Exciting News!

Oh god, here we go. I’m aiming to post once every day for the entirety of April. That’s 30 posts in a row. What have I set myself up for?

Daily April Blogging, aka D.A.B. 

Just kidding, I’m not naming this series, however, if I did I would totally call it D.A.B.

If you remember back to last year, I attempted to do blogmass under the idea that it would be a post every two days up until Christmas. Yes, I was almost successful but afterwards I wished I could have been able to post every day.

So here you go, the exiting news I’ve been hinting at for a while! So make sure to check out my blog at 6pm EVERY DAY for a new post!!

What posts do you guys want to see? I’m sure I have a few left to pre-write as this goes up so be sure to comment!! Also feel free to reblog this post ๐Ÿ™‚

{857} My LifeOnline {02/04/17}


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