I’m Sorry

I’m sorry. Two, simple words ; so hard to say. Pfft, who am I kidding…antidisestablishmentarianism is way harder to say than ‘I’m sorry’.

So, I’ll rephrase it – I’m sorry, two over used words ; so often not heartfelt, so often not truly meant. Well, I’m going to use these simple, over used words – I’m sorry for not posting, I’m sorry for not replying to your comments, I’m sorry for not reading and liking your posts. I’m sorry

Call it cliché but I do have my reasons. It’s not even like any sort of deep, meaningful reason but it’s not just me being lazy. Actually, I was being lazy – no, just stupid, I was being stupid. Confused? Me too…And I’m meant to be the one writing this. Let me explain. Actually there’s not much to explain, I’ve no idea why I’m talking in riddles.

Basically my phone broke. Shut down. Died. Boom. And I, being the phone addict I am, had all my posts stored in a folder…on my phone. I would write them, edit them and store them in this folder….I didn’t back the folder up. So when my phone died along with it went around 20, finished posts and about 30 more drafts. Wow.

Not gonna lie, that kinda uninspired me – I really hate the idea of rewriting these posts because I just know that they’re not going to be as unique, as witty, as the first one. So instead of telling you this I just ignored WordPress for a long time. Then earlier I got a notification telling me someone had just followed me…that I had 191 followers. 

Then it hit me, you guys followed me for a reason – because you enjoy reading what I have to say. And by not saying anything, wasn’t I letting you all down? So here I am, I’m back. Now posting may be irregular, it may be slow as I start from scratch, but I’ll get there – scrap that, we’ll get there.

I don’t usually do this but feel free to leave post ideas below! Anything from rant topics to back to school, random thoughts to my autumn obsession!
And that’s a wrap! Thank you for sticking with me and my awkward ways haha

P.S. To those who messaged me and asked if I was okay, thank you – it means a lot to know you guys care!
{___} My LifeOnline {22/10/16}