The End…

Well, this is it. My very last post…

….of the month (I’m sorry,I used clickbait…again lol)

Daily blogging is awesome, there’s no denying it. Throughout this month, I’ve successfully managed to daily blog, something I never thought would happen! 
Sadly, this post marks the end of my daily blogging experience – As much as I’d love to continue it, my god it was stressful.

This is random, but I’m curious, so can you all comment below your favourite blog(s)! I want to know who you guys look forward to reading the most!

I am in complete awe of those of you who daily blog. Sure, I managed 30 days in a row, but only because I dedicated a weekend to prewriting 20 of the posts and then writing the last 10 as I went along. Some posts were written as far in advance as two months before the upload, others, like this one, were written the day before. 

Surprisingly, I haven’t emptied my drafts. I continued writing as much as I normally would so I have around 20 unfinished posts stored. Hopefully, that means I’ll actually post regularly, but with exams coming up…ugh, let’s not think about that.

Seriously though, how do some of you manage to post daily?? Maybe I can understand how if say it’s your full time job but to those of you who juggle school or work with it…how?

Okay I’ve no idea what this post even is lol but thanks for reading it if you got this far! Remember to comment below your favourite blogs!

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Top 10 Beach Essentials!

If there’s one thing I hate to do on holiday more than anything else, it’s forgetting to bring something with me! What with the stress of last minute packing (which is often experienced by procrastinators like me), the rush to the airport and the awful feeling of ‘I feel like I’m missing something‘, sometimes, forgetting something is inevitable! So today, inspired by, in an attempt to help stop the dreaded moment of realisation from ever occurring again, I thought I’d share with you my top essentials for the beach! 

Before we start, what are your must-haves for any beach trip? Make sure to comment below! Here are mine:

1. Sunglasses:

 You have no idea how many times I’ve stepped onto the golden sand of a foreign beach only to feel my heart drop as I picture my sunglasses, still sat in my suitcase. Sunglasses are a must for the beach, especially when it comes to seeing the pages of a book. Talking of books, that brings me onto my next essential!

2. Reading Material:

Can you picture anything better than relaxing in the warm shade or soaking up the sun, listening to the sound of the birds call and the waves crash, all whilst reading a good book? Reading is a brilliant way to relax and keep yourself occupied!

3. Sun cream:

I cannot preach to you enough about the importance of wearing suncream! Not only is the sun extremely harmful to your skin in the long run, sunburn isn’t fun either: It looks bad, makes your skin peel, and is extremely painful, all the more reason to prevent it and wear suncream! I also recommend a lip balm with SPF to save your lips too!

4. A travel guide:

Now, don’t get me wrong, sitting on the beach is the most relaxing thing ever, but sometimes you just feel the urge to explore! I’d love to travel to America, Florida in particular! If any of you are looking to travel, vacation homes are the perfect option! These gorgeous homes are sat directly by some amazing beaches – honestly, just looking at them makes me want to explore!

5. A hat:

 Along with suncream, this too can protect you from the harsh rays of the sun, but alongside that, hats look so cute and summery, especially on the beach! I tend to bring two hats with me, a big floppy hat for photos and walking around, and a cute cap for when I’m in the sea or want to keep my hair out of my face.

6. Headphones or a Bluetooth speaker:

I cannot hit the beach without some way to listen to music! Depending who I’m heading to the beach with, I tend to alter between headphones, for when I’d rather relax, and a speaker, for when I want to dance and sing along to the music. Actually, I might as well just take both!

7. A towel:

Woah, way to point out the obvious, huh? Even if if it the most obvious thing to bring, I have most definitely forgot to bring one with me when going to the beach! Towels are necessary for two obvious reasons: sunbathing and drying off!

8. Phone:

While you may not use your phone much on the beach, it’s definitely one of my essentials! From taking pictures and reading eBooks to listening to music and sharing memories, I always make sure to put my phone in my beach bag! To keep it safe, I tend to bring it in a sealed plastic pocket, that way it’s protected from sand and water!

