No Make-Up

Not wearing makeup – shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Well, to those of us who aren’t comfortable in our skin, it is. I wear makeup almost always when I go out – not to impress anyone, for that would be pointless, but for me. 
Cliche, cliche, cliche: who cares? It’s true, I wear makeup for me, but that doesn’t mean I feel comfortable without it. Like yeah, at home I barely wear it, for example, I’m not wearing any right now, and unless I’m messing around with a new eyeshadow look, it’s not something I bother with on lazy days, but I’ve wore it to school practically every day for who knows how long. 
Even so, today, [EDIT- whoops, this was written a long time ago now!] I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and go bare face to school because, well, we all need to push ourselves sometimes! After all, even if it only boosts my confidence a little, it’s still worth it, right?

The way I’ve described it above, it sounds as if I never go out without makeup, huh? Well, that’s not true – there have been many times I’ve met up with friends or gone out and not bothered, I’ve just never gone completely bare faced to school! I say completely bare-faced because I wear very little makeup as it is – concealer, powder, mascara – to school, sometimes a nicely blended eyeshadow look. As I’m lucky enough to have visible eyebrows, I don’t fill those in and also steer clear from foundations in the fear of looking cakey.

Anyway, yeah, yeah, no makeup, no big deal, I get it! And maybe it might not have been if it wasn’t for the trouble I’ve been having with my skin recently, but still, I did it and you know what? It wasn’t that bad! I was expecting people to comment on it. 
Looking back, it was probably slightly conceited of me to think anyone would actually care when in actual fact all the problems I’d thought up surrounding others people’s judgement were all in my head. In the end, only one person did mention it, simply asking if I was wearing makeup that day and then adding that it didn’t look bad.

So there we have it, maybe pushing yourself to go out of your comfort zone really can be a benefit! I will say, now that I’ve done this I honestly don’t care at all about going to school without makeup and I do it so often!

Thank you for reading! Comment below your experiences with makeup, whether you wear it or not!
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Group Chats

Making plans in a group chat: an impossible task. Seriously, don’t try it! I’m not even joking when I say that it never goes smoothly, ever. I’ve been in countless attempts to make a group plan and, even if there were only around 6 of us, it doesn’t amount to anything!

Well, I say that but it may be a slight exaggeration…I do often make successful plans in a group chat. I’ve only just found this post again but I started writing it about a month back, just after cancelling a failed plan, so apparently I was slightly bitter. 
However, since then my friends and I, well, let’s say our planning skills have vastly improved and now we can even manage to coordinate a way for us all to leave home at separate times, get on the bus at different places and still manage to be on the same bus as one another! We managed to plan for us all to go ice skating so it was definitely worth it!

Still, making plans in a group chat is a huge ordeal! For one, finding a date everyone is free is extremely complicated, especially at this time of the year! [EDIT – Well, this was written in December…so that time of the year] 
Also, deciding who, if you’re going somewhere that needs to be pre-booked, actually books it – enough said. And that only gets harder when someone has to pre-pay for everyone then sort out money afterwards. 
God, then there’s restaurants that don’t let everyone pay separately, they’re the worst. The other day I went to a restaurant with 6 other people and the guy serving us would not let us pay separately, only making everything 5 times harder for everyone! Plus the meal was an expensive one so it was a lot of money to try and organise and let’s just say, most of us failed! Luckily for me, I had the exact change I needed so didn’t have to deal with the stress that is maths and money! That said, as I actually understand maths, even if I hate it, I still had to help the others…

In the end, however, it’s all worth it in the end! An enjoyable day out with a group of people is definitely worth the aggravation and stress the planning causes, even if it doesn’t feel like it will be when people are trying to plan it!!

To any of you currently part of a group chat, planning an event: I wish you a good luck and remember, it’ll be worth it! Have fun!!

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Back To School

Do I really have to go back? Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s illegal not to go…

Can I move to the Australian outback and be taught through a video call to my class and teachers? Sounds so much better than actually, you know, having to leave the house and all

Haha, I say this yet most non school days I’ll be awake early to get ready and I’ll go out – I guess that’s different though, I mean, I enjoy going out, just not going to school…

*Sigh* It’s half ten, should I sleep?

