100 Amazing Songs

Here we go, literally just 100 amazing songs I completely recommend you listen to! I may or may not also know every lyric to every song on here…whoops? Oh well, I’m going to get straight into it so here we go:
(Also, comment below your favourite songs/artists so I can have a listen to them!!) 

1. “Good Girls” ~ 5SOS

2. “Castle On The Hill” ~ Ed Sheeran 

3. “Disconnected” ~ 5SOS

4. “Shape Of You” ~ Ed Sheeran

5. “Everything I Didn’t Say” ~ 5SOS

6. “Friends” ~ Ed Sheeran

7. “Amnesia” ~ 5SOS

8. “Stitches” ~ Shawn Mendes

9. “Jet Black Heart” ~ 5SOS

10. “Treat You Better” ~ Shawn Mendes

11. “Safety Pin” ~ 5SOS

12. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” ~ Charlie Puth

13. “San Francisco” ~ 5SOS

14. “Pillow Talk” ~ Zayn

15. “Don’t Stop” ~ 5SOS

16. “Shout Out To My Ex” ~ Little Mix

17. “18” ~ 5SOS

18. “A Team” ~ Ed Sheeran 

19. “Long Way Home” ~ 5SOS

20. “Photograph” ~ Ed Sheeran 

21. “English Love Affair” ~ 5SOS

22. “Thinking Out Loud” ~ Ed Sheeran

23. “Social Casualty” ~ 5SOS

24. “Bloodstream” ~ Ed Sheeran

25. “Heartbreak Girl” ~ 5SOS

26. “Hold Up A Light” ~ Take That

27. “Beside You” ~ 5SOS

28. “Up All Night” ~ Take That

29. “End Up Here” ~ 5SOS

30. “Wooden Boat” ~ Take That

31. “Voodoo Doll” ~ 5SOS

32. “Cold Water” ~ Major Lazer

33. “Don’t Stop” ~ 5SOS

34. “Stressed Out” ~ 21 Pilots

35. “Permanent Vacation” ~ 5SOS

36. “Work From Home” ~ Fifth Harmony

37. “Safety Pin” ~ 5SOS

38. “You Belong With Me” ~ Taylor Swift

39. “Hey Everybody” ~ 5SOS

40. “22” ~ Taylor Swift

41. “Waste The Night” ~ 5SOS

42. “We Are Never Getting Back Together” ~ Taylor Swift

43. “She’s Kinda Hot” ~ 5SOS

44. “Blank Space” ~ Taylor Swift

45. “Outer Space” ~ 5SOS

46. “I Knew You Were Trouble” ~ Taylor Swift

47. “Castaway” ~ 5SOS

48. “Style” ~ Taylor Swift

49. “Broken Home” ~ 5SOS

50. “Out Of The Woods” ~ Taylor Swift

51. “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” ~ 5SOS

52. “Everything Has Changed” ~ Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran 

53. “Fly Away” ~ 5SOS

54. “Hands To Myself” ~ Selena Gomez

55. “Vapour” ~ 5SOS

56. “Kill ’em With Kindness” ~ Selena Gomez

57. “Invisible” ~ 5SOS

58. “Dangerous Woman” ~ Ariana Grande

59. “Airplanes” ~ 5SOS

60. “Into You” ~ Ariana Grande

61. “Cool For The Summer” ~ Demi Lovato

62. “Sweater Weather (Cover)” ~ Alexi Blue

63. “A Love Song/ A Non Love Song” ~ Jon Cozart and Dodie Clark

64. “Lost Boy” ~ Ruth B

65. “City Of Stars (Cover)” ~ Jon Cozart and Dodie Clark

66. “Counting Stars” ~ One Republic 

67. “6/10” ~ Dodie Clark

68. “Say You Won’t Let Go” ~ James Arthur

69. “My Face” ~ Dodie Clark

70. “Heart Attack” ~ Demi Lovato

71. “Titanium (Cover)” ~ Boyce Avenue

72. “A Thousand Years” ~ Christina Perry

73. “Payphone (Cover)” ~ Boyce Avenue

74. “Let Her Go” ~ Passenger

75. “Exs And Ohs” ~ Elle King

76. “How Would You Feel” ~ Ed Sheeran

77. “Rainbow Connection” ~ Glee Cast (or any other version tbh)