9.Flip Flops:

Flip flops are the perfect shoes for quickly sliding on if you need to go somewhere when you’re at the beach. Though walking across the sand in them can be extremely difficult, they save your feet from burning on the hot ground so what’s more to love!

10. The Bag:

Last but not least, the bag. You know the one I’m talking about, the big, beach bag ready to be filled with all of your essentials! This, of course, is needed to transport everything too and from the beach, and to keep it organised!

Well, there we have it, my top 10 beach essentials! Remember to comment below your must-have items!

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Accidentally Revealing My Name!?

And here it is, part two of the Q&A! Thank you all so much for your questions! If you’re looking for part one, you can find that here

Well, without further ado, here’s my answers to your questions:

bexoxo – What’s the best compliment you have ever received? This is the first compliment that stood out to me, so it may not be the best, but I started singing at a sleepover once (I don’t sing in front of people often so it was a rare thing) and someone said my voice sounded just like dodie Clark’s. Then everyone else started gushing about my voice and I honestly could of cried, they were all so nice.

All The Jazz – If you had the chance to save 5 things in a fire, what would they be?  (I’m going to assume that family and pets are already saved because obviously they would be top priority)

•My Harddrive (it has a crazy amount on it, including sentimental pictures)

•Money (or purse?)

•Something sentimental

•My phone

•Myself lol

Elm – What’s your favourite language and why? English, because I’m fluent lol. Not including English, I’d say German because I can speak some of that too. Not including languages I can speak properly, probably Italian because its beautiful and I can insult people fluently in it.

Elm -If you could only eat one food for rest of your life, what would it be? Pizza.

mariesbookboutique – What’s your favourite country you have traveled to?  
Hands down has to be Australia!

Regina5000 – Spring or autumn? 
Noooo, don’t make me choose! Both lol

Regina5000 – What’s the most useful gadget you have? My phone lol

Regina5000 – For how long have you been blogging? I only started ‘properly’ posting this year but I’ve had this blog since August. Before that, my first ever blog was started on the first of January (oh, how painfully clichè), 2016 – don’t try and look for it, I deleted it lol

Regina5000 – If you could be another person on Sundays, who would you chose to be? Emma Watson!

LLbeauty – Advice you’d give yourself for this time last year?  
Please, don’t straighten your hair everyday for months on end. I assure you, you regret it and have to pay to get your damage fixed.

Shania – How do you juggle blogging with school life/work life? 
With difficulty. I tend to *try* and prioritise homework, writing posts only when I can. If I’m able too, I’ll do all my work on one night and dedicate the next night to blogging.

emilysboredom – What is the process of making the photos for your posts with the titles? 
Do you guys want a detailed post on this? Because I get asked about it a lot. I use my own photos and the software Canva to add the text.

lonelymeme – If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Noooo, that’s an impossible question. Probably ‘a love song/ a non love song’ by dodie Clark and Jon Cozart because that’s two songs in one!

anon – What’s your religion? I don’t have one

anon – Are you comfortable enough to say your name? And if so, what is it? For the sake of staying anonymous, I won’t say my name, sorry! That said, I did accidentally reveal my name to a fellow blogger once over email which was a fail on my part

Grace Blaki – If you could have any super power what would it be? 
Ooh, I’d love to be able to perform magic. Or be the smartest person in the world. Can I just be Hermione Granger yet?

Grace Blaki – What’s your favourite tradition? Opening stockings at Christmas!

Wormalblog – What was your favorite year of your life?
Personally, probably this year (ignoring all the bad things in the world ahah). That or Summer 2015!

Wormalblog – Least favorite?
2014 lol

Wormalblog – Cat or dog person?
 Definitely dog.

Wormalblog – What was your first date like?
Awful! He organised it then made me pay (I wasn’t expecting him to pay for us but it’s the fact he didn’t give me a choice and I had to pay for us both even though I barely had enough money with me) then he cut the date short and dragged me Halloween shopping even though he knows I hate Halloween!

