The Joy Of Giving Gifts

Ahhh, I literally love giving presents! Today, was the day I chose to give out all of my gifts! And oh my goodness, carrying around that giant bag full of gifts made me feel just like Santa! It also put me in the best mood for the whole day as I got to give presents and cards out all throughout the day!

Now, I know at Christmas time a lot of people are expecting to receive a lot of gifts and that’s the only reason they bother to give them but for me, that’s not the case. I honestly don’t give to receive and knew a while in advance that a lot of the people I was giving presents to wouldn’t be giving any back due to a lack of money. Walking up to people with a contagious smile on my face, squealing a ‘Merry Christmas’ and giving them a card and presents whilst watching their face light up – that’s the best feeling!

Now, time skip to now, the 23rd, to talk about last minute gift buying: I tend to buy my gifts in advance because I feel so guilty leaving it to the last second but also because I just can’t with huge queues of people, especially stressed people rushing around and shoving you here there and everywhere. Hey, it is stressful so who can blame them for being panicked but situations like that I prefer not to voluntarily shove myself into. However, no matter how hard I try to buy everything in advance, there’s always one gift I have to quickly rush out and buy. This year, it was a present for my brother. Before you start thinking I’m an awful sister and forgot, I didn’t. I had already got him something but the DVD I also wanted to give him has been out of stock for as long as I can remember. 

Today I decided to try and get it one last time and hallelujah, it was finally in stock! Just watching everyone, panic-stricken and struggling with bags of gifts, made me so so glad I’d already sorted everything!

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Ice Skating

Ahh, ice skating – One of my favourite things to do at this time,*cough* all times, of the year! Now, I am by no means an amazing ice skater, but I’d like to think I’m okay at it!
In a complete spur of the moment act whilst out with six of my friends yesterday, we decided to go skating on our local pop-up ice rink. Quickly paying and getting our skates, we stepped onto the ice and, though I hadn’t skated in a few years, I was surprised at how much I could remember! Sure, I started off with sticking to the side, giggling with my friends, but slowly I began to leave their side to edge slowly further towards the middle. Once my confidence on the ice had grown, I skated around backwards and even managed a few spins. 
The same, however, couldn’t be said for some of my friends.Two of the guys had never skated before so naturally, they couldn’t stop falling, one making a much bigger show of it and gaining a lot more attention and laughs than the other. In contrast, two others of the group could skate reasonably well, the guy showing a secret talent and the girl having had an advantage as she’d been skating the day before. The final two friends, to begin with, could skate around if they had something to hold onto but both improved with time, one slightly more than the other, though both did well. 
However, as time progressed, we all, minus the two guys who’d never skated before, skated to the middle for a group photo. Eventually, even the guys managed to join us as we stayed in the centre, even if it did involve one of them dramatically falling constantly, the other falling much less as they finally mastered the act of standing still or skating slowly.

To say we ruled the rink would be an understatement, the seven of us, all with varied skating ability, took up the entire centre of the rink, along with the pro skater who worked at there. By talking to this guy, whose name I never learnt, I even managed to get myself some work experience for next year!

Alright, little mini skating story here! [EDIT- Little mini? Really?] In an attempt to teach the ‘dramatic faller’ how to skate, the professional focused on taking baby steps with him whilst also helping me teach two of my friends to skate backwards. Wanting to join in on the fun and skate backwards too, the ‘dramatic faller’ attempted this and, you guessed it, dramatically fell. I distinctly remember the pro telling him, along with the other ‘first time skater’, to “focus on going forward before you try anything else” and making a sassy comment to ‘the dramatic faller’ which I, unfortunately, don’t remember.

In terms of falling on the ice and who fell, the two guys who hadn’t skated before fell countless times, the girl who went skating the day before and another girl fell two or three times and the guy with the hidden talent, me and the final girl in our group didn’t fall at all, which is surprising since ‘hidden talent guy’ and I spent a lot of time going backwards!

Skating with this group was one of the best things, in fact, I enjoyed skating so much that, as soon as I got home, I pre-booked a place for me and two others to go skating in a weeks time! And knowing that I likely would want to go again in January, to make the most of the ice rink before it’s taken down, I started making plans with a couple friends, including ‘the dramatic faller’ (who was only persuaded on the basis of ‘practice makes improvement’) and some others, who didn’t skate with us the first time, all of whom are looking forward to seeing us skate after having seen videos of me going backwards and him dramatically falling.

