London Attacks

Our world is messed up. I sit here writing this with tears streaming down my face, barely able to see what I’m writing. These attacks, these heartless acts of violence, are terrifying. Currently, the U.K. terror threat is on severe, the second highest it can be. Meaning another attack is “highly likely”

Today, the 22nd of March 2017, is exactly one year after the attacks in Brussels. Today, a brutal attack occurred in London, affecting thousands. I’m not going to go into detail of everything that happened, you probably already know. If not? All you have to search is ‘London attack’ and it’s everywhere.

It breaks my heart, it truly does. I’m scared for our future.

Yet time doesn’t pause. We’re still expected to live our lives normally even whilst things like this are going on. It’s not just those injured who are affected – everyone is in some way. Young children on school trips were amidst the drama, students have been run over, so many innocent people have been injured or killed. Millions have witnessed these events from behind a screen – not able to help, we feel useless. Sending our love through a status update or even something like this blog post just isn’t enough. We do it anyway because we need some way of portraying how we feel.

Tears still stream down people’s faces.  

Our world is still messed up.

{847} My LifeOnline {23/03/17}


10 thoughts on “London Attacks

  1. I’m scared – terrified – but we won’t give up. This won’t rule us. We’re strong and we’re people and no matter how many lives are lost, people can still love and survive. Terrorism does NOT win: we do.

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