That Time I Made A Fool Of Myself

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl walking along a foreign street. Little did she know, a huge surprise was waiting around the corner, ready to cross her path…quite literally.

A rat. There was a rat running across the road, straight towards her. Her brother points it out and she is left with two options: do what everyone else is doing, simply staying calm, maybe pointing and staring…or she could freak out. You’ll never guess which one her subconscious chose? That’s right, the latter option.

In a spur of the moment unchoreographed dance sort of action, she hops from one foot to another in an attempt to get away from the rat which is, in her mind, aiming at her.

The rat, later named Peter Pettigrew, soon ran away, probably more scared of her than she was of it. 

At the end of the day, whilst sharing stories with her family of her day, she is unable to stop laughing about it. After all, she did manage to entertain the crowd of people around her during the incident, it’s only fair she’s able to amuse herself and her family. 

That girl? Well, that girl was me.

~My LifeOnline 

Thoughts Writing An Essay

Essays – Aren’t they just the best! (Please note that sarcasm and realise my true hatred for writing essays…) 

Unfortunately, I have several left to write so, to make it slightly more bearable, I thought I’d write my thoughts down as I go! Well, I better get started….

Right, essay – hello, hi *reads what essay is about* nope, okay, see you never and bye

Nope. Nope nope nope NOPE

Why. Are. Essays. A. Thing.

I mean, I could write this but at the same time, now this is just a suggestion, but at the same time, you know,  I could be sleeping? No! Concentrate!

*Mindlessly sings* [EDIT- I was probably singing one of these songs]

Wait, what was I doing? Oh, essay, right

I mean, I could maybe read a few blog posts first? No! Seriously, if I do this now, I actually can enjoy the holidays

Just kidding, I have like 10 essays to write, plus a literal age of revision

*Sigh* I really need to get started….
*Starts Essay*

How long before I scream and give up?

Seriously though, I’ve been set way too much work to do…

I have such a bad headache and homework is not helping! I haven’t even had breakfast yet!
Okay, seeing as I’m on holiday, after I do some work I’m going to go down to my favourite little cafe and get breakfast
Okay, one essay (and a half) done! Revision time…

Nope nope nope I give up, I’m not doing it okay bye

*Skip to after breakfast*

Wow…when I said I wasn’t going to do it, well, I didn’t mean it? But apparently, I did, the revision is still incomplete…

To be fair, I have been productive, I’ve just sent a bunch of important emails!

Ughhhhh, okay I’m gonna be productive now and revise.

~My LifeOnline 

I tried to write something

Whispers. Always around her, following constantly as if firmly attached by a string. Making her way to the top of the stairs, the whispers suddenly stopped as those standing below caught sight of her. Everyone was silent, watching and waiting, waiting and watching. Yet no one knew who she was. Hidden behind her mask, she could be anyone. A picture of elegance and grace, she swiftly made her way down the steps provoking a cloak of whispers to cling to her once more.

 “Who is that?” they muttered, watching with a hint of jealously as she slipped out of sight. Finally out of the crowds, she could relax. Knowing she was unable to remove her mask until midnight, she felt safe. She could finally enjoy herself without the usual feeling of constant anxiety crushing her. Contentment flowed through her veins, only pausing to remind her that, though no one would be able to recognise her, she wouldn’t know who she was dancing with. Shaking her head slightly, a small giggle left her lips. She was being silly; this was the whole point of a masquerade ball! It was finally time she let herself be free; gave herself some time to be happy in a world brimming with worry and panic.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the ballroom. The brilliant sight ahead met her eyes and a small gasp escaped her lips as she took one more step forward in an attempt to take it all in. Illuminating the entire grand hall, a stunning crystal chandelier hung artistically from the ceiling, creating an air of sophistication and splendour. To the left of the auditorium, an incredibly detailed ice sculpture sat, watching happily as those in its sight twirled and waltzed around in joy.

Peeling her eyes away from the ice, she  was suddenly aware of a large crowd, all with their eyes on her. “This was a bad idea” she cursed silently, wishing she could just disappear into the ground, away from people’s judging stares “I need to get out of here” she whispered, tears forming in her eyes as she felt her breath catch in her throat. Wide-eyed, she turned around quickly, attempting to locate the nearest exit. “Why does this always happen?” she wondered as she began to run. Ignoring anyone making an attempt to talk to or follow her, she continued, asking herself why on earth she couldn’t just be normal. 
Reaching a glass door and pushing it open carelessly; she ran through the room and collapsed onto the floor, finally allowing her tears to fall against her mask. The thing that had once given her the height of confidence now hindered her, taunting her with its perfection and comparing its glory to her inadequacy. Knowing the more she fought against her tears, the shallower and more panicked her breathing would become, Olivia lets go. Brick by brick, her walls shattered and from behind them rushed a forceful current. To her, it felt as if she was drowning in her own salty tears. 
Lifeless, she stopped using the walls as her support for they too began to shake and tremble with the weight of her upset. Slipping down into the abyss, she took a deep breath and shut her eyes, finally blocking out the rest of the world.

~My LifeOnline

Manchester Terror Attack

This post is going to be a mess. I’m a mess, you’re probably a mess, the world’s a mess. 
I feel sick. Heartbroken. Physically sick. Children younger than me. People my age. 

I can’t muster words. I was meant to be going to Manchester in few days to see a concert at Manchester arena. I saw one woman on the news say she wished the attack had been on that concert so those killed would probably be older. I just wish the attack hadn’t happened at all. If  those attacks had been a few days later it wouldn’t have been strangers affected, but instead myself and people I know. 

I’m frustrated that I can’t get my words straight. I have so many words and I have a platform to share them on, yet I can’t string these individual words together in a powerful enough way.

