Promote your Blog Here!

I’ve seen a lot of these sort of posts around and noticed how much they help so I thought I’d join in! All you have to do is leave a link to your blog and a short description of what you write about in the comments below! Next, have a look at some of the other blogs shared, give them a follow (then get a follow back) and start a chain reaction of followers!

If you want, you could also reblog my post to gain even more followers (I recommend this as from what I’ve seen, this results in the most gain!!)

Also, have a look around my blog if you want and maybe give it a few likes and a follow? I follow back everyone and usually give a spam of likes too!!

14/01/17 ~ click here

22/04/17 ~ Coming Soon

{___} My LifeOnline {12/12/16}



240 thoughts on “Promote your Blog Here!

  1. What a fab idea! I have literally just started out my blog today so I’m in need of a bit of a boost😊 I will be writing about lifestyle, food, travel and everything else inbetween! My main feature soon will be a journal of my 5 weeks in Thailand, I’m so excited to write it! I’d be so grateful for some support, so thanks in advance!!😘

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  2. Hi! Writing about life in Ireland – which is always fun as well as life with a chronic illness called multiple sclerosis, which is always well… challenging. Instead of nagging about the illness I try to give it a positive slant to help others with chronic illnesses find some motivation. The link is

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  3. Hello, I’m Chris and your blog is lovely! We seem to be in the same boat: new to blogging and taking new risks!
    My blog is and I’d really appreciate if you took a look around. My blog is all about self-improvement. I’m focussing on bettering myself through Christ’s strength. Thank you

    I might just be sneaky and also share a blog promotion post.

    All the best!

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  4. Hi guys! I’ve just started my blog ( and I have some posts mapped out for the next few weeks. You can expect general posts about my life, travels, books I’m currently reading, current favorites etc. At the end of January, I’ll be doing a big post on my wonderful experience with the body positive community since I’m doing a selflovebootcamp on Instagram. I’m just excited about blogging. πŸ™‚

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  5. I know this is an older post but, I am a brand new blogger, looking to get more known! I write about my passions on God, crafts, and cuisine. It is that simple! Check it out at:

    Thank you for this cool opportunity to share my blog!!

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  6. Great blog! My blog is a food blog where I share my favourite recipes with the world. I’m always hungry for more no matter if it’s food or any other great experience!

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  7. Wow, people are still commenting (including me haha). When did you post this? I’m too lazy to actually find it out myself lol. But I just started my blog yesterday (I only have two posts) and in an sad attempt to promote my blog, here I am! I also think it’s very sweet of you to do something like this, we all gotta get that shameless self-promo amirite?

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  8. Hi, there… what a great initiative. I’ll take a look at the blogs here because I’m always looking for inspiration for a conversation, that’s what I do in my blog… it’s kinda conversation about self growth and a bit of digital scrapbooking that is what I currently design and sell. I’ll take a look at your blog, too. Mine is

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  9. Hey there! My blog is a love and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring and empowering women, although there is something for everyone. I write based off of my person life experiences. I’m looking to expand at some point this year by allowing other readers to submit their own stories. I hope you all can take a look. Like, comment and share on your social media as I’ll do the same. Feedback is always welcomed.

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  10. Hello! Your blog is so creative!!!

    Thanks for reading my blog

    I started the blog to journal creating a more purposeful and organized life. This year’s focus is creating a peaceful mindset, minimizing clutter (physical, mental, etc), organizing, and infusing more fun into life. I will be expanding my blog soon to include pages devoted to four main life areas: Family, Self, Home, & Work.

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