Wooooo, yay for shopping! Because I’m ‘such a pro-blogger‘, I wrote down some thoughts from while I was shopping and thought I’d share them!

[Just a lil note, I’m only going shopping because I have a load of vouchers to spend and I’ve been saving them for today lol – look out for a haul soon!]

Why is it whenever I find something nice it’s never in my size?

Either that or it’s a ridiculous price…

Do you guys like shopping? Let me know in the comments!

These band tee-shirts are really nice but I don’t listen to the band so I can’t really buy them

Walk away from the homeware…walk away.

I came shopping for clothes and makeup, I can’t let myself spend all my money on homeware!

I love these sunglasses but can I justify buying them when I have another pair that are exactly the same, just with gold frames rather than copper?

I’m right, I can’t justify it…bye sunglasses

Does that mean I’m overcoming my copper addiction?

Who am I kidding, of course it doesn’t!

Why. So. Many. People. In. The. Way.

I feel like I’ve forgotten something?

Where the hell is my handbag!?

Never mind, it was in one of my many shopping bags lol

Are you guys looking forward to the haul which I don’t doubt is coming up soon?

Me: Ooh, I really like this top!

*Looks at pricetag*

Me: Haha, joking, look how disgusting it is, I totally do not want it bye

Guess whose in the same shop for the second time because they found another voucher for the shop in their bag and want to go back and buy the stuff they were going to earlier? That was oddly specific so uh, me, of course

I’m loving this 3 for 2 offer going on right now, it’s an excuse to buy more things!

You guys need to be proud of me, I didn’t let myself get any homeware!
I also managed to get everything on my list except for sunglasses (but that’s only because I’m looking for basically the exact pair I just had ((which broke)) and I loved them so much I won’t settle for anything not almost identical)

Why is my bag so heavy?

Oh right, lots of stuff has been brought.

That said, I only spent vouchers and parted with no cash at all!

Remember to comment below if you like shopping lol

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28 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Haha! I have these same thoughts when shopping, it’s always such a let down when you find an amazing item of clothing, but then the price tag makes you drop it and run away. Also, I’m with you on homewares. There’s so much cool knick knacks that I want to decorate my tiny flat with. But I don’t need it, doesn’t stop me from wanting it though 😀

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  2. Hahahaha! This was so accurate! Many of these thoughts run through my head when I’m shopping. I always think that with the band t’s too…I try and stick with only the ones I listen to but sometimes I have to bend the rules and get one I don’t know much about!

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  3. This is so accurate!!! These are exactly my thoughts whenever I go shopping! I know exactly what you mean with these band t-shirts! I always see some that I think are cool but when you don’t know any of the songs, why buy the shirt then? This was so much fun to read! xx Friederike

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  4. AHA you are one of the few people that I actually laugh out loud when I read your posts, pro-blogger supreme. I literally spent hours over spring break listening to bands that have cool shirts just so I could get some (they’re not even that good ahaha) love youuuu💜

    Liked by 1 person

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