I believe men and women should be equal, after all, we’re all human and god-damn it! Why is this still an issue? You guys, it’s the 21st century! There been way to much fighting, way to many people working their butts off for equality, for it not to exist yet! 
“Oh but it does,” I hear people say, “Men and women are complete and utterly equal.” Is that so? Well, does the gender pay gap ring any bells?

And no, not just women are affected by sexism – men are expected to be a certain way as well. Paying on the first date, being strong and carrying others bags -just some of the things expected from many men in our society….exactly the reason I don’t understand why more men aren’t fighting for equality!

There should be no gender roles or stereotypes because we’re all human. When will that message sink in!? We’re all human and underneath it all, no matter your race, religion, gender, preferences, anything, we’re all the same! So stop trying to change people, stop shoving your prejudice and expectations on individuals you’ve never even met, and start trying to fix the society we live in! After all, society and stereotypes are the only reason I’m even having this rant right now.

I support feminism because it’s campaigning to make women equal to men not to make them superior. The feminists I know and support are the ones who don’t want women to be higher ranking but instead for them to have equal rights to men!

I also support gay rights because if someone loves someone the same gender as them, what’s wrong with that! 

I support people who are transgender because if you aren’t comfortable with the gender you are, you have every right to change it. 

I support people who are bisexual, questioning, gender fluid, etc.

 I support people and I shouldn’t have to explain myself.

And yes, I’m straight myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t support gay rights. I support animal rights too and I’m a human.

What I don’t support, however, is people’s hate. I don’t support violence, terrorism, attacks, murders, rape, domestic violence, etc because what on earth gives you the right to take right from someone else.

Equality is something everyone should strive for. As I said earlier, we’re all human: man, woman, man and woman, it doesn’t matter. We’re all human so I believe we should start treating each other with more respect and care.

{8__} My LifeOnline {06/04/17}


35 thoughts on “Equality

  1. can we call you penny porter? tbh at one point, i (stupidly) thought you were zoella until you posted the “we broke up” thing.
    also, i’m glad you support equality, as everyone should. however, i think we are far, far away from this goal. not everyone has a good designated mindset.
    i think the main cause of these inequalities is definitely background. religion definitely plays a role. for example, the westboro baptist church, they are extremely against the LGBT community. i don’t mean to offend if you are christian or something, but the protestant translations of the ten commandments have ties to homophobia. so, disappointingly, equality isn’t something we can’t change with a wave of our hands 😦 but that’s just my rant of the day. i appreciate you not being narrow-minded.

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    1. Ahah, I’m compared to Penny so much it’s unreal! Wait, you thought I was Zoella? Haha I’m taking that as a compliment ❤
      And I totally agree, we are far away from achieving equality in many different aspects- I also agree that often religion does come into it (though not all the time)
      Thank you for the long comment!


  2. I think at home parents should teach the boys to be able to do household chores like doing the dishes and the girls to be able to do things like change a tire
    In that way as they grow older they’re not constricted to gender stereotypes
    And have a broader outlook

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  3. Equal is not the same as fair. To treat people ‘equally’ provides an injustice in itself. Treating people fairly, with consideration to individual needs and behaviours is what society should be striving for. Treating people fairly results in salaries that are fair and not equal – regardless of gender. The pay gap exists for a number of reasons. I think women contribute to the pay gap without realising it sometimes, in that they lack the confidence to ask for a raise when they deserve one. I wrote an article on this, I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts. https://lawyerlauren.com/2017/03/08/three-cheers-for-men-on-international-womens-day/

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    1. People should be treated fairly, yes, but all ‘innocent’ people (so people who say, aren’t criminals or terrorists etc) should all be treated equally fairly. Yes, pay would still be different for people but that should always be based on their work, not gender. I also believe that many women contribute to it through a lack of confidence and though it’s getting better and equality is growing, sometimes you see things which aren’t fair at all.

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      1. I think equal needs to be taken out of the equation. Members of society who do commit heinous crimes are treated fairly, in that they suffer a consequence for their actions. That is fair. People should not be treated ‘equally’ because that is unfair. The law does not treat people equally for that very reason. If you’re 18, you can legally drink and gamble. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot. That is not equal treatment for all members of society, but it’s not unfair because it’s a necessary protection. Do you see the difference? I agree with you, not all women are treated fairly in the workplace or in life, but I believe it’s about empowering and showing women how they can react to the situation they find themselves in, so they can get the results, pay and recognition they deserve. Unfair situations in life won’t go away, it’s how we manage them that makes the difference.

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        1. Of course people should be treated fairly in consequence if how they have acted. Obviously depending on your age you will be treated differently and that’s also fair. What I’m trying to say is that say you had a man and a woman, same age and no criminal record, both at the same job. Should one be paid more than the other if they’re both putting the same amount of effort into their job? I don’t think so.

          Still, I totally agree with you


  4. Just – you are everything I aspire to be. Your views are the same as mine because I believe in equality. I WANT equality, for everyone and every person regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or anything like that. Thank you for taking the words I wanted to say and creating something so powerful. I am a Feminist because I support equality – not misandry, not people being above each other.

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    1. Awhhh, i’m touched, thank you so so much! Equality is something I feel passionately about as I can tell you do to, it’s something people need to talk about and to strive to achieve ❤
      Also, in regards to Feminism I totally agree, it's supporting equality, not making any gender more powerful!

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