Unfortunately, on January the, uh, one second, I need to find out what day the ice rink shuts, hold on. Wait, that was stupid…you don’t need to hold on, what’s a few minutes for me is no time for you haha. Anyway, on January the 3rd the ice rink will be taken down, likely returning around the 10th of November 2017, and our nearest ice rink is hours away so not particularly convenient to go to. With my reborn love of ice skating, I obviously want to skate again in that time but I know there is no way I’ll be able to get to an ice rink more than a couple of times in the course of this coming year. I’m working on it though – no, I’m not going to be able to go ice skating and we don’t have any roller rinks nearby…so, why not learn outdoor roller skating? [EDIT: Turns out we do have a roller rink! I went the other day lol (April 2017)]

Look at me, being practical; accepting that I can’t ice skate nearby so finding an alternative! Sure, I’m going to have to save up for some outdoor roller skates but it’ll be worth it! And yes, outdoor roller skating isn’t the same as ice skating but if I go through with the work experience placement I was offered, I’ll get a free pass to the ice rink so I’ll be able to skate whenever I want, even if it’s only for the three months the rink is actually there.

Woah, I feel like this post was longer than usual? Almost 1000 words! Well, thanks for reading!! Make sure to comment any ice skating stories below if you’ve been skating and if you haven’t, well, comment whether you’d like to or not! Also, this probably doesn’t apply to many of you, but if any of you know where the best place to get some outdoor roller skates is, comment that below!!

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Thoughts Painting My Nails

This was quite possibly one of the most stupid thoughts post I’ve ever decided to make…I mean, am I really expecting myself to type with not yet dry nail polish?

Oops, I kind of maybe forgot that I’m not allowed to wear nail polish to school? Hahaha, yeah, forgot…Maybe more like misplaced that information for a while? Oh well, it’s a subtle-ish colour? Come on, it’s almost Christmas! I need some sparkle!

I say subtle…well, the more layers I’m adding, the less subtle it’s becoming…once again, whoops?

Oh! I never mentioned what colour it is! Well, I’m awful at describing colours but here it goes – it’s a softly rose-tinted champagne colour with a subtle shimmer. However, the more layers I add, the more obvious this shimmers becoming!

Update- I got away with it for the first day! However, as I chipped a nail whilst typing (ironic), I went home and painted one nail on each hand a glossy gold. Subtle? No. Pretty? Yes. Will the teachers care? I’ll get back to you on that

Update 2 – No teachers noticed! Well, they may have but it was the last week so they were all a little more laid back (thank god)


*Skip to the holidays*

Guess whose painting their nails again? That’s right, me! For the sake of typing this post, I’m having to paint one nail at a time so as to be able to keep typing – see the sacrifices I make for you guys!

This time, I’m using two new colours – a matte grey for three fingers per hand and a glossy copper for the remaining two on each hand!

Ahhh, I need to tie my hair back but my nails haven’t dried…wish me luck! [EDIT – I survived pahaha]

I don’t think anyone quite realises just how gorgeous these colours are,  looking at them literally makes me so happy!

Shout out to my amazing friend who got me the matte grey nail polish! Another shoutout to the friend who trailed the shops with me in search of this specific molten metal copper nail polish!

Painting my nails one by one on a laptop…never thought I’d see the day I trusted myself enough to do this! To be fair, I’m actually pretty good at painting my own nails now, even if it is just from practice rather than talent!

*Computer then dies*

Well then, I’m back, all ten nails painted and dried! I feel like having pretty nails gives me motivation, even on a lazy day! However, I could go into huge detail on how I motivate myself so I’m not going to start that ramble now but I might do a whole post on motivation if you want one? Comment below!

Also, comment below your favourite nail polish colour and any recommendations you have! And if you don’t wear nail polish, simply comment your favourite colour! Thanks for reading!

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300 Followers Reaction!

So I was just replying to a couple comments when I got a follower notification…and noticed just how close this blog is to 300 followers!! As I write this, I have 289 followers and am hoping to reach 300 by Christmas or new year!

It’s crazy how many followers I’ve gained since the start of Blogmas, I was barely at 200 two weeks ago! I have a small suspicion it’s to do with all this regular posting…do you guys want me to keep this up? Comment below!

Wait, how long ago was it I hit 200 followers? Let me check

The 13th of November! Now bearing in mind I practically took a two-month hiatus from this blog (with only one post in two months) I’m proud of our achievements!

You notice how I say our? Well, that’s because this is certainly not just me! Sure, I may write the posts but it’s you guys, you following, liking and especially the lovely comments, that have motivated me and got us to where we are now! Well, I may not have hit 300 just yet but here’s to many more happy achievements!

