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As a thank you for 500 followers, I thought I’d give a little something back to you guys and do another one of these posts! All you need to do is comment a link to your blog and a short description of what you write about – then look around a couple other people’s blog, give them a follow (and get a follow back) and start a chain reaction! It’s a great way to discover new bloggers and you’d gain even more if you reblog this post on your own page!

Also, feel free to look around my blog! I make sure to follow back and read your posts too!


Thank you for 500 followers and happy gaining!


22/04/17 ~ Coming Soon

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217 thoughts on “Promote Your Blog Here!

  1. Hi my name is Taryn and I am the girl behind!!! I have recently just started the blog I have been dreaming about for months now (by recently I mean like two days ago, lol). I am not quite sure where I want my blog to go yet but I am just going to let it take me wherever its little heart desires. I think I am leaning towards more of a lifestyle/beauty blog that focuses on people in their twenties just trying to live up life and deal with the stress of it, all at the same time.

    Congrats at your 1.1K! I have been binge reading it all day and finally got up the nerve to actually comment on this post even though I’ve read through it 3 times!

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    1. is a little look into my life as a mom, wife, and woman. I don’t blog nearly as much as I’d like, but alas, that’s life. One of my goals this year is to make more time to write about our day to day, but wine and sleep are also wonderful – and usually wins out at the end of the night when the minions have finally given up the good fight.

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  2. I know I am late, very late. But thank you for doing a promote your blog thingy here on your site, and congratulations too on your 900 followers milestone! Also, you liked my second first post (you’ll get this by reading my first post that will be posted soon), so thank you again!
    Beware though, for the text that follows this will have the following: shameless self-promotion, cringe, and awkwardness.
    Hey, everyone! My name is Lois and I blog about anythingβ€”my views, opinions, cats, and writing. I post about my life, in general. Get to know me better by clicking this: and following me!

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  3. Hey! I know I am a lil’ late here..but still..
    I started blogging like less than a month ago … it’s …I blog about different things ranging from productivity tips, DIY’s ,paintings and calligraphy, how-to’s etc…follow me on my blog if u r interested and yeah …i promise to follow backπŸ˜‰

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  4. This is a great idea. I love the sense of support I have been finding in the blogging community here. I am a busy mom of five children and blog about everything mom in my life. Most posts are personal experience based, but I will post on ideas and imaginative topics too. Catch me at

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  5. Hi. I am Dreamer and my blog is
    I post ways you can help the world and make a difference. I also post random other stuff. My main goal is to make some happy or relax. I hope you check out my blog and that you enjoy read it! -Dreamer

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  6. Hello All Big and Small!
    I have just started a new blog and I hope to inspire and share. I want this blog to help me find my voice and help to louden others. I will be discussing various topics for a range of audiences and hope it gets a good response.
    Please check out my blog and leave any feed back at all however long or short.

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    Hi All! I am new to blogging, I have made 2 posts thus far so if you could find some time to check them out it would be so wonderful. My site is geared towards all things life, there’s not a subject I don’t plan on discussing. The focus is being a 20 something IT Assistant and my blog is my life and adventures! I am always looking for feedback, advice, etc! Thank you 😊

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  8. Hey! I only started my blog yesterday so if anyone could check it out that would be amazing. I’ve only done two posts so far, but I’ll be posting quite often for the beginning. My blog won’t have a particular theme, I’ll just post whatever I feel like doing at the time, or if anyone has requests I can do those too,
    Thank you in advance to anyone who has a little look at my page x

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      1. You too! My Wifi has been super dodgy recently so I haven’t posted much in the past week, but I’ve got three posts to upload when we get it fixed πŸ˜‚

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  9. Hi everyone! My name is Danielle. My blog / website is titled “A Year of Big Books.” For 2017, I have challenged myself to only read big books and I have decided to document my experience through chapter by chapter blog posts and podcast episodes. If you would be so kind as to head on over there, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks and I will be sure to check out the other blogs on here as well!

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  10. Hiya! I think this is a really good idea, even though I’m new to your blog you seem like a lovely person πŸ’š
    I’m Emily, I’m new to blogging so there isn’t much to see at the moment. I love being abit different with the style choices and am always willing to venture out of my comfort zone. My blog is also going to note my adventure to doing my dream job at working at Disney and the whole process I’m taking.

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  11. Hii I’m new at blogging and I would be so grateful if I get some followers,from yesterday I have just one post but in future I’ll write about fashion,beauty,travel,photography,lifestyle… So this is my blog and I hope you will follow it ❀ ❀❀❀
    And also you have an amazing blog I thank you for this post just keep going ❀

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  12. Hey congrats!! Looks like you’re super close to 600 now! To promote my blog a little bit:

    My lifestyle blog is called Uninspired, and it chronicles life as a twenty-something. Twice a week I post hilarious and cringeworthy pickup lines that people have sent to me on Tinder, and on Sundays I post something of my choice. Sometimes it’s a recipe or craft and how it went for me, sometimes it’s a write-up of a date, or sometimes it’s a really good piece of creative writing! Follow me and I’ll be sure to follow back!

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  13. Hi there, what a wonderful idea!! Thank you for checking out my blog πŸ™‚ is all about the weird and wonderful experiences as I mother 2 boys in a rather unique environment… We reside in a remote little tourist town near the Kruger Park. My boys are fortunate enough to attend the only nature based school in South Africa which exposes them to many exciting and sometimes scary learning experiences πŸ™‚ hope you enjoy reading some of my adventures!

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  14. Congratulations on reaching such a great milestone! I hope your blog goes from strength to strength!

    I’m currently backpacking around Australia and am writing a travel blog with a geeky twist.

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  15. Hey, I’m new to this blogging thing (I started about a week ago) and thought this would be a good place to get the word out about my blog. I write about things that we can all relate to. You know all those little things that make you think “I wonder if anyone else does this” but then you dismiss it as being weird? You’re not weird because we all do those things. I like to relate to people on a personal level that makes us all feel connected. I try not to be too cheesy and like to be light hearted about this kind of stuff. Feel free to check out my blog at . I would also like to thank My Life Online for being one of the first likes I received ever on my first blog post! It means a lot to me that someone actually read my blog πŸ™‚

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