Thoughts Flying Home

Hey hey hey! Another thoughts post! I’m not even gonna ramble this intro – straight into the post it is!

Guess who worked out time differences? That’s right, me! For once I actually know what time it is!

Wait do I? We took off at 00:00 (Greece time), it’s a four hour flight but the U.K is two hours behind so we should land at 02:00 (U.K time)? Right?

No, air hostess, I don’t have any rubbish….we just got on the plane?

Yes, I’m in a bad mood, it’s midnight and I’m tired…what do you expect!?

Of course I have to have a child kicking my chair…typical

Okay I’m gonna close the window shutter, I do not want a repeat of the lightning storm incident!

Okay, scrap me knowing time zones, I don’t know what country I’m in- sorry, above – so how am I even meant to know the time!?

Why are the lights on? I want to sleep…its the middle of the night

Why is it so cold?

? At almost one in the morning? Think I’m gonna have to pass

“We appreciate you are tired” – Air Hostess, 2016.

Yes, I am tired so can you not wake me to ask if I want food?

Okay ignore all of the above, I’m hungry now.

Oh so now I’m hungry there’s no food? Thanks for that

I need sleep oh my god

If I eat these sweets will I become hyper?

I’m practically asleep and I have my headphones in yet you still try to talk to me?(Go read this to get that reference!)

Yay for me being confident and not wearing makeup

So happy I didn’t wear makeup (Another related post here)

So many thoughts, so little time – I can’t write them all down

I’m literally picking my phone up every few seconds to write down these thoughts….it’s one AM. The things I do for you guys haha

*proceeds to fall asleep with phone in hand*

Well hello! This is future me editing a post I wrote like a week ago…oops? I actually didn’t write any more thoughts down because…well, because I was asleep! 
Woah, how cool would it be if you could write things whilst you were asleep!? I mean- actually, it doesn’t matter…that’s beside the point – Moving On!
Thanks for reading! If you got this far, you are awesome! Let me know if you read to the end by commenting below!

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100 Followers Reaction!

Wait, what? I hit 100 followers! Naturally, I decided to write down my reaction as my follower count got higher and higher -so here it is:

Guys, omg we are so close to 100 followers! 
That’s crazy! I mean, I’ve uploaded 9 posts, got 100s of views, loads of comments and almost 100 followers in just…umm, I don’t know how many days. Haha, well this is awkward, let me go check…

*frantically goes to check the date from the first post*

4th of August! The date of my first post! So that was, umm….what’s the date today? *sigh* one second!

*Shouts out window asking the date*

26th of August! Wait, really? Oh god…it’s almost September and that means school! Okay, that’s beside the point!

Why did I shout out my window? It says on my phone… Oh well, thanks whoever replied!

Finally we got there! I’ve been blogging for 22 days!

94 followers, eek! Getting closer!!

Ahh, notification from WordPress! Is it a follower? Yes! 95!

96! *Smiles excitedly – stares at phone expectantly*

97! I’m so excited but at the same time I’m so tired (it’s late at night whoops)

*Falls asleep – wakes up the next day*

I can’t believe I fell asleep, I mean it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever but ugh

*checks WordPress – squeals loudly*
100 FOLLOWERS!! Ahh!!

Thank you guys so much! Not just for the amount of followers (even though that is pretty fabulous) but for all the lovely comments! My favourite part of starting this blog is the amount of interaction it’s got – the comments seriously make my day!

Just to show some recognition to you guys for commenting, when I get home, I’m going to be setting up a top commenter(s) feature on my blog! This way, those of you lovely people who comment on all my posts or have commented loads (the most), will in a way have a constant shoutout as long as they keep commenting! But please make the comments relevant, not just a random spam. I will have to delete any that don’t make any sense or any duplicates of the same comment, sorry! Anyway, enough rambling! See you soon!


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1,000 ~ coming soon!

