Random Thoughts In A Car

Ugh, I’m bored. And hungry. More bored though.

I woke up this morning with an urgent thought on my mind…the word ‘trashmental’. [EDIT: I’ve commented the meaning of the word in case you wondered haha] Cue me later on looking through my phone notes and spotting that word again this time with a definition. Sorry, what? Apparently sleep deprived me created a whole new word and gave it a definition?? Why am I not that awesome all the time (I’m joking haha)

Music saves the day. Or more, saves me from my current boredom because I am about to go spend a day at a dog rescue shelter so that’s certainly not boring.

H u n g r y.

Oh wait, past me actually remembered to pack some food!

Ooh, are we here? I think we’re here.

I hope we are, I have 1 minute until I’m meant to be there.

[EDIT: Spoiler alert – We weren’t there.]

Me navigating directions is something no one wants to experience.

Cue me asking random strangers if they know which way I’m meant to go.

Damn, the dude I asked didn’t know and the sat nav is useless.

Okay, I just had to phone the place I’m going to to ask for directions, how embarrassing.

I’m just here with my popcorn watching how this plays out

I think we’re going the right way?

Whoooo we found it!!!

Pfffttt, we’re not late….it’s only what, ten minutes after I was supposed to be here?

Huh, I should probably get out the car and stop blogging! Are you guys good at giving directions? Comment below!!

{942} My LifeOnline {14/04/17}


18 thoughts on “Random Thoughts In A Car

    1. I was actually going to do work experience! And this is the note I found in my phone:

      When you’re trash but also judge
      other people for being trash in different aspects (see ‘trash’ and ‘judgemental’)

      Also has an alternative meaning of being a crazy piece of trash (see ‘trash’ and ‘mental’)

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  1. I have an amazing sense of direction. During my Fella and my’s trip to England a month ago, we lost our car in York, or so we thought… I was miraculously able to lead us back to the car without a single wrong turn. 🙂

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