500 Followers Reaction!

Guys, guys, guys – What the hell is going on? For some unknown reason, this year my blog has just seemed to grow like crazy! Seriously though, I’ve literally had a constant stream of notifications!

My theory is that last month was the first month I properly came back to blogging (after practically taking a two-month hiatus) but I’ve no idea how exactly that affects my stats and why this month has been so crazy?

Ooh, maybe it’s because lots of people start their blogs in the new year? And the fact I’ve been so active? Whatever it is, it’s awesome!

Once again I’m going to mention that stats aren’t everything! I know, I know, I say this in almost every post, but I think that only shows how much I mean it!

Right, so – I hit 400 followers 3 days ago and I’m at 480+ right now…If this continues, we’ll have 1000 in no time!

492! We’re so close and this is crazy!

Do you guys want me to make a Snapchat (or other social media, it’s just that Snapchat’s my favourite) for this blog? Comment below!

494 – Awhhh, no more Harry Potter References in this reaction

495- Oh god, I can’t get my head around this…once again, as with the last reaction a few days ago, it’s late at night and I’m probably sleep deprived

Seriously though, I don’t know how to feel – Obviously, I’m ecstatic but I genuinely just can’t get my head around how much I’ve gained, especially this year! (Woah, too many long words for late at night!)
Actually, how many followers did I have at the start of the year? Well, I can easily check – I knew the follow count I put at the end of my posts would come in handy!

Okay, so, I had 368 followers on the 2nd of January…now, on the 8th, I have 496!

497, 3 away! I wanna stay awake to see us hit 500 but I’m so tired!!

498 *Does a little dance* Well, I mean, I didn’t actually dance because you know, it’s late at night and I’m very tired

499 – Why do I always almost hit milestones late at night? Why can’t it be during the day?? Oh well, I’m not complaining!

500!!!! This is, wow, I, um, okay – apparently I’m speechless! English doesn’t seem to be my forte at this current moment but I’ll return when I’m slightly more awake to finish this reaction!

Guyssss, it’s a few days later now but thank you so so much! I’m not gonna go into a whole speech because I literally only did one of those like two posts back (read ‘400 followers reaction’ for that!) but still, thank you!! 

Remember to comment below answering my question about social media!

100 ~ click here

200 ~ click here

300 ~ click here

400 ~ click here

800 ~ click here

900 ~ click here

1,000 ~ Coming Soon

{527} My LifeOnline {10/01/17}


80 thoughts on “500 Followers Reaction!

  1. congratulations…i felt like I won the lottery after having 100 followers…😊…i just started a month ago..so many things to learn…i remember when a fellow blogger asked my URL and i was so confused…hahaha.,. a lot to learn but im so excited to learn from fellow bloggers like u

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  2. Ahh this is so awesome – congrats!!! Half a thousand followers is a VERY big achievement! Also, I love how you do these reaction posts – they’re a very creative idea! In terms of social media, you could get Snapchat but Twitter is really popular among bloggers πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yayyy congratulations!😊❀ I hope your followers keep on growing and growing!☺ I think your new year theory about hitting milestones is so right! So many blogs hit milestones in the past few weeks, including me! It’s like a milestone epidemicπŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

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