To sleep, or not to sleep? That is the the question

Am I sleep deprived? Probably. I mean, I’ve gone to sleep after midnight every day this year. Wait. That sounds bad, please remember there’s only been two days of new year haha (At least, there was when I wrote this…)

Still, I haven’t answered my question, do I sleep? *Rolls eyes* I guess not

Ahhh snap chat, I love you for being awesome and I hate you for not letting me sleep

If I go to bed now and fall asleep in the next half an hour, I’ll get, uh, one second, my brain doesn’t like maths. 

Right, I’ll get 7 hours sleep? How much are we supposed to have? It’s 8 hours I think

Wait! I need to set my alarm so I actually get up in the morning! Better do that now…

Because I know myself extremely well, I know that no matter how much I tell myself ‘when that alarm goes off at 6, I’ll get straight up’, I know it won’t happen. 

So, instead I’ve set myself an alarm every 15 minutes from 6 to 7 all with a different caption telling me what exactly I should be doing at that time. Captions include anything from ‘Seriously, just go on your phone and turn the brightness up to wake yourself up’ to ‘Just letting you know the time…now move!’

Thank god I washed and straightened my hair today, now I won’t have to do it in the morning!


Seriously. Stop. Writing. And. Sleep.

*Falls asleep…eventually*

Wow, look at this – I literally do not remember writing this? Well, apparently I did and it’s now a while after it was written…I seriously need to stop leaving posts so long after being written before, you know, actually posting them! Ah well, at least it means I have a lot of drafts if I run out of inspiration! 

Thanks for reading, comment below what time your alarm(s) is/are set to go off in the morning (I’m curious, don’t judge!)
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Promote Your Blog Here!

As a thank you for 500 followers, I thought I’d give a little something back to you guys and do another one of these posts! All you need to do is comment a link to your blog and a short description of what you write about – then look around a couple other people’s blog, give them a follow (and get a follow back) and start a chain reaction! It’s a great way to discover new bloggers and you’d gain even more if you reblog this post on your own page!

Also, feel free to look around my blog! I make sure to follow back and read your posts too!


Thank you for 500 followers and happy gaining!


22/04/17 ~ Coming Soon

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500 Followers Reaction!

Guys, guys, guys – What the hell is going on? For some unknown reason, this year my blog has just seemed to grow like crazy! Seriously though, I’ve literally had a constant stream of notifications!

My theory is that last month was the first month I properly came back to blogging (after practically taking a two-month hiatus) but I’ve no idea how exactly that affects my stats and why this month has been so crazy?

Ooh, maybe it’s because lots of people start their blogs in the new year? And the fact I’ve been so active? Whatever it is, it’s awesome!

Once again I’m going to mention that stats aren’t everything! I know, I know, I say this in almost every post, but I think that only shows how much I mean it!

Right, so – I hit 400 followers 3 days ago and I’m at 480+ right now…If this continues, we’ll have 1000 in no time!

492! We’re so close and this is crazy!

Do you guys want me to make a Snapchat (or other social media, it’s just that Snapchat’s my favourite) for this blog? Comment below!

494 – Awhhh, no more Harry Potter References in this reaction

495- Oh god, I can’t get my head around this…once again, as with the last reaction a few days ago, it’s late at night and I’m probably sleep deprived

Seriously though, I don’t know how to feel – Obviously, I’m ecstatic but I genuinely just can’t get my head around how much I’ve gained, especially this year! (Woah, too many long words for late at night!)
Actually, how many followers did I have at the start of the year? Well, I can easily check – I knew the follow count I put at the end of my posts would come in handy!

Okay, so, I had 368 followers on the 2nd of January…now, on the 8th, I have 496!

497, 3 away! I wanna stay awake to see us hit 500 but I’m so tired!!

498 *Does a little dance* Well, I mean, I didn’t actually dance because you know, it’s late at night and I’m very tired

499 – Why do I always almost hit milestones late at night? Why can’t it be during the day?? Oh well, I’m not complaining!

500!!!! This is, wow, I, um, okay – apparently I’m speechless! English doesn’t seem to be my forte at this current moment but I’ll return when I’m slightly more awake to finish this reaction!

