Promote Your Blog Here!

In honour of us reaching 1,000+ followers on this blog, I thought I’d help you guys through this post! Read below for what you need to do – happy gaining!!

To those of you who know how this works: go right ahead, comment and reblog as usual!

To those of you know don’t know, or need reminding, here’s what you need to do:

First, simply leave a small comment telling people about your blog, accompanied with your URL. Then look through the comments of this post and when you see someone you like the look of, check out their blog and give them a follow, etc! If someone follows you, likes a post, leaves a comment, return it, it’s simple!

To gain even more, reblog this post! Also remember, the more blogs you check out, the more will see you!
[I’ve also made it my aim to leave you guys as many comments on your blogs as I can, just spam me with likes to be noticed!]
Have fun!

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173 thoughts on “Promote Your Blog Here!

  1. Hey! I’m an anonymous teen blogger who literally just started blogging. My blog is about my experiences being a teen in this world while giving my own advice and recommendations too. I’m also thinking of doing a writing series on my blog. If you can check it out (sorry it only has two posts…I literally just started) and give some advice and recommendations, that would be great!!!

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  2. Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations!

    I am a Dr in Chemistry passionate about beauty, fitness and health. I write science injected but easy to understand articles on these subjects in an attempt to bring knowledge and eliminate misunderstanding and promotional traps. I also review monthly subscription boxes and other beauty and fitness products. If you are itching to find the science proven facts behind something give me a poke!

    Grab a coffee and have a look:

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  3. Hi thanks for the like! I just started my blog here: It’s a blog about my life and trying to sort through my feelings towards my relationship towards myself and others (Going through a breakup? Let’s talk). I enjoy humor so I try to incorporate it when talking about the difficult moments in life because laughing makes the hard stuff that much easier to bear. I just started so there isn’t much there but I plan on regularly posting so follow me for my ramblings! If you like talking about relationships I’m your girl!

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  4. Hi thank you for the like! I’m new to this blogging thing, you can follow me at I just started my blog, which is really a journal about my life and deals with my relationship with myself and others (dealing with a breakup? Let’s talk). I’m a big procrastinator especially when it comes to dealing with my problems so thus my blog’s name. I’m hoping this blog will be my way of bringing clarity to my life and maybe even to those who read my posts. I enjoy humor and try to delve into deep issues with as much humor as possible because laughing about the hard stuff makes it that much easier to deal with. I’ll be posting pretty regularly so even though there isn’t much there right now, my blog is only going to grow 🙂

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  5. Thanks for being one of the first people to check out my blog! As such, I felt it only fair to give yours a look. Your photos are awesome, and it seems like you have a lot of fun doing this.

    Anyway, if anyone reading this type of blog cares, my blog will mostly be about video games. I barely started it a few days ago, but my first post includes links back to years of my work blogging on another site. There’s stuff in there I’m proud of.

    If you’re curious, here it is:

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  6. Hello! My blog is called Midwest Minnie Mouse. As I’m sure you could guess from my title, I’m Disney obsessed, but that’s only part of what I blog about. I also write about my profession, which is education (I’m a school counselor and was previously a music teacher.) and my day to day activities in the small town I live/work in with my husband and my cat. Basically, I needed an outlet to write down my thoughts, and organize them, so there you have it! My link is
    Thank you!! 🙂

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  7. Hello! My blog is called Life Begins at Coffee ( I write about life in general, womanhood, love and relationships, journals and calligraphy and I also write stuffs about my profession which is Medical Technology. Btw, congratulations on having one thousand followers. And thank you for this small community you made for bloggers to discover more awesome blogs out there.

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  8. Hi everyone, my blog is about me and my mad life. i was training to be a vet for 4 years and I hated every minute of it and now I’m just about to start training as a flight attendant. very scary. anyway ill be posting about my training, diet, travels etc and about my little family (husband and cat) plus the rest of my family who ill get to visit as i travel the world!! check out my instagram for pictures and videos as well x

    will follow for follow, I’m super nice so happy to chat! lots of love xxx

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  9. Hello! I have a beauty blog called Ella Rose. I have only started my blog very recently but I would be so happy if anyone would like to check it out. I mainly blog about makeup and beauty products but I also share tips and tricks as well as baking and just random things as well! You can find my blog at

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  10. Wow!! It’s a fantastic post 😊 I love it!

    My blog is about… English-speaking coutries and their culture! Yes, yes 😅 Why? In fact, I’m Polish and English isn’t my ethnic language. Of course I have English lessons at school 😉 I want to have a six as the semester final grade from English. In Poland we have marks from one to six. One is the worst mark – if you have it, you don’t go to the next class. And six is the best mark ever – if you have a six, it means that you’re dutiful and you do more than your friends (learn more, do extra homework etc.). I’d like to have it from English. I really like this language and I do lots of “English things” – eg. extra homework, I have sixes and fives from tests and quizzes, I’m active during lessons… 😇 And I also have this blog! I want to tell my teacher about it in some days. It’ll be very good when my teacher sees that my blog is quite popular and it has a lot of nice comments. If you visit my page, I’ll be so happy and grateful 😘

    PS Sorry if I made any mistakes! 😇💕


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