How To Be Basic

Isn’t everyone ‘basic’ in some sense? I mean, there’s usually thousands of people who enjoy something so I guess almost everything is classed as ‘basic’ these days! Feel free to comment below any of these you relate too! Well, here’s a random list of some things I’ve done which many other people do also:

•Wear leggings

•Wear skinny jeans

•Wear sweaters

•Breath (Sorry, I had to – everyone does it. God, how basic of you for even daring to breath. Smh, such a trend follower)

•Eat avacado (or guacamole because it is AMAZING!)

•Pizza. No explanation needed.

•Go to the gym (or do something fitness related)

•Order drinks at Starbucks

•Own ugg boots (or fake ugg boots because they’re just as good and a lot cheaper)

•Inspirational quotes. If you know, you know.

•Astrology: This doesn’t have to mean the zodiac horoscopes nonsense, it can just be to do with constellations and whatever. I can personally identify many constellations and name many stars just because I really like space.


•Have a cute little tattoo (temporary or not)

•Use words like literally or ugh – or just abbreviate words

•Pumpkin spice anything but only in autumn

•Obsessed with pastel, copper and marble, fairy lights, etc

•You show these obsessions through home decor (aka my entire room is filled with copper, marble and fairy lights)

•Have and wear chokers

•Have and wear rings (bonus if you also wear midi-rings)

•Watching reality TV and soap operas

•Obsessed with a series

•Have and use Spotify

•Obsessed with Ed Sheeran.

•Obsessed with a band (for me it’s 5SOS)

•Call yourself a mermaid

•Love frozen yogurt (ahhh, my obsession that I can barely have because no where sells it near me)

•Obsessed with Harry Potter

•Use mason jars

•Watch sunsets, love the beach, etc

•Own an iPhone

Even though there are so many more ‘basic’ things, I’m going to leave it there! Which of these things have you done? Comment below!

{891} My LifeOnline {09/04/17}


45 thoughts on “How To Be Basic

  1. Breathing: Check. Leggings: Check. Starbucks: Check.

    Watch sunsets, love the beach, pumpkin spice, ugh (oh, yeah), pizza and sweaters. Check-itude.

    More basics: Netflix, cardinals, AUTUMN, vanilla chai, road trips, college basketball, my Kindle, blues music, crochet, photography, gravel travel, museums, enjoying my less-than-one-month-old retirement and privately shared jokes with my husband.

    Oh. And discovering funky new blogs…. 🙂

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  2. Breathing? No… how dare you…

    Here are some more:
    Shop at Brandy Melville, American Eagle Outfitters, Lululemon
    Own a Swell Waterbottle
    Are Instagram-obsessed (“The lighting is really great here. Can you take this one for me? No, not like that. Use portrait, not square. Make sure to get my good angle.”)

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