How To Be Tumblr

A lot of you guys really loved my post ‘How To Be Basic’ (you can find that here) so I thought I’d do another!

[Disclaimer: I apologise about the amount of links to my other posts lol – *shameless self promo*]

Okay, here it is, ‘how to be Tumblr’:

1.Develop your own style: Creating your own style, catchphrases and personality, etc  [EDIT: Tehe look at me and my ‘be yourself’ positivity] Also creating your own jokes, etc: Personally, I like making puns (as you can probably tell if you readalltheseposts.)


2.  Go to a concert, festival or some sort of music show: Well, I guess that one speaks for  itself ~ Festivals like coachella are extremely Tumblr, not that I’ve ever been to it…. [EDIT – Yes I’m bitter, and I have a whole post about it, you can check out here]


3. Take lots of cute pictures or model for photos


4. Edit these photos in lots of different fancy ways. [EDIT: I love editing my portrait photos into a galaxy style so you know, anything is possible]


5. Highlighter. No, I’m not talking about the brightly coloured pens (though using them in notepads is pretty Tumblr), instead I’m talking about the glowy makeup product – I actually have a post all about highlighter here! Teheh, look at me channelling my inner mermaid.


6.Be relatable: Well, that’s not exactly hard as everything you think or do, you relate to meaning many more likely do as well (Oops, another relevant post right here)

7. Eat pizza: Actually, this one probably isn’t even that Tumblr I just really like pizza. It’s an addiction but who cares, there are worse things! (I also have a post about pizza lol, you can find it here)

8. Start a blog: I’m assuming that many of you who are reading this post likely already have one [EDIT: Comment below if you do because I want to find some more blogs to read!] but blogs are cute and I love them…obviously.

9. Write lists, why not? If you want to be more Tumblr you can always be like me and write your list whilst sat on a window seat surrounded by fairy lights and with a view of the sun set or the sea *cough* extra *cough*

10. Have a Tumblr account. Woah, way to point out the obvious! Actually, I have a confession – though I have a Tumblr account I don’t even have the app on my phone and I’m not logged into it at all. That said, it’s still active as all my blog posts get shared on it but that’s about it, oops?

As I said earlier, comment below your blog names or URL’s so I can check them out! Thanks for reading!

{980} My LifeOnline {20/04/17}



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