London Attacks

Our world is messed up. I sit here writing this with tears streaming down my face, barely able to see what I’m writing. These attacks, these heartless acts of violence, are terrifying. Currently, the U.K. terror threat is on severe, the second highest it can be. Meaning another attack is “highly likely”

Today, the 22nd of March 2017, is exactly one year after the attacks in Brussels. Today, a brutal attack occurred in London, affecting thousands. I’m not going to go into detail of everything that happened, you probably already know. If not? All you have to search is ‘London attack’ and it’s everywhere.

It breaks my heart, it truly does. I’m scared for our future.

Yet time doesn’t pause. We’re still expected to live our lives normally even whilst things like this are going on. It’s not just those injured who are affected – everyone is in some way. Young children on school trips were amidst the drama, students have been run over, so many innocent people have been injured or killed. Millions have witnessed these events from behind a screen – not able to help, we feel useless. Sending our love through a status update or even something like this blog post just isn’t enough. We do it anyway because we need some way of portraying how we feel.

Tears still stream down people’s faces.  

Our world is still messed up.

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Internal Crisis

Guys, what, it’s March! Already!? We’re a quarter through the year! Wait, no, we can’t be? I literally just dropped my phone at that idea, a quarter through the year? That’s not possible. Oh god, have I just accidentally triggered an internal crisis? Probably. Oh well, it’s not a quarter through the year until the end of this month.

Well, as it’s March I thought I’d just have a little ramble to update you guys on whatever. Actually, I’ve no idea what I’m writing, it’s midnight and I’m – oops, can’t tell you what I’m doing, it’s a surprise!

Talking of this exciting thing, I was going to post the stuff about it on the 1st of April…then I realised no one would actually take me seriously so I’ve had to resort to a different day.

•Ugh, why do I always write my posts at night? It makes editing the next day so much harder! [EDIT: I think I wrote that thought in the wrong draft but oh well, I’m leaving it in]

Okay, I have a favour to ask you guys. I’m seriously lacking post ideas right now so if you guys could comment some below it would be much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!

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Sleep Deprived Thoughts

Just a quick note before I start: I set up a new feature on my blog showcasing recent commenters! That’s basically a shout out for those of you who take the time to comment, a small way of me giving back! That said, make sure to comment! Now onto the post:

Woah, who’d have thought I would do a thoughts post? It’s been so long (I think)! No long intro today, let’s get straight into it:

I could sleep but like, ugh, that means I gotta get out of bed so that I can get back into bed….that made no sense. What I mean is I’d have to get up, get on my pyjamas, take off my makeup, etc…actually, never mind, I took off my makeup earlier. Still, I’d have to get up and ew, no thank you, bye.

I’m up, I’m up, I’m up, I’m up, I’m sat back down, whoops?

Accio duvet! Wait, why is my duvet even on the floor? Oh right, I kicked it off me to motivate myself to get up…

I’m hungry

Do you think anyone would notice if I went and got food right now?

I don’t want to wake anyone up…still, food

Okay, update, I have food. I went to go get some crisps and came back with two oranges because it’s healthier. Why two? Well, I wanted to juggle and it would be rude to steal a third.

Well, I just wasted a load of time meticulously peeling the oranges only to eat the inside part (what’s that even called, segments?) in like a minute.

Update 2.0: No idea why I keep saying oranges, pretty sure I just ate two tangerines?

I think the bulb just blew in my lamp…yay. Oh well, I’ll unplug the lamp and sort it in the morning. (EDIT: It’s been like two weeks since I wrote this and, guess what, the bulb still isn’t replaced…actually, the only reason I realised it wasn’t was through editing this post)

It’s so dark and I thought I lost my phone so I used my phone torch to try and find my phone and do you see my problem?

Also, needed to find my glasses so obviously I needed to use my glasses to find my glasses and do you see my problem once again?

