Why I Loaf Bread

Whooo, it’s Monday Punday, here’s some puns:

Bread Puns:

Them: I challenge you to make puns on something you hate (aka bread)

Them: I’m not bready for this

Me: Great pun masters aren’t just made, they’re bread.  You see, i’m on a roll, I don’t even knead to think. I loaf bread puns, are these getting stale?

Them: Those are some hot cross puns

Me: I’m bread, puns kill me

Me: I just loaf bread puns dough much. At yeast they’re pretty good?

Them: They’re amazing, like HOW

Me: I butter keep making them then. 

Me: You’re a weirdough though

Me: I doughnut stop making puns

Me: What are we even doughing?

Me: Are these puns allryete?

Them: Omg

Me: Are they getting crumby?

Me: Or do you just have naan

Them: Pretty seedy

Me: I baguette how I started making puns

Them: Don’t ignore my pun or I’ll get salty

Me: That’s the yeast of your problems

Me: I knead puns okay

Them: I’m dead

Me: Don’t you mean bread?

Me: God, you’re getting crusty

{954} My LifeOnline {17/04/17}


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