Back To School

Oh god, just looking at this title…ugh *takes deep breath*. 

Back. To. School. Those three words are killing me. As I write this, I’m still on summer holidays but as it’s posted, I will be at school *shudder*.
I was lucky in the fact that I had 5 extra days of holiday compared to many schools in the country *Low key needed an extra five years* I returned on the 6th compared to many schools who went back on [Thursday] the 1st. 

That said, I’d rather not go back at all *shrugs – smiles sadly*. Alas, I don’t run the country so I’m stuck to following these rules. Plus I’m kinda set on not failing my exams *looking at that German exam I’m going to have to study my life away to ace* [EDIT – I’m doing better at German than I expected, I mean it’s now my favourite subject!]

Back to school can be good I guess? Not really…I guess seeing my friends. Other than that? No, just no. Nope. 

For the first time I’m going to have to be really independent at school, I have barely any classes with my friends (we chose different options – the two sides of the school are mixing – it’s complicated).

We actually got our timetables on the first of September and upon comparing them through a group chat, we realised that they are completely different. Like, completely. I have one class with my [EDIT: At the time] best friend. One! Last year we had all bar 3, this year we have none bar one. I obviously haven’t seen all my friends timetables, but with those I’ve compared with the most classes I have with one person is four. Plus I have one class that I know nobody in and as it was mainly boys that chose it, I’m likely to be the only girl. Yay? *shakes head dramatically*

[EDIT – It’s better than I expected….once I got through the first two weeks. Now on my fourth week? It’s alright – still school tho, ugh]

I’m also seriously putting off stuff by writing this – right in front of me is my school bag which, funnily enough, I need to pack. Guess I should so that huh? Ah well. Leave me your opinions on back to school (whether you go to school or not haha) in the comments below!

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Dear Morning People

Dear Morning People,

How do you do it? Seriously, I need tips. How do you manage to motivate yourself into getting up? How do you manage to trick yourself into thinking getting up is a good idea?

Anyone else feel the same? I’m so not a morning person – the joys of waking up are practically nonexistent. You wanna wake me up early? Just don’t. Well, unless it’s something amazing…say you were gonna take me to Harry Potter World? Or another country? Feel free to wake me up. If not? Don’t. You. Dare.

I guess if I made an effort to get up earlier I could become a morning person…possibly?For about a week or two of the summer holidays, I had a bird wake me up at 07:38 every morning to the point that, even when the bird had gone, I would still wake up at that time. But then I decided to scrap waking early and fall back asleep…hence falling out of that pattern. 

But alas, the good things, such as sleeping in, cannot last…school is starting, the holidays are ending, I once again will have to wake up early. *Sighs dramatically*. It’s my last day of freedom today [EDIT- I’m back at school now ugh] so what do I do? Stay in my pyjamas, refuse to leave the house, complain about school and most importantly, sleep for hours.

Are you a morning person? Or are you more like me? Leave it in the comments below!
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Going Crazy?

So I’m here, logged in to WordPress, ready to write a new post. But what was it about? I know I must of had an idea, why else would I have spent ages faffing around preparing my new post? That was five minutes ago…now? Well, now I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

It’s like that really annoying moment when you walk into a room and instantly forget what it was you walked in to do. Ditto that to any other situation you suddenly have no idea what you’re doing.

Well, I can improvise. After all, I still made a post out of the fact I forgot what my post was going to be. *Pats self on back smugly – forgets everything…just kidding*

Ugh this is so annoying, I swear I had an idea! Oh well, thanks for reading this not-so-good post haha *awkward laughter* 

Au Revoir! 

*Rolls eyes* Why did I end in French? I study German….

[EDIT – Why end in German either? I speak English so, end in English!….Wow, logic *mind blown*  (just kidding)]
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