Just a little note at the start: because you guys who comment are so awesome, I’ve added a feature to my blog which basically ‘shouts out’ the recent commenters on my front page – just thought I’d let you know!

If you read enough of my posts, or even just two, you’ll probably notice that more often than not I ask you guys at least one question per post for you to reply to in the comments. Now, you may assume I’m doing this to make my stats look good but I’m not. I genuinely just love comments and simply reading them always brings a smile to my face!

I’m lucky in the fact that you guys are so awesome and leave comments all the time! Seriously, how did I get such amazing followers!?

I’m forever grateful for every one of you who takes time out of there day to type comments. No matter how big or small it is, I still love them and make an effort to reply to every single one.

Comments, for me, are the best part of blogging. Sure, getting follows, likes and visitors are cool too but, I mean, they can’t really compete with the comments! 

I don’t really know what this post is so I’ll just use it as a dedicated thank you to every one of you who has commented!

{1,050} My LifeOnline {26/04/17}


16 thoughts on “Comments

  1. By far, comments are my favourite part of blogging; they make my day all the time. Just knowing that people enjoy what I write and have opinions on it is so comforting and makes me smile. Readers are individual people and receiving comments lets me get to know people I otherwise wouldn’t.

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