Sleep Deprived Thoughts

Just a quick note before I start: I set up a new feature on my blog showcasing recent commenters! That’s basically a shout out for those of you who take the time to comment, a small way of me giving back! That said, make sure to comment! Now onto the post:

Woah, who’d have thought I would do a thoughts post? It’s been so long (I think)! No long intro today, let’s get straight into it:

I could sleep but like, ugh, that means I gotta get out of bed so that I can get back into bed….that made no sense. What I mean is I’d have to get up, get on my pyjamas, take off my makeup, etc…actually, never mind, I took off my makeup earlier. Still, I’d have to get up and ew, no thank you, bye.

I’m up, I’m up, I’m up, I’m up, I’m sat back down, whoops?

Accio duvet! Wait, why is my duvet even on the floor? Oh right, I kicked it off me to motivate myself to get up…

I’m hungry

Do you think anyone would notice if I went and got food right now?

I don’t want to wake anyone up…still, food

Okay, update, I have food. I went to go get some crisps and came back with two oranges because it’s healthier. Why two? Well, I wanted to juggle and it would be rude to steal a third.

Well, I just wasted a load of time meticulously peeling the oranges only to eat the inside part (what’s that even called, segments?) in like a minute.

Update 2.0: No idea why I keep saying oranges, pretty sure I just ate two tangerines?

I think the bulb just blew in my lamp…yay. Oh well, I’ll unplug the lamp and sort it in the morning. (EDIT: It’s been like two weeks since I wrote this and, guess what, the bulb still isn’t replaced…actually, the only reason I realised it wasn’t was through editing this post)

It’s so dark and I thought I lost my phone so I used my phone torch to try and find my phone and do you see my problem?

Also, needed to find my glasses so obviously I needed to use my glasses to find my glasses and do you see my problem once again?

Just a random thought here (EDIT: Aren’t they all random thoughts?) Ed Sheeran is awesome

Ed Sheeran’s new album and new songs are amazing. And his old songs are amazing. And he is amazing. Just Ed Sheeran. Wow. (EDIT: Tehe, I’m even listening to him as I edit this!)

I have many more sleep deprived moments and hence there are many more thoughts I could share, keep an eye out, this could even become its own mini-series if you like it enough!

{823} My LifeOnline {13/03/17}


28 thoughts on “Sleep Deprived Thoughts

  1. Woah… I was sleep deprived the night before (not that awe worthy tho lol) but I fell asleep at like 2-3 am PST (not to mention I have to get ready for school at 6 so that’s like 3-4 hrs of sleep?) and had several nightmares. Did you know people who stay up late are more likely to get more nightmares? I guess I got the short end of the stick!

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    1. Ahah thank you, awe worthy sleep deprivation sounds cool! And woah, that sounds impossible to survive on so little sleep omg
      Also, I didn’t know that! Learn something new every day I guess!!


  2. It’s so ironic that I’m reading this at 3:00AM. Lol. I really liked reading about your thoughts, though. I do this freewriting sometimes too. It’s quite interesting to see how the mind switches from one thing to another. I chuckled at the phone torch and glasses part.

    And yes, Ed Sheeran is great! ❀

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