Just a random thought here (EDIT: Aren’t they all random thoughts?) Ed Sheeran is awesome

Ed Sheeran’s new album and new songs are amazing. And his old songs are amazing. And he is amazing. Just Ed Sheeran. Wow. (EDIT: Tehe, I’m even listening to him as I edit this!)

I have many more sleep deprived moments and hence there are many more thoughts I could share, keep an eye out, this could even become its own mini-series if you like it enough!

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Sixth Sense?

Something really, for want of a better word, strange is happening right now. I don’t know why or how but for some reason a few minutes ago I just felt like something bad had happened to someone. That someone, to be precise, I felt was one of my friends and I could pin point exactly which friend it was. This, of course, has mildly happened before but only when I’m messaging someone or with them, then it’s easy me to tell if something bad, or good, has happened. But no, my friend and I are a couple miles apart and whilst sat on my bed reading a book I guess I just knew.

Naturally, I decided to message her literally just asking if she’s okay because my ‘weird sixth sense seems to think something’s bad had happened’. And I kid you not, she then replied saying something bad had happened. What.

Something bad has happened to her, I won’t go into details as they’re pretty irrelevant, but I honestly have no idea how I knew. I wasn’t talking to anyone at the time but I just suddenly had a feeling wash over me that was strong enough to make me put down my book, something I don’t often do, to message and check up on her. Then to find out that everything I thought was actually true? Well, it’s cool but also pretty scary.

Coincidence? Probably. Sixth sense? Maybe. Let’s be real, no one will have any idea. Hey, maybe I’m finally gonna get my Hogwarts letter (teheh, just kidding, I’ve obviously already got it)

Have you had a weird ‘sixth sense’ experience? Let me know in the comments!

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Music and Fangirling

ED SHEERAN RELEASED NEW MUSIC! Ahhh, an entire new album is blessing our ears. One. Whole. Album. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Not only is there an entire album, but this entire album is amazing! It wasreleased  earlier today (as I write this) and I can safely say I have listened to every song! Actually, I started listening to every song at about 6am so that I could hear them all before I went to school….Obsessed? Maybe.

Of course, as Castle On The Hill and Shape of You have been out for a while now I am naturally more familiar with them and know every lyric fluently. How Would You Feel is also up there as it also was already released but I don’t doubt I will soon know every song on the entire album off by heart! I tried to get concert tickets but I was at school and in a lesson when they went live so had to wait a little longer before I could try to get them. By the time I got into the website, they were practically all sold out, especially in the venues and dates I could actually go to. Of course, I would of brought the tickets that others are reselling but personally I think it’s ridiculous to pay thousands for a ticket that just that day was being sold for so much less!

What’s next for me to fangirl over? Well, 5SOS are recording their third album and I’m very excited. Okay, that’s a huge understatement, I cried when I found out album number three was being recorded!! Like, I actually cried on a morning before school, ruining my makeup…oh well, 5SOS are worth it! AHHH I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Another thing music related – In May I’m off to see Take That in concert…again. Yes, Take That aren’t what you’d expect a teenager to be going to see in concert but they’ve been around since before I was born and I grew up listening to their music so naturally I had to love them! It also means that I know every lyric to every song they’ve ever written…whoops? I’m sure I’ll do a post all about the concert as I’m certain I’ll have a lot of time to write on the long train journey I have to take. Take That concerts aren’t just songs though, they’re performances. I would know, this is the third concert of theirs I’m going to!

In case you hadn’t gathered, I just really like music and musicians and bands and songs and singing and ahhhhhh. One random talent I have, that many people have so it’s nothing special, is that often I memorise every lyric to a song after only hearing it once. For example, I’ve been to watch a movie with music as a main feature and walked out singing all the songs word perfect even though I’d never heard them before! Another random talent I have is spinning a ball on my finger, but that’s a whole other story!
So, what’s your opinion on Ed’s new music? How do you like the album? Have you listened to it all yet? Comment below so we can discuss it!!

(Also, sorry for the fact this is another music related post so soon after the last, comment below posts you’d like to see if you want!)

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