Stages Of New Year: The Aftermath

Hello! Welcome to part two of the many ‘Stages Of New Year’! This post specifically follows the aftermath of a New Year’s Eve party; I recommend you read part one if you haven’t already!

 [EDIT – Just letting you know, the drink in the thumbnail was non-alcoholic! And yes, it’s my photo, as are practically all of the feature images I use]

Stages Of New Year: After The Party

It’s officially 2017!! Well, it has been for almost two hours; that’s beside the point!

God, I’m extremely tired but also not tired at all…not really sure how?

And the party is officially over…time to head home

Ughhhh, even when I get home I still have loads to do before I can actually, you know, sleep

2017 is gonna be a good year…wait, ew, that was too cliche…

Finally home and I think it’s safe to say I’m sleep deprived

All the inside jokes and memories made today, well, I’ll remember those for a long time! Tonight’s been brilliant!!

Okay, action stations – let’s see how quickly I can get ready for bed…not that I really have the energy to get ready quickly…

So glad I tidied my room before I left for the party!

That said, where exactly are my pyjamas?

What’s even the point of going to bed? Might as well stay up really, I mean, I’ll be getting up in a few hours anyway, won’t I?

Noooo, bad idea! I need to get some sleep!!

Wow, I’ve just procrastinated sleeping by actually folding and putting away my clothes…I barely do that properly when I’m awake!

Only I, the master of procrastination, could manage to do something productive whilst sleep deprived.

Ahhh, how good it feels to finally be able to tie my hair out my face and take off this jewellery.

Am I ready for bed? I think so!

Of course, gotta take off my makeup…

I’ve run out of makeup remover! There’s no way I’m gonna get waterproof mascara off with just a makeup wipe….oh well

Why. Is. Water. Proof. Mascara. So. Hard. To. Remove.

Makeup is finally off, everything’s tidy…yayyyy, time to sleep!!

Hahaha, yeah, not until I’ve opened the million Snapchats I haven’t yet got round to opening – whose willing to bet they all say happy new year?

Well, I’ll join the bandwagon: Happy New Year!! Keep an eye out for part three, it’s coming soon!! [EDIT – Huh, I just realised it never did get posted? Oops!]

{438} My LifeOnline {07/01/17}


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