I’m very new to the world of wearing highlighter but omg, how did I live without it? Seriously, it’s my new favourite thing ever! When I wear it I feel like a shimmery sparkling mermaid unicorn Tumblr person and I love it!! As I write this, I’m sat outside drinking out of my copper mason jar as the sun begins to set, all with perfectly shimmering cheekbones reflecting off the beams of light shooting through the trees.

I honestly think it’s become my new favourite makeup item and is quickly becoming a key part of my minimal daily makeup routine. It’s got to the point I think if I could only wear one makeup item for the rest of my life it could easily be highlighter.


In all honesty, I’m very tempted to buy a rainbow highlighter, obviously just for fun and for photos. I also think I’m going to end up with a vast highlighter collection and in all honestly, I want it to happen!
Do you wear highlighter? Have you ever tried it? Tell me your stories down below!! (Comments are the best, let’s be real!)

{947}  My LifeOnline {15/04/17}


36 thoughts on “Highlighter

  1. I love highlighters, I love the sleek highlighter palette, I have a review on my page if you would like to see a picture of how it looks on. My highlighter collection is growing to quickly haha. Could you please take a look at my page?❤

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