Sixth Sense?

Something really, for want of a better word, strange is happening right now. I don’t know why or how but for some reason a few minutes ago I just felt like something bad had happened to someone. That someone, to be precise, I felt was one of my friends and I could pin point exactly which friend it was. This, of course, has mildly happened before but only when I’m messaging someone or with them, then it’s easy me to tell if something bad, or good, has happened. But no, my friend and I are a couple miles apart and whilst sat on my bed reading a book I guess I just knew.

Naturally, I decided to message her literally just asking if she’s okay because my ‘weird sixth sense seems to think something’s bad had happened’. And I kid you not, she then replied saying something bad had happened. What.

Something bad has happened to her, I won’t go into details as they’re pretty irrelevant, but I honestly have no idea how I knew. I wasn’t talking to anyone at the time but I just suddenly had a feeling wash over me that was strong enough to make me put down my book, something I don’t often do, to message and check up on her. Then to find out that everything I thought was actually true? Well, it’s cool but also pretty scary.

Coincidence? Probably. Sixth sense? Maybe. Let’s be real, no one will have any idea. Hey, maybe I’m finally gonna get my Hogwarts letter (teheh, just kidding, I’ve obviously already got it)

Have you had a weird ‘sixth sense’ experience? Let me know in the comments!

{809} My LifeOnline {10/03/17}


6 thoughts on “Sixth Sense?

  1. Oh, this has SO happened to me before. Fun fact, I used to be Pagan (i got bored and it was too much work) and a series of coincidences happened to me that were too freaky to be, well, a coincidence! I did some intense researching and thought I was clairvoyant and had some weak psychic powers, but things have died down and I do have like 2 occasional coincidences in a row.

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      1. It’s never been so intense as yours, but I’ve had a couple where I’ve felt this awful dread and then found out that one of my friends was upset, or going through a rough time. It’s so weird!

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