Ultimate Conflicts – One thing you’d want if you are stranded on a deserted island
? A boat so I can get back home lol

Ultimate Conflicts – Also, how cliche was that last question? Very, very cliche

Feel free to comment more questions below! And check out all the blogs I linked!

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The most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done?

Thank you all so much for your questions! I received so many that I’ve decided to split this post into two parts! The next part should be going up tomorrow and I will link it as soon as it’s up! Feel free to leave more questions in the comments for me to answer! Also, I’ve linked all the blogs who commented (and will link any more commenters) so make sure to check them out! Here we go!:

thegreyeye – According to you, who are you? Well, I’m human and – Pahah, I know that’s not what you meant – I don’t know, I’m just me? 

Tabi Bee – Would you ever swap blogging for YouTube?Hmmm, probably not – I love video editing and all so maybe if I travel I’d put together something but I love blogging and I wouldn’t want to replace it with YouTube.

Tabi Bee – What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done? My whole life lol – In all seriousness, I can’t actually think of anything that particularly stands out as the most embarrassing?

Tabi Bee – What’s your favourite piece of clothing? Sweatshirts (or whatever you want to call them). Ooh, or skinny jeans. Or pyjamas.

CC&C – The bravest/boldest thing you have ever done? I have no idea, I used to be a really shy person but I got so annoyed at it that even when things terrify me, I use that Gryffindor courage and do them anyway – I went swimming with sharks once, but I find things like giving presentations more daunting

CC&C – Weirdest food combination you love? Do waffles and honey count as weird? Because that’s a very delicious combination.

penandfreethought – Why did you start blogging? I wanted a place to write down my thoughts and I love web design so one day I just thought why not, and created this!

NNN – What’s your current favourite song? Noooo, don’t make me choose! Can’t I just say all Ed Sheeran and all 5SOS and all dodie songs? Okay, probably ‘Eraser’ by Ed Sheeran and ‘Independence Day’ by 5SOS and ‘6/10’ by dodie Clark (Sorry, I know that’s three). I’m also really loving ‘Nothing without you’ by Emma Blackery (oops, that’s four) and – wait, I better stop now lol, I have a whole post of amazing songs but my taste has changed since then so I might do another?

| ash | – If you could turn into one food item, what do you think you would become? Pizza.

| ash | – If you were granted one wish by a fairy, what would you ask for? Unlimited pizza. Actually, I’d probably ask for world peace lol

| ash | – Do you wish to see a change in the world? If yes, what would it be? Yes! Can we remove terrorism?

| ash | – What one thing do you wish never existed? Terrorism. Or almonds, those are gross.

| ash | – If you could give one piece of advice to humans all over the world, what would it be? Oh god, umm, stop fighting and enjoy life?

| ash | – What among the following would you rather be- pigeon, goose, bull or frog? Probably a goose lol because then I can honk at people. And fly, flying would be cool.

Phoebe Chi (Puppy Doc) – What have you learned about yourself through blogging?
  I’ve just come back to this post and realised I never answered this. Honestly, I have no idea! It’s been playing on my mind for ages but I just don’t know – I guess I’ve learnt that I like to write more than I thought I did and if I set my mind to something, I can do it

Phoebe Chi (Puppy Doc) – What advice would you give to new bloggers just starting out? 
Don’t compare yourself to everyone else! Everyone has a different blogging journey and gains a following at a different rate – comparing yourself to them will only make you disheartened!

crystalamayy – How are you? 
Very tired (it’s late at night as I write this lol), but I’m good, thank you for asking! How are you?

Part One is complete! Stay tuned for part two and feel free to leave more questions below for a possible part three! 

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Just a little note at the start: because you guys who comment are so awesome, I’ve added a feature to my blog which basically ‘shouts out’ the recent commenters on my front page – just thought I’d let you know!