We’ve all seen the photos. The videos. Heard the stories. I’m not going to go into detail on individual stories, they’re all heartbreaking, but some are particularly gruesome and I don’t want those of you who haven’t stumbled across them to be haunted.

Innocent lives. Innocent. Children. Targeted. Those poor kids. Poor Ariana. She didn’t deserve this either. None of them did. Buy her song on iTunes, if needs to get to the top for 22 weeks.

No one really knows how to help. My friends and I have spent so long crying – sharing stories we’ve heard and breaking our hearts more. It’s 23:45 as I write this. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, I can barely see the screen through my tears.
It hits home how these are people my age. It was in the sort of place we go to have fun. The exact place I was going to go to in a few days.

[Don’t read the next two paragraphs if slightly more violent descriptions upset you]

I hurt. My heart hurts. My head hurts. The nails from the bomb were imbedded in people’s skin. It’s sick. They’re sick. 22 are dead. 

The things these people have witnessed. Dead bodies. Blood. Half an exploded person. Real people. Real feelings. Real blood.
[Continue reading here] 

I don’t even want to continue writing this. I don’t want to poison your mind with the images that have been haunting most of us for days. I hope you’re all safe. Oh god, please all be safe.

Safety. What even is that when the terror threat is critical. Another attack is ‘imminent‘. 

Love. Hope. Families. Broken. Bodies. Blood. Death. Destruction. Terror.

Thoughts Flying Home

For some reason unknown to me, you guys seem to really love these thoughts posts so I’ve written you another! What even is it you like about these posts? You should totally comment below! Well, here you go:

Guess who worked out time differences? That’s right, me! For once I actually know what time it is!

Wait do I? We took off at 00:00 (Greece time), it’s a four hour flight but the U.K is two hours behind so we should land at 02:00 (U.K time)? Right?

No, air hostess, I don’t have any rubbish….we just got on the plane?

Yes, I’m in a bad mood, it’s midnight and I’m tired…what do you expect!?

Of course I have to have a child kicking my chair…typical

Okay I’m gonna close the window shutter, I do not want a repeat of the lightning storm incident!

Okay, scrap me knowing time zones, I don’t know what country I’m in- sorry, above – so how am I even meant to know the time!?

Why are the lights on? I want to sleep…its the middle of the night

Why is it so cold?

? At almost one in the morning? Think I’m gonna have to pass

“We appreciate you are tired” – Air Hostess, 2016.

Yes, I am tired so can you not wake me to ask if I want food?

Okay ignore all of the above, I’m hungry now.

Oh so now I’m hungry there’s no food? Thanks for that

I need sleep oh my god

If I eat these sweets will I become hyper?

I’m practically asleep and I have my headphones in yet you still try to talk to me?(Go read this to get that reference!)

Yay for me being confident and not wearing makeup

So happy I didn’t wear makeup (Another related post here)

So many thoughts, so little time – I can’t write them all down

I’m literally picking my phone up every few seconds to write down these thoughts….it’s one AM. The things I do for you guys haha

*proceeds to fall asleep with phone in hand*

Well hello! This is future me editing a post I wrote like a week ago…oops? [Lol okay just thought I’d mention here that this post was actually written like last year] I actually didn’t write any more thoughts down because…well, because I was asleep! 

Woah, how cool would it be if you could write things whilst you were asleep!? I mean- actually, it doesn’t matter…that’s beside the point – Moving On!

Thanks for reading! If you got this far, you are awesome! Let me know if you read to the end by commenting below!


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Beach Fails

Ahh, beach fails – my favourite thing. After all, what’s better than embarrassing yourself in front of hundreds of people? Water, rocks, seaweed – well, it’s a recipe for disaster! 

Right, so, walking out of the sea. In movies you see a flawless exit, a graceful stroll out the water. Real life? No. Just no. 

I, for one, am way more focused on not falling to think about elegantly flicking my hair. But what if you loose concentration for a second? And don’t notice the seaweed on the rocks in front of you? And then not so gracefully slip and fall. Well, same lol

Of course, you’re only going to make it worse if you try and make it look intentional or something. I mean, it was obviously an accident, so just laugh!
It happened to me in Summer 2016 it hurt not just my pride (pfft, what’s that) but physically injured me. The rock cut through my foot so now I have a lovely scar. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one to slip on that rock, I later watched many others do the exact same thing lol

What about sun beds? And don’t even get me started on the umbrellas by them! (Read  this to know why!)

Then there’s the not-so-fabulous walk in flip flops through the sand. You know the one: waffling around, attempting not to flick sand up and hence looking like a penguin. Flip flops and sand? Nope

What embarrassing things have happened to you at the beach? Let me know in the comments!
As this is posted, I’m either walking my DofE route or dying because I’ve walked too far, so make sure to leave as many comments as possible to cheer me up when I get home! That’s if I survive the walk and the camping and the next walk and ew.
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Dear Morning People

Dear Morning People,

How do you do it? Seriously, I need tips. How do you manage to motivate yourself into getting up? How do you manage to trick yourself into thinking getting up is a good idea?

Anyone else feel the same? I’m so not a morning person – the joys of waking up are practically nonexistent. You wanna wake me up early? Just don’t. Well, unless it’s something amazing…say you were gonna take me to another country? On a nice holiday?  Feel free to wake me up. If not? Don’t. You. Dare.

Okay, I lie, I am fully prepared to get up in the morning to be productive so I’ll wake up at 08:00 on weekends. If I’m doing something I enjoy, I’ll wake up. Waking at 06:00 for school? No, just no.
Are you a morning person? Or are you more like me? Leave it in the comments below!

~ My LifeOnline