Valentine’s Day

So, Valentines Day *cough* fake holiday *cough*…sorry, excuse me, I must be getting a cough….probably caused from the bitterness in my heart in regards to Valentines Day. Yes, maybe I don’t like it because I’m single but also, it’s kinda annoying. I mean, by all means have a ‘special date’ or something but if you love someone shouldn’t you show them all year? Like, really? Why aren’t you showing them everyday, not just on Valentines Day because ‘you have to’…?

Still, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, I have friends, granted, they’re not single, who love Valentine’s Day! I guess they would though, after all, they have someone to share it with….Ahah, don’t worry, I’m not actually upset. In all honestly, I’m glad I don’t have to buy anyone anything and can eat discounted chocolate for myself.

Okay, wow, I’m severely lacking things to say for this post…I have no amazing romantic stories to tell so I guess I’ll just tell you about my friends and their stories! So, one of my closest friends had never had a valentine before and didn’t think she would this year either as she broke up with her boyfriend a little while back. However, it turns out the boy who she’s liked for almost four years (obviously not constantly as she’s dated other people, she’s just always had something for him) actually liked her! I know, I know, I’m jealous too but also so so happy for her because I’m a nice friend and they’re so cute together. But as if that wasn’t cute enough, they end up together officially and then the guy invites her out on a date on Valentine’s Day. Not just any date though, a really, really cute date. I’m not going to go into all the details but I know he’s taking her out for a meal and honestly, it’s a date worthy of a movie. I bet you it’ll start snowing or something..ahh! [EDIT – Okay, well, uh, funny story – you see, he kinda maybe dumped her on Valentine’s Day? She’s with someone else now though and you can tell what they have it real lol]

Ah well, I have something to look forward to as well! No, I don’t have a date, however, I am going on holiday and in my mind that’s so much better! I’m actually really looking forward to going on a run along the beach (crazy, right?), simply because what’s better than listening to music with the gentle crash of waves against the shore happily joining the melodies; with your hair free in the wind as small droplets of sea salt splash alongside it; the glorious smell of cold, fresh air and the feeling of sand being crushed beneath your feet. See, my Valentine’s Day’s going to be much better spent than sitting around doing nothing but watching romantic films. 

It sounds bad, but I’m also pretty glad to be getting away. I know if I wasn’t on holiday I’d definitely meet up with friends and I expect it’d only add to the guy drama I already have going on. That or I’d end up going on a date and hating it? Nope, nope, nope, holidays rule, no arguments.

What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day? Or what have you done in the last? Leave me your stories below, I love reading them!

{735} My LifeOnline {14/02/17}


20 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Random, but I can’t stand middle school relationships, they’re so cringey. Like, my cousin’s 12 and talks about making out with girls? Like slow down??? What???? This is why I don’t go to your house??? Also, happy “you’re aware you’re single and will feel slightly bitter and die a little inside every time you see a happy couple” day!!! Too much (sorry m8)?I’m obviously the life of the party.

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    1. 100% agree! Like I’m sorry but when I see 12 year olds making out against a locker in school I die a little inside from cringing so much! And happy ‘you’re aware you’re single and will feel slightly bitter and die a little inside every time you see a happy couple’ day to you too!!


  2. I love Valentine’s Day for the simple purpose to spread the love, which is not just meant for couples. This morning, I woke up a tad early and made cinnamon rolls for my boyfriend and he left me a surprise teddy bear on my vanity (first plush toy he’s ever gotten me). 🙂 I got to work and passed out doughnuts to my coworkers and wished them all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Tonight, I will make my love dinner (maybe lasagna) and have a heartfelt letter saying how much he means to me waiting for him. It’s the little things…

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  3. I just shared a fb post celebrating the love of my parents, who have been together for 35 years. I’m not going to log on to social media for the rest of the day, but instead go train at the gym after work and then maybe play piano or get a pedicure #treatyoself

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