Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how awesome autumn is. Like seriously, how can a season be so perfect….well at least, how can a season be so perfect for me?

For starters, I have a small obsession with anything copper. Pfft, small? That’s a lie, my copper obsession is borderline, well, borderline obsessive! Okay, that made no sense, moving on! What was I trying to say? Oh right! Copper, we were talking about copper – I love copper and in autumn, copper is trendy! Copper decor, copper eye shadows, copper jewelry…just copper in general! [EDIT- Reading back through this I’m beginning to wonder how on earth it was possible to fit the word ‘copper’ in so much?] And along with copper, colors like burgundy become fashionable as well as one of my favorite lip colors, berry!

Talking of things I love that become trendy, let’s just take a moment to mention skinny jeans! I don’t wear joggers and sweatpants but that’s more because I don’t own any and don’t see a reason to buy them when I could just get more leggings or skinny jeans! And along with that trend comes a matching trend of sweatshirts and boots! This combination is honestly my go-to and I would wear it all year round if I could! The fact that it suddenly becomes fashionable only adds to my excitement for autumn!
Autumn practically is a canvas of photography opportunities. Photography -That basically sums up my life in autumn! Actually, that sums up my life all year round…oops. What? I love photography okay! And the fact I’m taking it as a subject means that I just have another excuse to take more photos! 
Whether it be falling leaves or gorgeous sunsets, I’m there and ready with my camera firmly held in my hands. Plus I love an impromptu photo shoot and just the other week  [EDIT – *Cough* just the other month *cough*] I met up with some friends for a really cute photo-shoot in aid of my photography course work (but also for an excuse to meet up).

Ah autumn, I love you! Seriously! This season is the best!! Make sure to comment below your opinion of autumn! Whether you love it or hate it, let me know!
{___} My LifeOnline {21/11/16}


23 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Great Post!I love Autumn….but the sad thing I’m already in bed w/ the flu 😦 And I SWEAR by leggings.If you open my closet, I only have shorts(for summer)capris(for spring)and leggings.Lots and lots of leggings πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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