6 Months On WordPress

Woah, 6 months (kind of) on WordPress, that’s a long time! I say kind of, I practically took a two month hiatus during that time but oh well, my first post was still 6 months ago!

Thousand of views, thousands of likes, hundreds (almost thousands) of followers and hundreds of comments – woah. To say I didn’t even expect 100 followers makes this all seem so much crazier. To many, it’s not a lot but to me, it is. Yes, I admit, I have neglected my blog many a time and don’t doubt that there will be times that I don’t post regularly but I’ll try my best!

Thank you! All of my over 700 followers (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!), it means the absolute world! 


100 ~ click here

200 ~ click here

300 ~ click here

400 ~ click here

500 ~ click here

800 ~ click here

900 ~ click here

1,000 ~ Coming Soon

{715} My LifeOnline {11/02/17}


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