The most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done?

Thank you all so much for your questions! I received so many that I’ve decided to split this post into two parts! The next part should be going up tomorrow and I will link it as soon as it’s up! Feel free to leave more questions in the comments for me to answer! Also, I’ve linked all the blogs who commented (and will link any more commenters) so make sure to check them out! Here we go!:

thegreyeye – According to you, who are you? Well, I’m human and – Pahah, I know that’s not what you meant – I don’t know, I’m just me? 

Tabi Bee – Would you ever swap blogging for YouTube?Hmmm, probably not – I love video editing and all so maybe if I travel I’d put together something but I love blogging and I wouldn’t want to replace it with YouTube.

Tabi Bee – What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done? My whole life lol – In all seriousness, I can’t actually think of anything that particularly stands out as the most embarrassing?

Tabi Bee – What’s your favourite piece of clothing? Sweatshirts (or whatever you want to call them). Ooh, or skinny jeans. Or pyjamas.

CC&C – The bravest/boldest thing you have ever done? I have no idea, I used to be a really shy person but I got so annoyed at it that even when things terrify me, I use that Gryffindor courage and do them anyway – I went swimming with sharks once, but I find things like giving presentations more daunting

CC&C – Weirdest food combination you love? Do waffles and honey count as weird? Because that’s a very delicious combination.

penandfreethought – Why did you start blogging? I wanted a place to write down my thoughts and I love web design so one day I just thought why not, and created this!

NNN – What’s your current favourite song? Noooo, don’t make me choose! Can’t I just say all Ed Sheeran and all 5SOS and all dodie songs? Okay, probably ‘Eraser’ by Ed Sheeran and ‘Independence Day’ by 5SOS and ‘6/10’ by dodie Clark (Sorry, I know that’s three). I’m also really loving ‘Nothing without you’ by Emma Blackery (oops, that’s four) and – wait, I better stop now lol, I have a whole post of amazing songs but my taste has changed since then so I might do another?

| ash | – If you could turn into one food item, what do you think you would become? Pizza.

| ash | – If you were granted one wish by a fairy, what would you ask for? Unlimited pizza. Actually, I’d probably ask for world peace lol

| ash | – Do you wish to see a change in the world? If yes, what would it be? Yes! Can we remove terrorism?

| ash | – What one thing do you wish never existed? Terrorism. Or almonds, those are gross.

| ash | – If you could give one piece of advice to humans all over the world, what would it be? Oh god, umm, stop fighting and enjoy life?

| ash | – What among the following would you rather be- pigeon, goose, bull or frog? Probably a goose lol because then I can honk at people. And fly, flying would be cool.

Phoebe Chi (Puppy Doc) – What have you learned about yourself through blogging?
  I’ve just come back to this post and realised I never answered this. Honestly, I have no idea! It’s been playing on my mind for ages but I just don’t know – I guess I’ve learnt that I like to write more than I thought I did and if I set my mind to something, I can do it

Phoebe Chi (Puppy Doc) – What advice would you give to new bloggers just starting out? 
Don’t compare yourself to everyone else! Everyone has a different blogging journey and gains a following at a different rate – comparing yourself to them will only make you disheartened!

crystalamayy – How are you? 
Very tired (it’s late at night as I write this lol), but I’m good, thank you for asking! How are you?

Part One is complete! Stay tuned for part two and feel free to leave more questions below for a possible part three! 

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17 thoughts on “The most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done?

  1. AHA I love your answers. I was about to type just the ones that made me laugh but bitch I ended up writing the whole post rip me aha but yah fuck almonds(; also for next time: what was your favorite year of your life? Least favorite? Cat or dog person? What was your first date like?

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  2. This is so fun! I loved reading this and I can’t wait for more!
    Swimming with sharks sounds horrifying! I think I’d rather give a presentation, I’ve gotten better with doing things like that. I think it’s just from experience, and realising that no, people aren’t going to laugh at you while you talk. (Unless you said a joke, then it’s good)

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  3. Thanks for answering my questions! I can relate to being shy and getting tired of it, so sometimes you just have to be the opposite and do the craziest of things! Although, I am not sure if I would purposely swim with sharks! Lol! And waffles and honey is delicious😃

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