Thoughts Writing An Essay

Essays – Aren’t they just the best! (Please note that sarcasm and realise my true hatred for writing essays…) Unfortunately, I have several left to write so to make it slightly more bearable, I thought I’d write my thoughts down as I go! Well, I better get started….

[EDIT: Just a quick note, thank you so much for 600 followers!!]

Right, essay – hello, hi *reads what essay is about* nope, okay, see you never and bye

Nope. Nope nope nope NOPE

Why. Are. Essays. A. Thing.

I mean, I could write this but at the same time, now this is just a suggestion, but at the same time, you know,  I could be sleeping? No! Concentrate!

*Mindlessly sings*

Wait, what was I doing? Oh, essay, right

I mean, I could maybe read a few blog posts first? No! Seriously, this essay was set last year and is due in two days, do it now!

Ooh, two days? I could do it tomorrow?

*Sigh* I really need to get started….

Awhhhh, everybody’s comments on my ‘400 Followers Reaction’ are so cute! I’ll reply but later, after the essay is written [EDIT: Well, I wrote this about a week back…now we’re almost at 6 hundred followers!!]

Love how I’m complaining to my friends about how I have to write this thing and not actually writing it…logic…

*Starts Essay*

How long before I scream and give up?

Seriously though, I have two essays, two portraits and a term’s worth of photography coursework to do…

I have such a bad headache and homework is not helping!

*Does homework for the next hour*

Okay, one essay (and a half) done! That and me, being the lazy person I am, finding and adapting something I’d already drew and fitting it to my specification ready to hand in

Nope nope nope I give up, I’m not doing it okay bye

*Skip to next day*

Wow…when I said I wasn’t going to do it, well, I didn’t mean it? But apparently, I did, the second essay is still incomplete…

To be fair, I have been productive, I’ve just sent a bunch of important emails!

Ughhhhh, okay I’m gonna be productive now and finish this essay…that means I need to stop distracting myself by blogging… Oh well, thanks for reading!! Comment below if you can relate!

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Promote Your Blog Here!

As a thank you for 500 followers, I thought I’d give a little something back to you guys and do another one of these posts! All you need to do is comment a link to your blog and a short description of what you write about – then look around a couple other people’s blog, give them a follow (and get a follow back) and start a chain reaction! It’s a great way to discover new bloggers and you’d gain even more if you reblog this post on your own page!

Also, feel free to look around my blog! I make sure to follow back and read your posts too!


Thank you for 500 followers and happy gaining!

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500 Followers Reaction!

Guys, guys, guys – What the hell is going on? For some unknown reason, this year my blog has just seemed to grow like crazy! Seriously though, I’ve literally had a constant stream of notifications!

My theory is that last month was the first month I properly came back to blogging (after practically taking a two-month hiatus) but I’ve no idea how exactly that affects my stats and why this month has been so crazy?

Ooh, maybe it’s because lots of people start their blogs in the new year? And the fact I’ve been so active? Whatever it is, it’s awesome!

Once again I’m going to mention that stats aren’t everything! I know, I know, I say this in almost every post, but I think that only shows how much I mean it!

Right, so – I hit 400 followers 3 days ago and I’m at 480+ right now…If this continues, we’ll have 1000 in no time!

492! We’re so close and this is crazy!

Do you guys want me to make a Snapchat (or other social media, it’s just that Snapchat’s my favourite) for this blog? Comment below!

494 – Awhhh, no more Harry Potter References in this reaction

495- Oh god, I can’t get my head around this…once again, as with the last reaction a few days ago, it’s late at night and I’m probably sleep deprived

Seriously though, I don’t know how to feel – Obviously, I’m ecstatic but I genuinely just can’t get my head around how much I’ve gained, especially this year! (Woah, too many long words for late at night!)
Actually, how many followers did I have at the start of the year? Well, I can easily check – I knew the follow count I put at the end of my posts would come in handy!

Okay, so, I had 368 followers on the 2nd of January…now, on the 8th, I have 496!

497, 3 away! I wanna stay awake to see us hit 500 but I’m so tired!!

498 *Does a little dance* Well, I mean, I didn’t actually dance because you know, it’s late at night and I’m very tired

499 – Why do I always almost hit milestones late at night? Why can’t it be during the day?? Oh well, I’m not complaining!
500!!!! This is, wow, I, um, okay – apparently I’m speechless! English doesn’t seem to be my forte at this current moment but I’ll return when I’m slightly more awake to finish this reaction!

Guyssss, it’s a few days later now but thank you so so much! I’m not gonna go into a whole speech because I literally only did one of those like two posts back (read ‘400 followers reaction’ for that!) but still, thank you!! 

