The End…

Well, this is it. My very last post…

….of the month (I’m sorry,I used clickbait…again lol)

Daily blogging is awesome, there’s no denying it. Throughout this month, I’ve successfully managed to daily blog, something I never thought would happen! 
Sadly, this post marks the end of my daily blogging experience – As much as I’d love to continue it, my god it was stressful.

This is random, but I’m curious, so can you all comment below your favourite blog(s)! I want to know who you guys look forward to reading the most!

I am in complete awe of those of you who daily blog. Sure, I managed 30 days in a row, but only because I dedicated a weekend to prewriting 20 of the posts and then writing the last 10 as I went along. Some posts were written as far in advance as two months before the upload, others, like this one, were written the day before. 

Surprisingly, I haven’t emptied my drafts. I continued writing as much as I normally would so I have around 20 unfinished posts stored. Hopefully, that means I’ll actually post regularly, but with exams coming up…ugh, let’s not think about that.

Seriously though, how do some of you manage to post daily?? Maybe I can understand how if say it’s your full time job but to those of you who juggle school or work with it…how?

Okay I’ve no idea what this post even is lol but thanks for reading it if you got this far! Remember to comment below your favourite blogs!

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34 thoughts on “The End…

  1. Hi! Im a new blogger but i fell in love with your blog straight away! your posts are amazing and congrats on blogging daily for a whole month! if you wouldnt mind checking out my blog, ill leave a link below. I’ve only just started so there is only a welcome post but i will be posting more later! thank you x

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  2. I tried to daily blog for Lent, but school work kept creeping up and I always posted late. It came to the middle of April and I was still on the 15th of March and I thought, let’s just try again next year. You doing it is just amazing, congratulations on being able to complete a month’s worth of posts.

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  3. I personally love daily blogging. I sometimes get excited and get up to two a day. Its fun! I plan a lot in advance and that helps a ton. I often plan out my posts a week in advance. But yeah it’s not for everyone 🙂

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  4. I post once a week on Sundays–I simply can’t manage more than that without feeling like I don’t enjoy it anymore, and writing is something I love to do. Because I post humorous essays, it often takes me all week to find something funny to write about, especially when things are crazy at work, or just in the world in general. I have a lot of favourite blogs, but the two that I’ve followed for longest because they’re always terrific are and (although he’s on a bit of a hiatus right now). I’ve been enjoying your blog, and try to like or comment when I can:-)

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  5. I’m trying hard to daily blog since March, but I always skip a day or two, so that’s quite an achievement! It’s my summer break now that’s why I can manage to daily blog but when I have school, I only post three times a week. I’m gonna miss your lovely posts! ❤

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    1. I think the only reason I managed to do it was because I pre-wrote so, so much! Thank you, I’m proud of the achievement ahah ❤
      I'm sad the daily blogging is ending but school and life are in the way (ugh exams), hopefully I'll be able to keep posting regularly though!
      Awhhh, you're so kind! ❤

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  6. Dang girl a whole month of daily blog has been awesome as the reader! You asked who I look forward to reading and it’s literally your blog aha. I totally get how daily blogging is stressful (cause hell, there’s no way I could do it), but I will miss your daily posts quite a bit. Looking forward to your future posts(: I’m like actually your number one fan AHA cute

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