Random Thoughts

Three posts completely finished, twenty something to go. Actually, that’s a point, I should probably double check how many days are in April so I actually know how many posts I need to write! [EDIT: I was tired when I wrote this, don’t judge]

Eek, this is a daunting process. As I (pre)write this post, I have exactly two weeks to write thirty posts. How I’m going to do that I have no idea.

Actually, I don’t have to have them all prewritten. I could say do the first ten or so and then keep writing every day so that I end up with thirty over a longer space of time. That said, I’d much rather write at least twenty of them in March to get them edited and make the thumbnails so as to not fail my goal of posting daily.

Oh god, what have I set myself up for! Yes, I have lots of random drafts but they’re often not much use because I’ve moved on from that idea of don’t have the inspiration to write it anymore.

That right there is why I need to stop half wrong posts. Half written posts usually end up trashed and I am fully aware of that – I have no idea why I still do it.

Of course, then there’s editing which takes ages. Many of my posts are written in the rush of an idea or late at night so there are many mistakes which I attempt to eliminate (though I always miss a couple accidentally).

Thumbnails! Yet another time consuming part of a post! Because I’m trying to keep my blog nicely presented, every one of my posts has a thumbnail each using the same style and filter. This is time consuming to say the very least.

I’ve completely finished seven of the thirty posts but I’ve just remembered I also need to get more posts up this month…oops? 
Looks like I’m going to be writing even more than I thought.

Posting in March was probably scarce huh? I don’t know yet seeing as it’s still March as I write this.

Woah, that’s creepy, it’s like my time travel conspiracy theory all over again (read my ‘Thoughts On An Airplane’ series to understand what exactly I’m referring to)

So. Tired.

Must. Write.

Oh sugar, I’m going out early tomorrow morning…oh well, I guess I’ll just have to pretend I’m not tired?

If I just tell myself when I wake up that I’m not tired, do you think I just, I don’t know, won’t be tired? I’ll try it and get back to you [EDIT: I forgot to do that but I wasn’t even tired when I woke up! In fact, I woke up before my alarm!]

*Skip to day two of writing*

Thirteen of thirty posts are done!

 I’m running out of ideas. I think I’ll be able to get to like seventeen before I completely run out.

I was wrong, I’ve written eighteen posts.

I also have two more half written posts but those two can’t actually go up for a while so they don’t count

*Skip to third day of writing*

Well, one of these posts just took me all day (hint, it’s baking related!) but I’m 20 posts down!

I also posted one of the many drafts I now have yesterday and I have 2 more posts that are very close to being done! Look at me being productive!

I’m probably going to end these thoughts here but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself! 20 fully finished posts in under 3 days? 
That’s an achievement!

How much do you guys write (whether blogging related or not)? Comment below!

{863} My LifeOnline {05/04/17}


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. That is seriously amazing! To be honest, I’s be lucky if I wrote more than three posts in one monthe…
    I’ll trying to be much more productive because WOW. 20 posts in 3 days is truly mind boggling to me right now. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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