Remember to comment below answering my question about social media! Byeee

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Stages Of New Year: The Aftermath

Hello! Welcome to part two of the many ‘Stages Of New Year’! This post specifically follows the aftermath of a New Year’s Eve party; I recommend you read part one if you haven’t already, that’s called ‘Stages of New Year: Getting Ready’! (Also, just letting you know the drink in the thumbnail was non-alcoholic! And yes, it’s my photo, as are practically all of the feature images I use)

Stages Of New Year: After The Party

It’s officially 2017!! Well, it has been for almost two hours; that’s beside the point!

God, I’m extremely tired but also not tired at all…not really sure how?

And the party is officially over…time to head home

Ughhhh, even when I get home I still have loads to do before I can actually, you know, sleep

2017 is gonna be a good year…wait, that was too cliche…

Finally home and I think it’s safe to say I’m sleep deprived

All the inside jokes and memories made today, well, I’ll remember those for a long time! Tonight’s been brilliant!!

Okay, action stations – let’s see how quickly I can get ready for bed…not that I really have the energy to get ready quickly…

So glad I tidied my room before I left for the party!

That said, where exactly are my pyjamas?

What’s even the point of going to bed? Might as well stay up really, I mean, I’ll be getting up in a few hours anyway, won’t I?

Noooo, bad idea! I need to get some sleep!!

Wow, I’ve just procrastinated sleeping by actually folding and putting away my clothes…I barely do that properly when I’m awake!

Only I, the master of procrastination, could manage to do something productive whilst sleep deprived.

Ahhh, how good it feels to finally be able to tie my hair out my face and take off this jewellery.

Am I ready for bed? I think so!

Of course, gotta take off my makeup…

I’ve run out of makeup remover! There’s no way I’m gonna get waterproof mascara off with just a makeup wipe….oh well

Why. Is. Water. Proof. Mascara. So. Hard. To. Remove.

Makeup is finally off, everything’s tidy…yayyyy, time to sleep!!

Hahaha, yeah, not until I’ve opened the million Snapchats I haven’t yet got round to opening – whose willing to bet they all say happy new year?

Well, I’ll join the bandwagon: Happy New Year!! Keep an eye out for part three, it’s coming soon!!

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400 Followers Reaction

Woah, 400 followers – that’s something I most definitely didn’t expect when I started this blog a couple months ago!

Since going to school (ew) I’ve gained loads of followers! Only 9 to go!

Turn to page…three…hundred…and ninety…four…

394 followers and a lil Harry Potter reference! Plus a parcel just arrived in the post for me so I’m happy!

Omg, I didn’t even notice, 399!!
My followers and stats have been increasing so rapidly lately and though numbers are certainly not important, it’s nice to know there are people who enjoy my content!

401!!! I, wow, um, okay – I’m speechless!

I genuinely can’t process this, well, or any words, at this present time, quite possibly because it’s late, I’ve just got home and I’m extremely tired but shusshhhhh

I’m gonna come back to my reaction in the morning, you know, when I actually get my head around this!

Well, it’s the morning – okay let’s be real here, I don’t have time in the morning to write so it’s actually the afternoon but shushhh – and I still haven’t completely got my head around this, however, I am extremely grateful for every one of you!

From thinking I’d get maybe 100 followers to suddenly gaining quickly, getting thousands of views and likes and hundreds of comments, wow, thank you!

Seriously though, numbers are not everything and I know from experience that becoming fixated on them can ruin your motivation: so what if you don’t have many followers – if you’re enjoying what you do then keep doing it!
This only makes me more grateful for those people who do follow, even more so for those of you who comment, your comments are my favourite thing! Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll post something specifically for you guys to comment on, then I’ll write all the comments on post-it notes to go on my wall!

Next goal, 500 followers! We’re already working towards that so I’m sure we can do it!!

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Stages Of New Year: Getting Ready

Well, here it is, part one of my ‘Stages Of New Year’ series! It’s basically a thoughts series seeing as you guys love those posts so much!! I’ve had this planned for a while but was unable to get it up when I wanted to so, unfortunately, it’s a little late. Never mind, enjoy!

*Stages Of New Year: Getting Ready For The Party*

Right, okay – the party’s in, umm, oh god…3 hours…no, that’s not right? Screw maths, it’s almost 2 and the party starts at 7, I have 5 hours.

Wait, it’s almost 2!? I’m still in my pyjamas and all I’ve done today is paint my nails…and read a book – wow, productive…

*Sigh* I mean, I could start getting ready but then again, I could just not?

