2017 Bucket List

*Insert Introduction*

[EDIT- I’ve just come back to this post and realised I never did write that introduction…oh well, better do that now!]

Right, hello! So this year I decided that instead of making resolutions I would make a bucket list for the year in the hopes of actually sticking to it! Naturally, my first thought was to share it with you guys! [Sorry for how late this is! I guess not procrastinating should be worked on a little harder…] Well, let’s get started:

-Save Every £5 note I come across:
Now, this one’s more of a resolution I guess but I thought I might as well put it here. Basically, I’ve decided to save any £5 notes I come across and put them away in a box. On the box, I’ll write the name of the thing I’m saving for (in my case, a new camera) to make sure I don’t break into it and spend the money on something else! It’s working so far so I’m hoping to stick to it!

-Save every £1 I come across:
This one’s pretty much the same as the £5 note one except this box can be broken into slightly more throughout the year as I use it to save for slightly cheaper things.

-Learn To Rollerskate:
This one’s pretty random but read my post ice skating to understand a little more!

-Hit 1K On WordPress:
At the start of the year, I may have thought this to be pretty hard but at under 400 followers away, I think we can do it!

-Stop Procrastinating:
Seeing as I’m procrastinating homework by writing this post, and this post is going up in February….I think I’m failing this one!

-Write. More. Posts:
I either have too many drafts to deal with or none, there is no in between – I need to start writing and finishing and uploading posts in a normal order!

-Upload Frequently:
I guess this is similar to the one above (and another I’m failing at) but I’m working on it!

-Start Rockclimbing:
Here’s another little random one but this one I’m working on! I’m currently on the waiting list for an indoor rock climbing club I applied for!

-Join a fitness group:
Ayyyy, a thing on the bucket list I’ve achieved! I joined a fitness class last week and plan on going weekly all year, in fact, I’m signing myself up for a different class as well so that it’s twice weekly!

There we have it, a couple points from my extensive bucket list! Comment below what you want to achieve this year and what your resolutions are if you have them!

{682} My LifeOnline 01/02/17}


17 thoughts on “2017 Bucket List

  1. This is a pretty good bucket list. One of my goals this year is to have some savings, and honestly I’m not doing too well yet. Well, we still have around 9 months… I hope you reach your goals this year! ❤

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  2. I love your bucket list. I too have started attending the gym, mainly classes at the moment. I like the idea of rock climbing – I wish there was a club near me. I’m with you with posting regularly (my blog needed a bit of TLC in the New Year!). I plan to get a bit more out there in college (both socially and academically) and put my newly learned scuba skills to good use this year. Good Luck to everyone with their bucket list and keep blogging!!

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  3. Your list sounds very doable! 🙂 I can relate to several of the things that you want to do. To quit procrastinating is a huge one, as well as posting regularly. I feel that once you can fight the procrastination, a lot of other things fall into place.

    I’m with you on the fitness bit as well! Since the new year has started I’ve done well to get to the gym at least twice per week. To add on to that, I’m very interested in self care and finding small ways to be kind to myself both mentally and physically! Little things add up to big, positive changes.

    Good luck! I’m rooting for you.

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