If you read enough of my posts, or even just two, you’ll probably notice that more often than not I ask you guys at least one question per post for you to reply to in the comments. Now, you may assume I’m doing this to make my stats look good but I’m not. I genuinely just love comments and simply reading them always brings a smile to my face!

I’m lucky in the fact that you guys are so awesome and leave comments all the time! Seriously, how did I get such amazing followers!?

I’m forever grateful for every one of you who takes time out of there day to type comments. No matter how big or small it is, I still love them and make an effort to reply to every single one.

Comments, for me, are the best part of blogging. Sure, getting follows, likes and visitors are cool too but, I mean, they can’t really compete with the comments! 

I don’t really know what this post is so I’ll just use it as a dedicated thank you to every one of you who has commented!

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Wooooo, yay for shopping! Because I’m ‘such a pro-blogger‘, I wrote down some thoughts from while I was shopping and thought I’d share them!

[Just a lil note, I’m only going shopping because I have a load of vouchers to spend and I’ve been saving them for today lol – look out for a haul soon!]

Why is it whenever I find something nice it’s never in my size?

Either that or it’s a ridiculous price…

Do you guys like shopping? Let me know in the comments!

These band tee-shirts are really nice but I don’t listen to the band so I can’t really buy them

Walk away from the homeware…walk away.

I came shopping for clothes and makeup, I can’t let myself spend all my money on homeware!

I love these sunglasses but can I justify buying them when I have another pair that are exactly the same, just with gold frames rather than copper?

I’m right, I can’t justify it…bye sunglasses

Does that mean I’m overcoming my copper addiction?

Who am I kidding, of course it doesn’t!

Why. So. Many. People. In. The. Way.

I feel like I’ve forgotten something?

Where the hell is my handbag!?

Never mind, it was in one of my many shopping bags lol

Are you guys looking forward to the haul which I don’t doubt is coming up soon?

Me: Ooh, I really like this top!

*Looks at pricetag*

Me: Haha, joking, look how disgusting it is, I totally do not want it bye

Guess whose in the same shop for the second time because they found another voucher for the shop in their bag and want to go back and buy the stuff they were going to earlier? That was oddly specific so uh, me, of course

I’m loving this 3 for 2 offer going on right now, it’s an excuse to buy more things!

You guys need to be proud of me, I didn’t let myself get any homeware!
I also managed to get everything on my list except for sunglasses (but that’s only because I’m looking for basically the exact pair I just had ((which broke)) and I loved them so much I won’t settle for anything not almost identical)

Why is my bag so heavy?

Oh right, lots of stuff has been brought.

That said, I only spent vouchers and parted with no cash at all!

Remember to comment below if you like shopping lol

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*Mind Blown*

I thought coincidences were just a thing that everyone was just cool with until one of my friends blew my mind the other day and said she didn’t believe in them. She then explained that she believes everything happens for a reason and so what I know as coincidences aren’t coincidental at all. Confused? Me too. Her explanation was a lot better than mine though.

Dogs, stars and puns are three of my favourite things. Random, I know, but also a really strange coincidence. How so? Well, Sirius the Dog Star can be a pun (Siriusly, it can), it’s the star dedicated to dogs (actually the dog days I think but that’s irrelevant) and, of course, it’s a star. It’s also Harry Potter related so that makes it even better!
 I could totally get behind the ‘everything happens for a reason’ theory if it wasn’t for the fact that sometimes I would much rather ignore something than dwell on the reason it happened. I also believe that, though many things do happen for a reason, coincidences are still a thing as sometimes something will happen and have no ulterior reason or motive. 

An example of this is what I was talking about at the start of the post. So three of my favourite things are all linked? Is there really a big reason behind that or is it merely a coincidence? In all honestly, I believe it’s the latter.

What’s your view on coincidences? Do you support the ‘everything happens for a reason’ theory or that it’s all coincidences? Maybe you’re like me and you think it’s a bit of both? Whatever your opinion, comment below!

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