“Why do something when you could not?” – Me, all of 2016

Ughhhh, if I start my makeup now, will it all come off by later? Probably

Hey, at least I’ve finally got an outfit chose and some bomb nails, even if it did take all morning, what with me procrastinating by reading a book, online shopping and, well, sleeping!

About that online shopping, yeah, I’ve spent my Christmas money – to be fair, I’ve only brought one thing and I’ve wanted it, and intended to buy it, for a while; I guess it’s not too bad! [Edit – I brought a HP Sprocket if you were wondering!!]

So happy I got my hair done yesterday and don’t have to worry about it today! (I had an Oleplex treatment to fix the damage and stop frizz as well as having it cut and straightened) My hairs now so smooth and straight; the colour also looks so much better, I’m so happy with it!!

Good old 5SOS, the constant background music of my life.

Focus! I need to get ready!

If I’m not gonna get changed completely, I should at least get half changed I guess?? There’s no way I’m putting those skin tight jeans on until at least 5!

Apparently, my nails weren’t completely dry…now they’re smudged everywhere! It’s fine, I think, I’ll just try and fix it with a top coat in a few hours
*Lays outfit out* Whooo, productivity!

But like, do I even wanna wear this? Is this too dressy? Or is it not dressy enough? Will everyone be wearing a dress? No, I know my friends – maybe a skirt but not a dress! Still, are skinny jeans too casual? I mean, they are black so that should make them okay? I’ll dress it up slightly with a nice top…not that you’ll see it under my jacket….

Wait, I can’t wear that jacket, someone’s already wearing something almost identical…uh, guess I’ll wear a nice jumper?

Okay, an outfit is planned, jewellery is sorted, makeup has been laid out ready, perfume is also on my desk waiting – what else?

Oh right, bag – meh, I’ll sort that later, I still have hours.

…and this top doesn’t go with the jumper…brilliant

Okay, okay, found a new top…by new I literally mean new, I phoned my mum to ask her to pick me something up in town haha

Well, at least I know no one has ever seen me in this outfit – the tops new, as are these jeans

Time to pluck my eyebrows, my favourite! (Not). Though at least I was blessed with eyebrows that don’t need to be filled in, thank god for that!!

Concealer is now doneee!! Luckily my skin has cleared up slightly, just for today I expect!

Right, now eyeshadow – my favourite part!! The only problem is, what eyeshadow look??

Okay, it’s decided – definitely a brown/gold look, probably a lot bolder than usual: after all, it is New Year’s Eve!

Just keep blending, just keep blending – I’m actually in love with this look so far!

This is quite possibly the best eyeshadow look I’ve ever decided to create – I’m proud of it 🙂

Oops, just realised I only put mascara on one eye…should probably finish that!

Eyeshadow: blended. Browbone: highlighted. Lashes: long. I think eyes are done and oh my, this look is the best I’ve ever managed!!

*proceeds to put down phone for a while to tidy*

Ughhh, I knew I shouldn’t have got ready so early…it’s not even six!

Ah well, at least there’ll be no last minute stressing and I had enough time to perfect my makeup rather than rushing a mess!

Hmmm, what bag? Probably shouldn’t bring one now I think of it, might be annoying to have to keep hold of all night…

I mean, what do I even need to bring? Obviously, my phone and some money but I can use my wallet phone case to carry those and put them in my pocket?

Ah, what about bringing a charger? After all, I don’t want my phone to die…guess I am bringing a bag after all!

I get ready super early yet leave it to the very last minute to pack my bag and finish off? Logic…

Okay, bag packed! Oh, perfume, I forgot perfume!

Lipstick…..need lipstick

Is there any point putting it on?? It’s just going to wear off and look bad, I don’t have time for lip liner….Lip gloss it is!

Okay, remember to pack powder, don’t want to be shiny, do we?

I think I’ve got everything?

Hahahahahahaah, yeah, I’m meant to be there at 7…I have 15 minutes, it takes 15 minutes to get there – I might be able to make it!!

Oh wow, of course, my brother decides to slow us all down and decide to get ready for the party he’s going to now….just because he needs to get to his for half past doesn’t mean I should be late to mine!!

Still waiting….literally, it’s moments like this I really wish I could drive

Why. Are. You. Taking. So. Long!?

Seriously, who decides to get in the shower at quarter to seven when they know the latest we can leave is ten too!?

Guess I’m gonna be fashionably late….

Oh! Shoes! I forgot to put on shoes!!

It’s cold outside, I’ll grab a jacket…I’ll take it off when I get there, though!

