Accidentally Revealing My Name!?

And here it is, part two of the Q&A! Thank you all so much for your questions! If you’re looking for part one, you can find that here

Well, without further ado, here’s my answers to your questions:

bexoxo – What’s the best compliment you have ever received? This is the first compliment that stood out to me, so it may not be the best, but I started singing at a sleepover once (I don’t sing in front of people often so it was a rare thing) and someone said my voice sounded just like dodie Clark’s. Then everyone else started gushing about my voice and I honestly could of cried, they were all so nice.

All The Jazz – If you had the chance to save 5 things in a fire, what would they be?  (I’m going to assume that family and pets are already saved because obviously they would be top priority)

•My Harddrive (it has a crazy amount on it, including sentimental pictures)

•Money (or purse?)

•Something sentimental

•My phone

•Myself lol

Elm – What’s your favourite language and why? English, because I’m fluent lol. Not including English, I’d say German because I can speak some of that too. Not including languages I can speak properly, probably Italian because its beautiful and I can insult people fluently in it.

Elm -If you could only eat one food for rest of your life, what would it be? Pizza.

mariesbookboutique – What’s your favourite country you have traveled to?  
Hands down has to be Australia!

Regina5000 – Spring or autumn? 
Noooo, don’t make me choose! Both lol

Regina5000 – What’s the most useful gadget you have? My phone lol

Regina5000 – For how long have you been blogging? I only started ‘properly’ posting this year but I’ve had this blog since August. Before that, my first ever blog was started on the first of January (oh, how painfully clichè), 2016 – don’t try and look for it, I deleted it lol

Regina5000 – If you could be another person on Sundays, who would you chose to be? Emma Watson!

LLbeauty – Advice you’d give yourself for this time last year?  
Please, don’t straighten your hair everyday for months on end. I assure you, you regret it and have to pay to get your damage fixed.

Shania – How do you juggle blogging with school life/work life? 
With difficulty. I tend to *try* and prioritise homework, writing posts only when I can. If I’m able too, I’ll do all my work on one night and dedicate the next night to blogging.

emilysboredom – What is the process of making the photos for your posts with the titles? 
Do you guys want a detailed post on this? Because I get asked about it a lot. I use my own photos and the software Canva to add the text.

lonelymeme – If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Noooo, that’s an impossible question. Probably ‘a love song/ a non love song’ by dodie Clark and Jon Cozart because that’s two songs in one!

anon – What’s your religion? I don’t have one

anon – Are you comfortable enough to say your name? And if so, what is it? For the sake of staying anonymous, I won’t say my name, sorry! That said, I did accidentally reveal my name to a fellow blogger once over email which was a fail on my part

Grace Blaki – If you could have any super power what would it be? 
Ooh, I’d love to be able to perform magic. Or be the smartest person in the world. Can I just be Hermione Granger yet?

Grace Blaki – What’s your favourite tradition? Opening stockings at Christmas!

Wormalblog – What was your favorite year of your life?
Personally, probably this year (ignoring all the bad things in the world ahah). That or Summer 2015!

Wormalblog – Least favorite?
2014 lol

Wormalblog – Cat or dog person?
 Definitely dog.

Wormalblog – What was your first date like?
Awful! He organised it then made me pay (I wasn’t expecting him to pay for us but it’s the fact he didn’t give me a choice and I had to pay for us both even though I barely had enough money with me) then he cut the date short and dragged me Halloween shopping even though he knows I hate Halloween!

Ultimate Conflicts – One thing you’d want if you are stranded on a deserted island
? A boat so I can get back home lol

Ultimate Conflicts – Also, how cliche was that last question? Very, very cliche

Feel free to comment more questions below! And check out all the blogs I linked!

{1,066} My LifeOnline {28/04/17}


12 thoughts on “Accidentally Revealing My Name!?

  1. HAHA that first date is one for the books😂 and ohmygod we have the same best and worst years, we’re actually the same person (except I’m a cat person, ouch) love your answers bb, also Australia sounds so fun like what the heck

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