Internal Crisis

Guys, what, it’s March! Already!? We’re a quarter through the year! Wait, no, we can’t be? I literally just dropped my phone at that idea, a quarter through the year? That’s not possible. Oh god, have I just accidentally triggered an internal crisis? Probably. Oh well, it’s not a quarter through the year until the end of this month.

Well, as it’s March I thought I’d just have a little ramble to update you guys on whatever. Actually, I’ve no idea what I’m writing, it’s midnight and I’m – oops, can’t tell you what I’m doing, it’s a surprise!

Talking of this exciting thing, I was going to post the stuff about it on the 1st of April…then I realised no one would actually take me seriously so I’ve had to resort to a different day.

•Ugh, why do I always write my posts at night? It makes editing the next day so much harder! [EDIT: I think I wrote that thought in the wrong draft but oh well, I’m leaving it in]

Okay, I have a favour to ask you guys. I’m seriously lacking post ideas right now so if you guys could comment some below it would be much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!

{839} My LifeOnline {18/03/17}


16 thoughts on “Internal Crisis

  1. OH DEAR I WILL HAVE AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS!!! AHHH!! Ooh and post ideas – whad you like about the different seasons? What’s the most awkward thing that’s ever happened to you?

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