It’s Monday Punday so here’s some puns:

Cheese Puns:

Them: That’s grate, I love cheese

Me: Grate? I can’t brielieve you made a pun

Me: This is Gouda, these puns are just going to get cheddar and cheddar. 

Me: Don’t like them? Guess it’s nacho lucky day

Me: Yes, I will be forever provolone if I continue like this.

Them: Omg these are so good

Me: Unbrielievable, someone actually liked a pun. Only natural, they are so Edam clever (that was cheesy, I know)

Pancake Puns:

Me: Puncake day just créped on by

Them: It was a flipping good day but who gives a toss

Egg Puns:

Them: Only yoking

Me: Oh God, not egg puns, they don’t crack me up

Me: Egg puns scramble my brain

Them: Don’t milk it

Me: How eggquisite, not eggstravagant or eggaggerated at all

Them: Don’t eggsicute me

Me: I’ll leave and listen to some egg Sheeran

Them: How eggdgy 

Me: Eggstremely eggstatic to be making eggceptional and eggraordinary eggstravagant egg puns.

Me: They’re all very eggsplosive and eggciting

Me: I’m eggzausted

Me: Don’t fry and poach and of my yokes.

Me: That’s my last whisky pun

{905} My LifeOnline {10/04/17}


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