Guess who makes puns? Me, obviously, and from what I can tell from the comments of my last pun post, many of you guys too! In honour of puns, I thought I’d share some more with you! I’m going to be sharing puns on Mondays from pun filled conversations I’ve had recently! Of course, I had to make that into a pun so from now on, it’s Monday Punday! Anyways, here are some puns:

Shoe Puns:

Them: My feet ache, it hurts my sole

Me: I can heel you, don’t dye making puns. Shall we converse in shoe puns?

Them: I can’t think of any, it’s a huge feet.

Me: Why knot just shoe the puns away

Me: Whatever was you breakfast laced with, I wonder?

Them: I didn’t have any

Me: Shhh, it was a sneak(ers)y pun.

Them: Definitely a streach

Me: A streach? Someone needs to train(er) you in English

Science Puns:

Them: I would tell you a science joke but I wouldn’t get a reaction

Me: I make science puns but only periodically. 

Me: Did that pun get lost on you? You’ve got to keep an ion them.

Me: Sorry to hear about your sulfering but then again, I planet.

Me: These are sodium funny

Me: You made your pun before it mattered I guess. 

{860} My LifeOnline {03/04/17}


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