me is that I used to utterly despise pizza. Yes, I, the addicted pizza lover, used to hate pizza! Now however, pizza has a pizza my heart (pahaah I hate myself)

Talking of hating pizza, I don’t. Okay, that wasn’t what I was trying to say. What I meant to write was I actually dislike thick based pizzas and only eat thin based ones. I don’t know why, but thick pizzas taste to me like bread and I really dislike bread.

Well, this post is quote something. It’s literally just me mindlessly rambling about pizza( ah well, pizza appreciation am I right?). 
Also, I’ve never said (written) pizza this many times before. (It’s still not enough) (pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza) (That’s a little better) (hahah I’m really not funny)

On one final note, pizza rules my friends. I thank you, and good night.
(Can you tell I was sleep deprived when I wrote this?)
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No Make-Up

Not wearing makeup – shouldn’t be a big deal, right? I used to wear makeup every single day to the point I had no confidence without it. Now? I wear it when I want to, not when I’m expected to.

I started wearing makeup when I was around 11/12, but I only ever bothered with concealer on the odd spot. By 13, I had started to dabble in the use of eyeshadow and, if I remember correctly, I had worked out what the hell powder was, along with mascara. Obviously my knowledge of makeup progressed rapidly and now, as I sit here writing this, my makeup collection is huge. I can blend eyeshadow like a boss, my highlight is usually popping, and I play around with glitter and cool things like that (How basic). I still haven’t mastered eyeliner though lolol

Once I started wearing makeup, I never really stopped. I used to even wear it to school every day, and so did everyone else. I think, however, I got to the point that I was like ‘am I doing this for myself or because it’s what everyone else does and is expected to do’? I realised I wasn’t wearing makeup for fun, but to fit in to the expectations of people my age. My oblivious self later realised that as I was having this internal turmoil, so was everyone else I knew who wore makeup.
I just want to point out IT’S YOUR CHOICE! To all you guys, gals, and non-binary pals, YOU choose if you wear makeup or not!
I don’t wear any makeup to school (except mascara, but that simply because it’s a habit) (also I’m way more focused on my studies than looks) (woah look how deep that is) (I mean, I’d rather have time to eat breakfast in the morning and actually wake up properly than to apply a full face) (I still love makeup though) (Wow okay I’m talking to much now) (sorry) and I’ll happily go out without it. It’s no longer a chore, but something fun! 
Yesterday, I was feeling inspired and so decided to do my makeup, along with some holographic glitter highlight, and it was an extremely enjoyable way to procrastinate revision.

You know what else I’ve noticed through not wearing makeup as much? My skin has improved so vastly that even when I do wear it, I need way less coverage (lol sorry for that random observation). Then again, I went through a stage where I wore heavy makeup every day, and my skin still cleared up, so there’s not necessarily a correlation.

I don’t believe that confidence was ever the issue to begin with, but societies expectation of teenagers. Then confidence came into it, as those who didn’t wear makeup felt judged. Sure, some girls I know wear makeup every single day, but that’s not a problem. If you do that, you go girl or guy!(no gender prejudice here, makeup has no gender so why should we assume?) (okay that’s a topic for another post) Some people never, ever wear it, and that’s not an issue either! Then there’s people like me, who see makeup as an art, and as something enjoyable! It’s our choice, after all, and what we do with ourselves is completely up to us.

Make sure to comment below your experiences with makeup, whether you wear it or not!

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I have exams and I’m losing my mind

I’m a week into school, it’s night and exams are here. I’ve triggered an existential crisis just by thinking that.

Can I move to a hot country so I can study by a beach? Scrap that, can I move to Mars so I don’t have to do exams?

Help. Help. Help. Please give me some motivation to study, I need it.

I just hate the early morning start, you know? Well, apparently most of my readers are morning people (which I didn’t even know existed until I posted about it, just saying) (also, that was a joke, I’m not stupid lol and I know everyone’s different)

I say this, yet most non school days I’ll be awake early to get ready and I’ll go out. HAHAHAH just kidding, what even is a ‘going out’ during exam season? Social life? If you’re reading this, hmu, I miss you.

*Sigh* It’s half ten, should I sleep? It’s not even late I just, ugh, I have an exam at 9am. (And I get up at 6am every day lol what fun)

To sleep, or not to sleep? That is the the question

I’m so sleep deprived that even I, in my oblivious sleep deprived state, can tell I’m sleep deprived.

Ahhh snap chat, I love you for being awesome and I hate you for not letting me sleep

If I go to bed now and fall asleep in the next half an hour, I’ll get, uh, one second, my brain doesn’t like maths. 

Right, I’ll get 7 hours sleep? How much are we supposed to have?

Wait, did I set my alarm? 

Because I know myself extremely well, I know that no matter how much I tell myself ‘when that alarm goes off at 6, I’ll get straight up’, I know it won’t happen. 

So, instead I’ve set myself an alarm every 15 minutes from 6 to 7 all with a different caption telling me what exactly I should be doing at that time. Captions include anything from ‘Seriously, just go on your phone and turn the brightness up to wake yourself up’ to ‘Just letting you know the time…now move!’

Thank god I can plait like a boss and don’t have to waste longer than a few minutes on my hair in the morning. Plus I’ve stopped wearing makeup to school because let’s be real, who has time for that?

*Falls asleep…eventually*

Wow, look at this – I literally do not remember writing this? It’s the morning of the start of exam season, and I have a hell of a lot of exams coming up so WISH ME LUCK!

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Group Chats

Making plans in a group chat: an impossible task. Seriously, don’t try it! I’m not even joking when I say that it never goes smoothly, ever. I’ve been in countless attempts to make a group plan and, even if there were only around 6 of us, it doesn’t amount to anything!

Well, I say that, but it may be a slight exaggeration…I do often make successful plans in a group chat. I’ve only just found this post again, but I started writing it about a month back, just after cancelling a failed plan, so apparently I was slightly bitter. 

However, since then my friends and I, well, let’s say our planning skills have vastly improved and now we can even manage to coordinate a way for us all to leave home at separate times, get on the bus at different places and still manage to be on the same bus as one another! We managed to plan for us all to go ice skating so it was definitely worth it!

Still, making plans in a group chat is a huge ordeal! For one, finding a date everyone is free is extremely complicated, especially at this time of the year…I have two words for that, exam stress.

Also, deciding who, if you’re going somewhere that needs to be pre-booked, actually books it – enough said. And that only gets harder when someone has to pre-pay for everyone then sort out money afterwards. 

God, then there’s restaurants that don’t let everyone pay separately, they’re the worst. The other day I went to a restaurant with 6 other people and the guy serving us would not let us pay separately, only making everything 5 times harder for everyone! Plus the meal was an expensive one so it was a lot of money to try and organise and let’s just say, most of us failed! Luckily for me, I had the exact change I needed so didn’t have to deal with the stress that is maths and money! That said, as I actually understand maths, even if I hate it, so I still had to help the others…

In the end, however, it’s all worth it! An enjoyable day out with a group of people is definitely worth the aggravation and stress the planning causes, even if it doesn’t feel like it will be when people are trying to plan it!!

To any of you currently part of a group chat, planning an event: I wish you a good luck and remember, it’ll be worth it! Have fun!!

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