Stages Of New Year: Getting Ready

Well, here it is, part one of my ‘Stages Of New Year’ series! It’s basically a thoughts series seeing as you guys love those posts so much!! I’ve had this planned for a while but was unable to get it up when I wanted to so, unfortunately, it’s a little late. Never mind, enjoy!

*Stages Of New Year: Getting Ready For The Party*

Right, okay – the party’s in, umm, oh god…3 hours…no, that’s not right? Screw maths, it’s almost 2 and the party starts at 7, I have 5 hours.

Wait, it’s almost 2!? I’m still in my pyjamas and all I’ve done today is paint my nails…and read a book – wow, productive…

*Sigh* I mean, I could start getting ready but then again, I could just not?

“Why do something when you could not?” – Me, all of 2016

Ughhhh, if I start my makeup now, will it all come off by later? Probably

Hey, at least I’ve finally got an outfit chose and some bomb nails, even if it did take all morning, what with me procrastinating by reading a book, online shopping and, well, sleeping!

About that online shopping, yeah, I’ve spent my Christmas money – to be fair, I’ve only brought one thing and I’ve wanted it, and intended to buy it, for a while; I guess it’s not too bad! [Edit – I brought a HP Sprocket if you were wondering!!]

So happy I got my hair done yesterday and don’t have to worry about it today! (I had an Oleplex treatment to fix the damage and stop frizz as well as having it cut and straightened) My hairs now so smooth and straight; the colour also looks so much better, I’m so happy with it!!

Good old 5SOS, the constant background music of my life.

Focus! I need to get ready!

If I’m not gonna get changed completely, I should at least get half changed I guess?? There’s no way I’m putting those skin tight jeans on until at least 5!

Apparently, my nails weren’t completely dry…now they’re smudged everywhere! It’s fine, I think, I’ll just try and fix it with a top coat in a few hours
*Lays outfit out* Whooo, productivity!

But like, do I even wanna wear this? Is this too dressy? Or is it not dressy enough? Will everyone be wearing a dress? No, I know my friends – maybe a skirt but not a dress! Still, are skinny jeans too casual? I mean, they are black so that should make them okay? I’ll dress it up slightly with a nice top…not that you’ll see it under my jacket….

Wait, I can’t wear that jacket, someone’s already wearing something almost identical…uh, guess I’ll wear a nice jumper?

Okay, an outfit is planned, jewellery is sorted, makeup has been laid out ready, perfume is also on my desk waiting – what else?

Oh right, bag – meh, I’ll sort that later, I still have hours.

…and this top doesn’t go with the jumper…brilliant

Okay, okay, found a new top…by new I literally mean new, I phoned my mum to ask her to pick me something up in town haha

Well, at least I know no one has ever seen me in this outfit – the tops new, as are these jeans

Time to pluck my eyebrows, my favourite! (Not). Though at least I was blessed with eyebrows that don’t need to be filled in, thank god for that!!

Concealer is now doneee!! Luckily my skin has cleared up slightly, just for today I expect!

Right, now eyeshadow – my favourite part!! The only problem is, what eyeshadow look??

Okay, it’s decided – definitely a brown/gold look, probably a lot bolder than usual: after all, it is New Year’s Eve!

Just keep blending, just keep blending – I’m actually in love with this look so far!

This is quite possibly the best eyeshadow look I’ve ever decided to create – I’m proud of it 

Oops, just realised I only put mascara on one eye…should probably finish that!

Eyeshadow: blended. Browbone: highlighted. Lashes: long. 

I think eyes are done and oh my, this look is the best I’ve ever managed!!

*proceeds to put down phone for a while to tidy*

Ughhh, I knew I shouldn’t have got ready so early…it’s not even six!

Ah well, at least there’ll be no last minute stressing and I had enough time to perfect my makeup rather than rushing a mess!

Hmmm, what bag? Probably shouldn’t bring one now I think of it, might be annoying to have to keep hold of all night…

I mean, what do I even need to bring? Obviously, my phone and some money but I can use my wallet phone case to carry those and put them in my pocket?

Ah, what about bringing a charger? After all, I don’t want my phone to die…guess I am bringing a bag after all!

I get ready super early yet leave it to the very last minute to pack my bag and finish off? Logic…

Okay, bag packed! Oh, perfume, I forgot perfume!

Lipstick…..need lipstick

Is there any point putting it on?? It’s just going to wear off and look bad, I don’t have time for lip liner….Lip gloss it is!

Okay, remember to pack powder, don’t want to be shiny, do we?

I think I’ve got everything?

Hahahahahahaah, yeah, I’m meant to be there at 7…I have 15 minutes, it takes 15 minutes to get there – I might be able to make it!!

Oh wow, of course, my brother decides to slow us all down and decide to get ready for the party he’s going to now….just because he needs to get to his for half past doesn’t mean I should be late to mine!!

Still waiting….literally, it’s moments like this I really wish I could drive

Why. Are. You. Taking. So. Long!?

Seriously, who decides to get in the shower at quarter to seven when they know the latest we can leave is ten too!?

Guess I’m gonna be fashionably late….

Oh! Shoes! I forgot to put on shoes!!

It’s cold outside, I’ll grab a jacket…I’ll take it off when I get there, though!

Shoes and jacket are on – no one is ready to leave…

Ah well, I wouldn’t want to be early so I guess this is okay

Hahaha the party starts now and I’m still at home

Whoops, it started 5 minutes ago and, yes, I’m still home

It’s quarter past…still. home.

And I’m here! Well, as much as I’d love to keep typing I’ve got some partying to do! See you in the next part and Happy New Year!!!!!

{___} My LifeOnline {01/01/17}



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