Coachella (RANT)

This year I finally did it, I went to Coachella!….in my dreams.

Ugh, as I write this we’re in the middle of a Coachella related social media frenzy and I’m jealous beyond belief.
 If I see one more #Coachella photo on my Instagram I could scream

Have you guys ever been to Coachella? Or even America? Let me know in the comments!

That said, every single photo on my Instagram feed is of Coachella and I still ‘like’ them so I guess I’m not as bitter as I seem?

Why can’t I just finally embrace the mermaid I truly am? Let me live as the most Tumblr being possible, just for a weekend?

Oh wait, but I’m like, umm, a lot of miles away. I’ve no idea how many actually, let me just google it.

5,000+ miles. Wow.

Ughhh, why so far omg let me go to Coachella please please please thank you please

You know what, who needs Coachella anyway? 

Pffft, I’m much happier right here than I would be at Coachella

I mean, the crowds there are huge and who can deal with that?

Plus I doubt half the people can even see the stage when they’re watching a show.

Right, before I get into a huge ramble about why I’m better here than at Coachella, I’m going to go hahah. Comment below if you’ve ever been, or know someone whose been, to Coachella!

{9__} My LifeOnline {19/04/17}


15 thoughts on “Coachella (RANT)

  1. I enjoy going to music gigs but have never felt the appeal of attending a festival. Too much money and I’m tiny so I defiantly wont see the stage. Plus nowadays it’s all filmed so you can watch in the comfort of your own home. I’m in the UK so can’t get to Coachella easily but there was a live stream (and I was planning to watch lady gaga but was too lazy and heavily regretting now as I thought they would upload the performance afterwards but they haven’t yet! Damn my lazy ass!)

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    1. I totally agree, I love going to concerts but I’ve never actually been to a festival! And with the not seeing the stage thing, I totally relate lol
      I was planning on watching the live stream but I forgot, oops!


  2. As someone who lives in California, people talk about Coachella all the fucking time. I’ve never been but I’m already sick of it from everyone throwing around the fact they’re going to Coachella lol I don’t plan on ever going to Coachella but hey never say never right?

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    1. God, I live over 5,000 miles away and people still talk about it! That said, I’ve never known someone personally to go, just because it’s too far – I also don’t plan to go myself but who knows lol


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