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Walking Into A Cactus

Walking in to a cactus? In real life? You’ve got to be joking! I mean, doesn’t that sort of thing only happen in cartoons? Well, apparently not. I had the great honor of being one of the few people with the ability to walk directly into a cactus. Umm…go me? 
However, unlike in the movies, I wasn’t hurt and, unlike everything else in my life, it wasn’t an embarrassing situation. *Sassy hair flick – walks off smirking proudly*

Hey! Guess what!? Here’s a story time! (Hope you guys like these sort of posts…there might be a lot haha…who am I kidding, there will be a lot)

So, I was walking down a narrow road when I managed to accidentally walk directly into part of a giant overgrown cactus that was leaning into my path. Luckily for me, I only brushed my arm against it and it was one of the few pieces that had no spikes on it. I mean, talk about lucky! *Pats self on back at huge accomplishment – remembers the clumsy part – slowly backs away*

I mean, it wasn’t that big of a deal but ya know! Thought I would share it with you all! If you guys have any posts you want me to do, comment them down below! I always read and reply to your comments so go do that!

[EDIT: As I’m editing this post, I can hear a bunch of screaming kids outside my window…kinda distracting to say the least. Oh how I love having my windows open *promptly slams windows shut angrily*]
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Another Embarrassing Story

Yay, more embarrassing stories! Well, yay for you…not so much for me haha. 

Oh well, if it wasn’t for these moments I wouldn’t have started my blog! (Be grateful for my awkwardness haha)

So, another embarrassing story? Let’s regard this as almost a story time:

I was walking down the street happily minding my own business (may I add that I didn’t fall over? Thank you, thank you! *Takes a bow – falls off stage*) when suddenly my brother points out something running across the road. That something then began to run straight through the people around me.
 That something was a rat
Now usually I don’t really mind rats or at least, I didn’t think I would freak at the sight of one. But when faced with this rat seemingly running directly at me, I, in a delayed reaction, began to jump up and down from foot to foot…screaming. Though according to my parents it was more of a ‘move-forward-then-move-back-whilst-squealing sort of movement (their words, not mine)

The rat , I later named him Peter – after the one and only traitor, Peter Petigrew (comment below if you get the reference!), well, he then veered away from me and finally ran away. 
End. Of. Story…Except, it’s not the end of the story? What I failed to mention was the large amount of, may I add, not freaking out, people surrounding me. Well, I think I made their day – they certainly got a laugh out of it. Granted, I couldn’t stop laughing myself for ages after – I’m laughing now at the memory haha. But still, it was pretty embarrassing! 
I then spent the next few minutes *cough* hours *cough* muttering about how I couldn’t believe I had done that and how I’m now apparently scared of rats… *Sighs loudly – shakes head at self – bursts into laughter*
Well, now that I’ve shared an embarrassing story, you guys should to! So make sure to comment an embarrassing story down below! Thanks in advance!!
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Beach Fails

Ahh, beach fails – my favourite thing. After all, what’s better than embarrassing yourself in front of hundreds of people? Water, rocks, seaweed – well, it’s a recipe for disaster! 
Right, so, walking out of the sea. In movies you see a flawless exit, a graceful stroll out the water. Real life? No. Just no. I, for one, am way more focused on not falling to think about elegantly flicking my hair. But what if you loose concentration for a second? And don’t notice the seaweed on the rocks in front of you? And then not so gracefully slip and fall. Haha, yeah, that was me.

Seeing as fails like this happen so often, I’ve learnt how to deal with it. Standing up, I laughed away the embarrassment and muttered about how elegant I obviously am. Not gonna lie though, it hurt. The rock cut through my toe so now I have a lovely scar to prove my awkwardness. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one to slip on that rock, i later watched many others do the exact same haha *giggles at their fail – remembers I did that – stops laughing*

What about sun beds? And don’t even get me started on the umbrellas by them! (Read  this to know why!)

Then there’s the not-so-fabulous walk in flip flops through the sand. You know the one: waffling around, attempting not to flick sand up and hence looking like a penguin. Flip flops and sand? Nope

I could continue, like I could honestly go on forever about beach fails, but I won’t. I’m just gonna end this here!

*Smirks at the amazing ending – walks away – trips on air*
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When Not To Talk To Someone

I can’t be the only one who sometimes just doesn’t want to talk. So, in case you hadn’t got the message about any of these or just want to read something relatable [comment below if you can relate!], here are a few times you just shouldn’t talk to someone. At least, when you shouldn’t talk to someone in my experience.

