*Mind Blown*

I thought coincidences were just a thing that everyone was just cool with until one of my friends blew my mind the other day and said she didn’t believe in them. She then explained that she believes everything happens for a reason and so what I know as coincidences aren’t coincidental at all. Confused? Me too. Her explanation was a lot better than mine though.

Dogs, stars and puns are three of my favourite things. Random, I know, but also a really strange coincidence. How so? Well, Sirius the Dog Star can be a pun (Siriusly, it can), it’s the star dedicated to dogs (actually the dog days I think but that’s irrelevant) and, of course, it’s a star. It’s also Harry Potter related so that makes it even better!
 I could totally get behind the ‘everything happens for a reason’ theory if it wasn’t for the fact that sometimes I would much rather ignore something than dwell on the reason it happened. I also believe that, though many things do happen for a reason, coincidences are still a thing as sometimes something will happen and have no ulterior reason or motive. 

An example of this is what I was talking about at the start of the post. So three of my favourite things are all linked? Is there really a big reason behind that or is it merely a coincidence? In all honestly, I believe it’s the latter.

What’s your view on coincidences? Do you support the ‘everything happens for a reason’ theory or that it’s all coincidences? Maybe you’re like me and you think it’s a bit of both? Whatever your opinion, comment below!

{10,37} My LifeOnline {24/04/17}


25 thoughts on “*Mind Blown*

  1. Oooh I’m having a mind crisis here… I think I agree with you but I only think things happen for a reason when they can be linked back to human involvement which would mean that it might not just be inexplicable – aaah!!

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  2. I think it’s both. I think most of the time things happen for a reason and if the reason isn’t obvious or doesn’t show up immediately then it will in your later life… however sometimes things just can’t be explained or have no reason at all and that’s when I believe in coincidences x

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  3. Ooo I love posts which make me think. I am gonna have to go with both because some coincidences are too good to just be coincidences. But some things that happen have no rhyme or reason and have got to be consequences. I guess everything is a bit of both.

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  4. I’m with a bit of both. Sometimes coincidences just happen. Like finding out someone has the same birthday as you. I don’t think that’s fate, you guys were just born on the same day. But other times, you might bump into an old friend, then you get to catch up and rekindle the friendship. In that instance, I like to think there was something at work to get you two in the same place you know? 🙂

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    1. Aha yes! Birthday’s are usually coincidental I think, making horoscopes coincidental too – the only example of something like this that I think happened for a reason is the fact that a lovely couple I know, who have been together almost 50 years, were born in the same hospital, on the same day, and didn’t meet until later in their lives. I think them meeting happened for a reason and it makes me believe they’re soulmates ❤

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  5. Well I have two sides of this. I have a blog post about “friends” and I hit on this subject a little. In that sense, I believe in the reason. But I also believe there are coincidences in everyday life. Like example, I had a girl come in my ER one morning dressed as a nurse, I’ve known this girl for YEARS like 30+ years. I didn’t know she had just started at my work and was coming in for her first day that morning. That’s a crazy coincidence!! Love your post!!

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    1. I totally agree with both sides: I’ve met people by coincidence but believed it’s happened for a reason because it’s led to so much more, but there are also everyday coincidences and those are probably not some big thing!
      Thank you so much! ❤

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  6. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason! When I was younger my mum was unwell, it’s a very long story 😂 but the first step to her getting better was like magic. She used to be on dialysis and needed a kidney transplant and after 5 years of waiting one night we were called to the hospital for her operation. But we got lost on the way as the hospital was over 2 hours away and just when we were getting scared that we wouldn’t make it in time a police car came down the motorway and we signalled for them to pull over and they drove Infront of us to the hospital. I have never thought it was a coincidence that a police car happened to be passing by that night as the reason for it was so my mum could be with us today! 😄 Great post! 💗

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