Guyssss, it’s a few days later now but thank you so so much! I’m not gonna go into a whole speech because I literally only did one of those like two posts back (read ‘400 followers reaction’ for that!) but still, thank you!! 

Remember to comment below answering my question about social media!

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1,000 ~ Coming Soon

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Stages Of New Year: The Aftermath

Hello! Welcome to part two of the many ‘Stages Of New Year’! This post specifically follows the aftermath of a New Year’s Eve party; I recommend you read part one if you haven’t already!

 [EDIT – Just letting you know, the drink in the thumbnail was non-alcoholic! And yes, it’s my photo, as are practically all of the feature images I use]

Stages Of New Year: After The Party

It’s officially 2017!! Well, it has been for almost two hours; that’s beside the point!

God, I’m extremely tired but also not tired at all…not really sure how?

And the party is officially over…time to head home

Ughhhh, even when I get home I still have loads to do before I can actually, you know, sleep

2017 is gonna be a good year…wait, ew, that was too cliche…

Finally home and I think it’s safe to say I’m sleep deprived

All the inside jokes and memories made today, well, I’ll remember those for a long time! Tonight’s been brilliant!!

Okay, action stations – let’s see how quickly I can get ready for bed…not that I really have the energy to get ready quickly…

So glad I tidied my room before I left for the party!

That said, where exactly are my pyjamas?

What’s even the point of going to bed? Might as well stay up really, I mean, I’ll be getting up in a few hours anyway, won’t I?

Noooo, bad idea! I need to get some sleep!!

Wow, I’ve just procrastinated sleeping by actually folding and putting away my clothes…I barely do that properly when I’m awake!

Only I, the master of procrastination, could manage to do something productive whilst sleep deprived.

Ahhh, how good it feels to finally be able to tie my hair out my face and take off this jewellery.

Am I ready for bed? I think so!

Of course, gotta take off my makeup…

I’ve run out of makeup remover! There’s no way I’m gonna get waterproof mascara off with just a makeup wipe….oh well

Why. Is. Water. Proof. Mascara. So. Hard. To. Remove.

Makeup is finally off, everything’s tidy…yayyyy, time to sleep!!

Hahaha, yeah, not until I’ve opened the million Snapchats I haven’t yet got round to opening – whose willing to bet they all say happy new year?

Well, I’ll join the bandwagon: Happy New Year!! Keep an eye out for part three, it’s coming soon!! [EDIT – Huh, I just realised it never did get posted? Oops!]

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400 Followers Reaction

Woah, 400 followers – that’s something I most definitely didn’t expect when I started this blog a couple months ago!

Since going to school (ew) I’ve gained loads of followers! Only 9 to go!

Turn to page…three…hundred…and ninety…four…

394 followers and a lil Harry Potter reference! Plus a parcel just arrived in the post for me so I’m happy!

Omg, I didn’t even notice, 399!!
My followers and stats have been increasing so rapidly lately and though numbers are certainly not important, it’s nice to know there are people who enjoy my content!

401!!! I, wow, um, okay – I’m speechless!

I genuinely can’t process this, well, or any words, at this present time, quite possibly because it’s late, I’ve just got home and I’m extremely tired but shusshhhhh

I’m gonna come back to my reaction in the morning, you know, when I actually get my head around this!

Well, it’s the morning – okay let’s be real here, I don’t have time in the morning to write so it’s actually the afternoon but shushhh – and I still haven’t completely got my head around this, however, I am extremely grateful for every one of you!

From thinking I’d get maybe 100 followers to suddenly gaining quickly, getting thousands of views and likes and hundreds of comments, wow, thank you!

Seriously though, numbers are not everything and I know from experience that becoming fixated on them can ruin your motivation: so what if you don’t have many followers – if you’re enjoying what you do then keep doing it!

This only makes me more grateful for those people who do follow, even more so for those of you who comment, your comments are my favourite thing! Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll post something specifically for you guys to comment on, then I’ll write all the comments on post-it notes to go on my wall!

Next goal, 500 followers! We’re already working towards that so I’m sure we can do it!!

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1,000 ~ Coming Soon

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