Headphones – please tell me somebody relates to this! Firstly, my headphones block out all other noise – I’m not going to hear you if I’ve got them in, especially if I’m listening to music. If I am listening to music (which lets face it, I probably am…why else would I have my headphones in?) then I’m probably relaxed, enjoying the quiet…or not quiet? Let’s say enjoying the quiet from other people, enjoying the noise from my music. Also, don’t then get angry at me if I don’t reply…I probably didn’t hear you. That or I just don’t want to talk at that precise moment!

When I’m asleep– This ones obvious but some people just don’t seem to have got the memo *cough* air hostess’ *cough*. Like seriously? Do you really want to deal with me just after I’ve woken up , correction – just after you’ve woke me up! I’m bad enough in the morning, let alone when you wake me because you wanted a chat! I’m sorry but I’m not gong to cooperate. I get it, you have to wake me in an emergency but an aimless chat is not an emergency.

Reading or watching TV, any sort of thing that requires concentration– Especially if I’m doing some form of work, if I haven’t asked for help, don’t go questioning me unless you have an actually, helpful correction. Same for writing blog posts, I want to concentrate! Just let me get on with it, then feel free to ramble to me.

Honestly, I could rant for days about when you shouldn’t talk to someone, but I don’t have the time to write it all down! Make sure to leave a comment telling me if you can relate to these or any other times you don’t want people to annoy you!
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Embarrassing Stories

So, embarrassing stories. I have many, many I could tell but lets be honest, we don’t have time for them all right? 
I actually had the inspiration for this post after, funnily enough, I had done something pretty embarrassing. Haha, who’d have thought, the girl with the relatable blog did something – you guessed it, awkward!

I could go into huge details about my fail and the awkwardness around it but lets just cut to the chase – I walked directly into one of those umbrellas you see on the beach. As if I wasn’t already mentally cursing myself, there were people under said umbrella. I swear i heard one of them laugh… As you can probably tell by the bluntness of my writing, i’m still pretty bitter about this. And with that my friends, i shall smoothly move on. *Attempts smooth exit – trips and falls*

Lets talk about clumsyness in public, crowded enviroments – places that make any moment of awkwardness ten times worse. Okay, so imagine you’re in the center of a busy city. Imagining it? Well, now imagine walking near some roadworks…and walking directly into a bright orange traffic cone. Yeah, I guess you don’t particulary want to imagine that one huh? Well, it happened to me *Laughs awkwardly – puts head down and slowly walks away*

What about in front of people you know? Even though it’s not as many people as the crowded place, in my opinion, it’s just as bad! I mean, my friends have gotten used to my clumsiness to the point that I now freely tell them stories of my awkward situations. Of course, they often have many stories to return back to me – no ones perfect!
 It’s the everyday things that can go from normal to cringe worthy in a few seconds. Say your walking through a cafe? Oh look, a chair! You can try and avoid it but it goes without saying that at least one of you, if you’re wth a group, are going to trip. Maybe not complete face-on-the-floor fall but still! It can be embarassing!

Luckily for me, I don’t seem to be the only one! You don’t know how relieved I was when people started telling me they could relate…especially when it was a comment on my blog!
 Honestly, I never thought I’d get as far as I am now in such a short time! I wrote for months on my old blog yet I’ve already got more comments, more followers and hundreds of views more, in just a few days! For that, thank you! I’m not all about the numbers but it’s nice to have some recognition for the time I spent designing my blog or writing my posts.  
A single nice comment, whether it be someone telling me an embarassing story (which you guys should totally do right now), saying you like my style of writing (thank you!) or just just saying you can relate (thank goodness), makes my day!

And now I shall awkwardly make my exit, possibly trip over a chair or you know, five…maybe walk into a traffic cone, a lamp or say, a wall? Perhaps I’ll face plant the floor? Whatever I do, I’ll make sure to tell you all about it! After all, maybe someone will return with a story of their own?

[EDIT- I jinxed myself didn’t I? Haha I fell down a step…. *Sighes*]

{___} My LifeOnline {11/08/16}