78. “I’m A Mess” ~ Ed Sheeran

79. “Gives You Hell” ~ All American Rejects

80. “Ms Invisible” ~ Olivia Solo

81. “Oh Cecilia” ~ The Vamps

82. “I Found My Voice” ~ Jeni Ross and Alex Zaichkowski

83. “Jealous” ~ Labyrinth

84. “See Through Me” ~ Keara Graves

85. “A Thousand Years” ~ Christina Perri

86. “Broken By You” ~ Share Harte feat. Keara Graves

87. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” ~ Shawn Mendez 

88. “Monsters” ~ Timeflies

89. “Call Me Maybe” ~ Carly Rae Jepsen

90. “No” ~ Meghan Trainor

91. “I Really Like You” ~ Carly Rae Jepsen

92. “Still Falling For You” ~ Ellie Goulding

93. “Rockabye” ~ Clean Bandit

94. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” ~  Zayn feat. Taylor Swift

95. “Sucks To Be You” ~ Emma Blackery

96. “Panic Chord” ~ Gabrielle Aplin

97. “Pompeii” ~ Bastille

98. “Lego House” ~ Ed Sheeran

99. “Closer” ~ The Chainsmokers

100. “English Rose” ~ Ed Sheeran

In case you couldn’t tell from the start of this list, I really, really like 5SOS as well as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift! Luckily, it gets a bit more diverse the more you read! If you got this far, remember to comment your favourite songs/artists!!

[Also, I apologise if any song is repeated!] 

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Pizza appreciation day should be a thing. Wait, never mind, world pizza day exists and that’s practically the same thing. I’ll take any excuse I can to eat a pizza….actually no, I don’t need an excuse. Haha, I’m so relatable and basic but seriously, my pizza addiction is way way way too extreme. Literally the thought of pizza whilst writing this post had me craving it so bad I’ve gone and brought four frozen pizzas. Four. What the hell am I gonna do with four pizzas? Guess I’m gonna have to share….

Okay but in all seriousness now, pizza is honestly the best food. I get it, some people hate it. A secret fact about me that no one knows is that I used to utterly despise pizza. Yes, I, the addicted pizza lover, used to hate pizza! Now however, pizza has a pizza my heart *ba dum tschhh*

Talking of hating pizza, I don’t. Okay, that wasn’t what I was trying to say. What I meant to write was I actually dislike thick pizzas and only eat thin based ones. I don’t know why but thick pizzas taste to me like bread and I hate bread more than anything.

Well, this post is quote something. It’s literally just me mindlessly rambling about pizza….ah well, pizza appreciation am I right? Also, I’ve never said (written) pizza this many times before, it’s still not enough though! Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza. That’s a little better (hahah I’m really not funny)

On one final note, PIZZA OVER PEOPLE my friends!! (Pfffttt, that’s totally not my Instagram bio and a quote in my wall, what noooo..)

Valentine’s Day

So, Valentines Day *cough* fake holiday *cough*…sorry, excuse me, I must be getting a cough….probably caused from the bitterness in my heart in regards to Valentines Day. Yes, maybe I don’t like it because I’m single but also, it’s kinda annoying. I mean, by all means have a ‘special date’ or something but if you love someone shouldn’t you show them all year? Like, really? Why aren’t you showing them everyday, not just on Valentines Day because ‘you have to’…?

Still, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, I have friends, granted, they’re not single, who love Valentine’s Day! I guess they would though, after all, they have someone to share it with….Ahah, don’t worry, I’m not actually upset. In all honestly, I’m glad I don’t have to buy anyone anything and can eat discounted chocolate for myself.

Okay, wow, I’m severely lacking things to say for this post…I have no amazing romantic stories to tell so I guess I’ll just tell you about my friends and their stories! So, one of my closest friends had never had a valentine before and didn’t think she would this year either as she broke up with her boyfriend a little while back. However, it turns out the boy who she’s liked for almost four years (obviously not constantly as she’s dated other people, she’s just always had something for him) actually liked her! I know, I know, I’m jealous too but also so so happy for her because I’m a nice friend and they’re so cute together. But as if that wasn’t cute enough, they end up together officially and then the guy invites her out on a date on Valentine’s Day. Not just any date though, a really, really cute date. I’m not going to go into all the details but I know he’s taking her out for a meal and honestly, it’s a date worthy of a movie. I bet you it’ll start snowing or something..ahh! [EDIT – Okay, well, uh, funny story – you see, he kinda maybe dumped her on Valentine’s Day? She’s with someone else now though and you can tell what they have it real lol]

Ah well, I have something to look forward to as well! No, I don’t have a date, however, I am going on holiday and in my mind that’s so much better! I’m actually really looking forward to going on a run along the beach (crazy, right?), simply because what’s better than listening to music with the gentle crash of waves against the shore happily joining the melodies; with your hair free in the wind as small droplets of sea salt splash alongside it; the glorious smell of cold, fresh air and the feeling of sand being crushed beneath your feet. See, my Valentine’s Day’s going to be much better spent than sitting around doing nothing but watching romantic films. 