Shoes and jacket are on – no one is ready to leave…

Ah well, I wouldn’t want to be early so I guess this is okay

Hahaha the party starts now and I’m still at home

Whoops, it started 5 minutes ago and, yes, I’m still home

It’s quarter past…still. home.

And I’m here! Well, as much as I’d love to keep typing I’ve got some partying to do! See you in the next part and Happy New Year!!!!!

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Ice Skating

Ahh, ice skating – One of my favourite things to do at this time,*cough* all times, of the year! Now, I am by no means an amazing ice skater, but I’d like to think I’m okay at it. In a complete spur of the moment act whilst out with six of my friends yesterday, we decided to go skating on our local pop-up ice rink. Quickly paying and getting our skates, we stepped onto the ice and, though I hadn’t skated in a few years, I was surprised at how much I could remember! Sure, I started off with sticking to the side, giggling with my friends, but slowly I began to leave their side to edge slowly further towards the middle. Once my confidence on the ice had grown, I skated around backwards and even managed a few spins. The same, however, couldn’t be said for some of my friends.Two of the guys had never skated before so naturally, they couldn’t stop falling, one making a much bigger show of it and gaining a lot more attention and laughs than the other. In contrast, two others of the group could skate reasonably well, the guy showing a secret talent and the girl having had an advantage as she’d been skating the day before. The final two friends, to begin with, could skate around if they had something to hold onto but both improved with time, one slightly more than the other though both did well. However, as time progressed, we all, minus the two guys who’d never skated before, skated to the middle for a group photo. Eventually, even the guys managed to join us as we stayed in the centre, even if it did involve one of them dramatically falling constantly, the other falling much less as they finally mastered the act of standing still or skating slowly.

To say we ruled the rink would be an understatement, the seven of us, all with varied skating ability, took up the entire centre of the rink, along with the pro skater who worked at there. By talking to this guy, whose name I never learnt, I even managed to get myself some work experience for next year!

Alright, little mini skating story here! (Little mini? Really?) Okay, anyway – In an attempt to teach the ‘dramatic faller’ how to skate, the professional focused on taking baby steps with him whilst also helping me teach two of my friends to skate backwards. Wanting to join in on the fun and skate backwards too, the ‘dramatic faller’ attempted this and, you guessed it, dramatically fell. I distinctly remember the pro telling him, along with the other ‘first time skater’, to “focus on going forward before you try anything else” and making a sassy comment to ‘the dramatic faller’ which I, unfortunately, don’t remember.

In terms of falling on the ice and who fell, the two guys who hadn’t skated before fell countless times, the girl who went skating the day before and another girl fell two or three times and the guy with the hidden talent, me and the final girl in our group didn’t fall at all, which is surprising since ‘hidden talent guy’ and I spent a lot of time going backwards!

Skating with this group was one of the best things, in fact, I enjoyed skating so much that, as soon as I got home, I pre-booked a place for me and two others to go skating in a weeks time! And knowing that I likely would want to go again in January, to make the most of the ice rink before it’s taken down, I started making plans with a couple friends, including ‘the dramatic faller’ (who was only persuaded on the basis of ‘practice makes improvement’) and some others, who didn’t skate with us the first time, all of whom are looking forward to seeing us skate after having seen videos of me going backwards and him dramatically falling.

Unfortunately, on January the, uh, one second, I need to find out what day the ice rink shuts, hold on. Wait, that was stupid…you don’t need to hold on, what’s a few minutes for me is no time for you haha. Anyway, on January the 3rd the ice rink will be taken down, likely returning around the 10th of November 2017, and our nearest ice rink is hours away so not particularly convenient to go to. With my reborn love of ice skating, I obviously want to skate again in that time but I know there is no way I’ll be able to get to an ice rink more than a couple of times in the course of this coming year. I’m working on it though – no, I’m not going to be able to go ice skating and we don’t have any roller rinks nearby…so, why not learn outdoor roller skating?

Look at me, being practical; accepting that I can’t ice skate so finding an alternative! Sure, I’m going to have to save up for some outdoor roller skates but it’ll be worth it! And yes, outdoor roller skating isn’t the same as ice skating but if I go through with the work experience placement I was offered, I’ll get a free pass to the ice rink so I’ll be able to skate whenever I want, even if it’s only for the three months the rink is actually there.

Woah, I feel like this post was longer than usual? Almost 1000 words! Well, thanks for reading!! Make sure to comment any ice skating stories below if you’ve been skating and if you haven’t, well, comment whether you’d like to or not! Also, this probably doesn’t apply to many of you, but if any of you know where the best place to get some outdoor roller skates is, comment that below!!

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