Woahhh, I go out for a bit, come back and boom! 293 follower So! We’re getting so close, this is crazy!!

*Skip to next day*

Once again, I went out and came back with more followers…298!!

WHAT IS GOING ON? Apparently, I hit 300 followers over an hour ago! I didn’t even know, as far as I saw we had 298! Wha-!?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much! It means a lot to know that people actually read my writing and enjoy it enough to want to follow, so thank you! My favourite part of this blog is reading your comments, so make sure to leave lots!


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1,000 ~ Coming Soon

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Christmas Decorations

Guess who’s back with another thoughts post?? That’s right, me! Well, I guess that’s obvious…I mean, who else would it be? 

Anyway, whilst I was tidying my room and putting up decorations, I decided to write down my thoughts! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get every thought down because if I did, I wouldn’t have a chance to put down my notepad! Well then, here we go:

Come on motivation, where you at?

‘I need you, I need you, I need you right now, yeah, I need you right now’ – (The Chainsmokers)

Pahahahaha, that right there is procrastination in its truest form…that and the fact I’m writing instead of tidying…

Come on! We can do this! And by we, I mean I for I’m in this one alone…

*Slams notebook shut – tidies room*

Well umm, it’s now the next day…I kind of maybe fell asleep? I mean, I did do some work – I managed to tidy my room and put up my tree…even if I didn’t decorate the tree or find my decorations…

Awhhh, I love Christmas! I just found my decorations and it’s all so pretty!

Where to start…probably should decorate the tree, huh?

And, the tree is done!! Now I better find a way to reach the top shelve to drape some fairy lights…yay for not being tall…

I swear to god, my room is now a literal Christmas grotto! I didn’t write any more thoughts down whilst actually putting up the decorations but omg I got a lot done! Now I’m surrounded by fairy lights, tinsel and a whole lot of sparkles!

I feel so Tumblr at this very moment, surrounded by fairy lights (and lots of copper things haha) [More on being Tumblr here]

Oh god…you know you’re addicted to fairy lights when you physically have no more room.

Literally, every surface has fairy lights artistically attached to it, it certainly doesn’t look bad but there is definitely a lot!

I really want to put up my last set, some copper wire lights, but I cannot find any space!

Oh well, I guess I’m attaching them to the wall!

I think I underestimated how hard it is to put a drawing pin into a brick wall…oh well, it’s done now! (Even if it did result in a broken nail…first world problems, am I right?) [Another related post here]

And there we go! That my friends are just a few of the thoughts that raced through my mind whilst I was putting up Christmas decorations! Thanks for reading!!

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I’ve seen a lot of these sort of posts around and noticed how much they help so I thought I’d join in! All you have to do is leave a link to your blog and a short description of what you write about in the comments below! Next, have a look at some of the other blogs shared, give them a follow (then get a follow back) and start a chain reaction of followers!

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Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how awesome autumn is. Like seriously, how can a season be so perfect….well at least, how can a season be so perfect for me?

For starters, I have a small obsession with anything copper. Pfft, small? That’s a lie, my copper obsession is borderline, well, borderline obsessive! Okay, that made no sense, moving on! What was I trying to say? Oh right! Copper, we were talking about copper – I love copper and in autumn, copper is trendy! Copper decor, copper eye shadows, copper jewelry…just copper in general! [EDIT- Reading back through this I’m beginning to wonder how on earth it was possible to fit the word ‘copper’ in so much?] And along with copper, colors like burgundy become fashionable as well as one of my favorite lip colors, berry!

Talking of things I love that become trendy, let’s just take a moment to mention skinny jeans! I don’t wear joggers and sweatpants but that’s more because I don’t own any and don’t see a reason to buy them when I could just get more leggings or skinny jeans! And along with that trend comes a matching trend of sweatshirts and boots! This combination is honestly my go-to and I would wear it all year round if I could! The fact that it suddenly becomes fashionable only adds to my excitement for autumn!
Autumn practically is a canvas of photography opportunities. Photography -That basically sums up my life in autumn! Actually, that sums up my life all year round…oops. What? I love photography okay! And the fact I’m taking it as a subject means that I just have another excuse to take more photos! 
Whether it be falling leaves or gorgeous sunsets, I’m there and ready with my camera firmly held in my hands. Plus I love an impromptu photo shoot and just the other week  [EDIT – *Cough* just the other month *cough*] I met up with some friends for a really cute photo-shoot in aid of my photography course work (but also for an excuse to meet up).

Ah autumn, I love you! Seriously! This season is the best!! Make sure to comment below your opinion of autumn! Whether you love it or hate it, let me know!
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