Thoughts Painting My Nails

This was quite possibly one of the most stupid thoughts post I’ve ever decided to make…I mean, am I really expecting myself to type with not yet dry nail polish?

Oops, I kind of maybe forgot that I’m not allowed to wear nail polish to school? Hahaha, yeah, forgot…Maybe more like misplaced that information for a while? Oh well, it’s a subtle-ish colour? Come on, it’s almost Christmas! I need some sparkle!

I say subtle…well, the more layers I’m adding, the less subtle it’s becoming…once again, whoops?

Oh! I never mentioned what colour it is! Well, I’m awful at describing colours but here it goes – it’s a softly rose-tinted champagne colour with a subtle shimmer. However, the more layers I add, the more obvious this shimmers becoming!

Update- I got away with it for the first day! However, as I chipped a nail whilst typing (ironic), I went home and painted one nail on each hand a glossy gold. Subtle? No. Pretty? Yes. Will the teachers care? I’ll get back to you on that

Update 2 – No teachers noticed! Well, they may have but it was the last week so they were all a little more laid back (thank god)


*Skip to the holidays*

Guess whose painting their nails again? That’s right, me! For the sake of typing this post, I’m having to paint one nail at a time so as to be able to keep typing – see the sacrifices I make for you guys!

This time, I’m using two new colours – a matte grey for three fingers per hand and a glossy copper for the remaining two on each hand!

Ahhh, I need to tie my hair back but my nails haven’t dried…wish me luck! [EDIT – I survived pahaha]

I don’t think anyone quite realises just how gorgeous these colours are,  looking at them literally makes me so happy!

Shout out to my amazing friend who got me the matte grey nail polish! Another shoutout to the friend who trailed the shops with me in search of this specific molten metal copper nail polish!

Painting my nails one by one on a laptop…never thought I’d see the day I trusted myself enough to do this! To be fair, I’m actually pretty good at painting my own nails now, even if it is just from practice rather than talent!

*Computer then dies*

Well then, I’m back, all ten nails painted and dried! I feel like having pretty nails gives me motivation, even on a lazy day! However, I could go into huge detail on how I motivate myself so I’m not going to start that ramble now but I might do a whole post on motivation if you want one? Comment below!

Also, comment below your favourite nail polish colour and any recommendations you have! And if you don’t wear nail polish, simply comment your favourite colour! Thanks for reading!

{___} My LifeOnline {19/12/16}


13 thoughts on “Thoughts Painting My Nails

  1. I’m lousy at painting my nails, especially my toes (my gut gets in the way when I lean over to get to them and my toes get more paint). But when I was SUPER bored, I’d give it a whirl. I always went for blues and greens, sometimes alternating fingers just because. Browns tended to be in the mix, and then i’d do polka dots if I was feeling inventive. Well, for Valentines Day I treated myself to my first manicure/pedicure ever and got this crazy spring green color for my fingernails and toenails. I didn’t realize I might get in trouble for this at work, but oh well. I’m curious how long a “pro” job lasts on these constantly-typing babies.

    But it does have another function. I’ve been tackling kickboxing and will go back to jiu-jitsu soon. I didn’t want to cut people on my nails by accident because they got all ragged from daily living! I’m so glad there’s no cat claws allowed on the mats–how the hell do people get anything done with those half-inch long nails on?

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  2. WOW I really enjoys reading this post, it feels like I am listening to your thoughts in your mind! πŸ˜€ You make the random things so interesting! LOL πŸ˜„

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  3. I would like to keep my nails painted but 1) polish cannot dry fast enough for my liking, and 2) I hate the feeling of longer nails and am not a fan of short, painted nails on myself. The copper and grey sound like a great combination!

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