Thoughts On An Airplane

Well, I’m sat on an airplane right now so this post seems relevant some what.

WARNING – This post will probably just be a sequence of rambles! Possibly edited, possibly shortened but mainly just what I’m thinking whilst I’m thinking it! You have been warned!

Okay, can I just start with something that’s been going through my head since I got to the airport – why is it spelled ‘airplane’ but pronounced ‘air-o-plane’? Does that make sense? No? Okay

If you attached wings to an aero chocolate bar would it become an ‘aeroplane’? Haha I’m so punny….*laughes awkwardly…rethinks life choices*

No miss air hostess lady, I do not have any rubbish…did you have to wake me up to ask that?

Turbulence is scary…why am I willingly sat on something flying through the sky that could fall at any moment? Oh god, now I’m scared

How do planes even work? I mean, it’s basically like a giant car that flies…omg I want to ride in that flying car from Harry Potter. Actually, no I don’t. That looks scary.

What country am I in right now? Wait, I’m not even in a country…I’m in the air.

Okay this confuses the life out of me…say you take off in the afternoon and arrive in early morning yet the flight was only a few hours, do those lost hours just disappear into a vortex?

 What about when you end up landing before you took off? 

Flying is time traveling, airplanes are a tardis, a pilot is doctor who, you’re welcome!

I think the planes going to crash,what’s happening! Oh my god I hate turbulence! I can actu- … Nah, I’m just kidding,I’m fine though I do hate turbulence.

How many photos of the view out the window is too many? I think I’ve crossed that line…

Ooh the song ‘up and up’ just came on… I should of listened to that as we took off…

What’s the time? Actually i don’t think that question can be answered, we probably pass through a new time zone every half an hour.

Why is it that the higher you go up, the colder it is? I mean, we’re getting closer to the sun so shouldn’t it be warmer? I can clearly see the sun yet there is frost on the outside of my window…what?

Oh my god sunsets are so pretty! Wait, why is the sun setting? It’s like seven? Oh right, I’m not in the U.K anymore… Haha that was stupid…

No, I still don’t have any asked me this a few minutes ago.

Are people watching this plane fly above them right now? That’s so cool! Actually they can’t be, we’re above the clouds…haha oops

Oh my god I just realized I was mouthing the words to the song I’m listening to…through my headphones….awkward!

Temporarily thought we were flying over a snowy country…it was clouds

I swear I just saw a strike of lightning I’m actually freaking out. [EDIT: Read more about that here]

Is it just me or does the moon look like half a polo?

I’d love to sit on the wing of an airplane and watch the sunset. Actually, I most definitely do not want to do that, it’s slightly dangerous to say the least.

How come when you’re in a plane you never pass another plane? Yet loads fly at the same time? Ahh, they have trackers to stop that happening don’t they….

Oh my god this plane is so shaky! I can actually see the wings shaking…eek!

What’s the time in Greece? Should I be asleep right now? Am I going to be jet lagged?

Wait…I think I’m going to miss a whole night of sleep…if only someone would tell me whether I should be asleep right now or not!

Ugh stop shaking plane, I’m trying to write! Goodness, have some respect!

I don’t get time zones. What even is the time? Actually, that’s not important right now…I don’t even know what day it is!

Okay so the sun has almost completely set, that means it’s night right? But in what country is it night?

Does the sun set twice as fast when your flying? Because that sun set was awfully short…possibly because we were flying away from the sun. 

Nah, I’m in a tardis right now so I’m going to believe that time is traveling in varied degrees of speed. Granted, it probably is because you know, time zones. Maybe I’m not totally off with my doctor who theory?

Voila! Part one is completed! Thank you for reading my random rambles, feel free to leave some of your own down below! 

Part two is coming soon, I promise! As we flew through a lightening storm, the thoughts will be slightly different! 

 *Turns off iPad triumphantly*

{___} My LifeOnline {08/08/16}


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