Please Read

Right, hello – I’m not gonna have the usual, rambling introduction today and just get straight to the point. Okay, I lie, we all know I can’t write a post without rambling a little! I mean look, I’m doing it now!

So, important stuff first – now that blogmas is finished, do you guys want me to continue with the regular posting? Make sure to comment below!! If you have any ideas as to what and when you want me to post, leave that in your comment to!

Anyway, comment below and enjoy your holidays!! [EDIT – Or what’s left of them…for me, well, I have the rest of today….] Also, now that it’s new year, keep an eye out for a couple new year themed posts such as resolutions and a 2017 bucket list!! Also stay tuned for the rest of the parts of my new series, ‘Stages Of New Year’!

{___} My LifeOnline {02/01/17}


19 thoughts on “Please Read

  1. Darling this is your blog! Post whatever the heck you feel like, whenever the heck you feel like. You don’t need people to give you a schedule and ideas. You’re not working for us. Do you, boo.

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