It sounds bad, but I’m also pretty glad to be getting away. I know if I wasn’t on holiday I’d definitely meet up with friends and I expect it’d only add to the guy drama I already have going on. That or I’d end up going on a date and hating it? Nope, nope, nope, holidays rule, no arguments.

What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day? Or what have you done in the last? Leave me your stories below, I love reading them!

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6 Months On WordPress

Woah, 6 months (kind of) on WordPress, that’s a long time! I say kind of, I practically took a two month hiatus during that time but oh well, my first post was still 6 months ago!

Thousand of views, thousands of likes, hundreds (almost thousands) of followers and hundreds of comments – woah. To say I didn’t even expect 100 followers makes this all seem so much crazier. To many, it’s not a lot but to me, it is. Yes, I admit, I have neglected my blog many a time and don’t doubt that there will be times that I don’t post regularly but I’ll try my best!

Thank you! All of my over 700 followers (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!), it means the absolute world! 


100 ~ click here

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300 ~ click here

400 ~ click here

500 ~ click here

800 ~ click here

900 ~ click here

1,000 ~ Coming Soon

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17 Things To Do In ’17

Hi! I would explain what this post is about but I’d say it’s pretty obvious if you just look at the title…? Oh well, let’s get started!

17 things to do in ’17:

-Learn To Rollerskate

-Hit A Milestone On A Social Media

-Go Rockclimbing

-Join A Fitness Class

-Go Ice-Skating

-Go On A Road-Trip

-Go To A Big City

-Go To A Concert

-Find Love (Either with a person or an activity)

-Say Yes More!

-Enter A Competition (And Win!)

-Get A Job You Love

-Go To A MAsquerade Ball

-Go On Holiday With Friends

-Go Stargazing

-Watch A Sunrise

-Complete this list and be happy! ❤

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2017 Bucket List

*Insert Introduction*

[EDIT- I’ve just come back to this post and realised I never did write that introduction…oh well, better do that now!]

Right, hello! So this year I decided that instead of making resolutions I would make a bucket list for the year in the hopes of actually sticking to it! Naturally, my first thought was to share it with you guys! [Sorry for how late this is! I guess not procrastinating should be worked on a little harder…] Well, let’s get started:

-Save Every £5 note I come across:
Now, this one’s more of a resolution I guess but I thought I might as well put it here. Basically, I’ve decided to save any £5 notes I come across and put them away in a box. On the box, I’ll write the name of the thing I’m saving for (in my case, a new camera) to make sure I don’t break into it and spend the money on something else! It’s working so far so I’m hoping to stick to it!

-Save every £1 I come across:
This one’s pretty much the same as the £5 note one except this box can be broken into slightly more throughout the year as I use it to save for slightly cheaper things.

-Learn To Rollerskate:
This one’s pretty random but read my post ice skating to understand a little more!

-Hit 1K On WordPress:
At the start of the year, I may have thought this to be pretty hard but at under 400 followers away, I think we can do it!

-Stop Procrastinating:
Seeing as I’m procrastinating homework by writing this post, and this post is going up in February….I think I’m failing this one!

-Write. More. Posts:
I either have too many drafts to deal with or none, there is no in between – I need to start writing and finishing and uploading posts in a normal order!

-Upload Frequently:
I guess this is similar to the one above (and another I’m failing at) but I’m working on it!

-Start Rockclimbing:
Here’s another little random one but this one I’m working on! I’m currently on the waiting list for an indoor rock climbing club I applied for!

-Join a fitness group:
Ayyyy, a thing on the bucket list I’ve achieved! I joined a fitness class last week and plan on going weekly all year, in fact, I’m signing myself up for a different class as well so that it’s twice weekly!

There we have it, a couple points from my extensive bucket list! Comment below what you want to achieve this year and what your resolutions are if you have them!

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