An Interview With A Small Blogger

I was emailed recently about being interviewed about blogging and life in general so, naturally, I said yes! As I’m still only a small blogger, I was thrilled about the opportunity and, of course, I decided I would share the interview on here:

How would you describe your personality in one word?

Ahhh, that’s’ really hard! Uhh, charismatic?

Who inspired you to blog?

I don’t remember exactly who was my inspiration, however, I remember finding out about blogging through popular YouTubers who mentioned it in their videos.

What common barriers did you face while achieving 1000 followers?

Finding the time to post! Sometimes time is just not on my side and I’ll end up sat with a mountain of work to do and no blogs posts written! I tend to pre-write now so that I never place myself in that stressful position.

What more are you hoping for from your blog?

Of course I’m hoping to grow, but I don’t like to focus on numbers. Interaction such as comments and emails are always what I strive for!

Your blog title is really interesting, how did you come up with the name?

If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure I placed a load of random names I liked into a generator and ‘My Life Online’ was what came out of it!

How do you manage your blog and other activities? Do you get stuck?

Pre-writing posts is definitely a saviour! Many of my posts are scheduled so that on especially busy days I can turn my phone off and know that I have still posted. Then I make sure to dedicate an hour or so at night to replying to comments, checking out people’s blogs and reading posts!

In today’s age, everyone tries to be an inspiration to someone – do you think you’re an inspiration to your readers?

I hope so! I’ve had many people tell me they have been inspired by me and lots of people base their blog posts around something I’ve written – I see it as an honour and take it as a huge compliment!

Why did you choose WordPress to blog on?

I love web design and often make websites in my free time, however, I didn’t want to have to pay and so, for me, WordPress seemed ideal as you still get a reasonable amount of freedom with a free plan.

Do you want to explore more of the blogging world?

Of course! I love anything to do with blogging and I’m happy to explore as I go!

Will we see your blog with an individual domain in the future?

Possibly. If I decide to take blogging further than just a hobby, I’d be willing to pay for a custom domain, however, for now I don’t think it’s necessary.

How well do you know your followers? 

I’d like to think I know them quite well as a general group. I’ve picked up what posts they enjoy the most over time and I’m starting to cater to what they enjoy to read whilst still keeping to what I enjoy writing. Of course, I don’t have the time to get to know every follower individually, however, I make an effort to reply to every comment and now recognise many of them as individuals.

Finally, what’s your top piece of advice for new bloggers?

Don’t compare yourself to others! It’ll only make you disheartened – you have to remember that everyone grows at different rates! ❤

~Thank you too this blogger for the interview questions!~


36 thoughts on “An Interview With A Small Blogger

  1. Hello… Sorry was traveling hence I read your article now.. soon I will update my travelling experience.. And thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to work with you.. It was really nice working with you.. I got so much positive points for my personal blogging by asking you these questions. once again big thanks 😘

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  2. Great interview. I’d like to start having scheduled posts, it seems pretty helpful but a lot of the time I just come up with an idea, go with it and post it. I’m kind of a go with the flow type of girl. Good idea using the generator for your name. I know coming up with a name is hard for most

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  3. This was really interesting read. And I think you are so right, new bloggers, or any bloggers in fact, should not compare their work to that of others. What each individuals expresses and how they do it is a very personal thing. and the Blogosphere would be very dull if we were all doing the same thing. It is the variety and many different voices that make it so rich 🙂

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  4. Agree with “finding the time to post” and “interaction with followers”. I have just started writing my blog last year, need to edit some to make sure, all information are clear and for me, if my readers liked it or even asked questions or interact with me that indeed is fulfilling.. Thank you for this article.. 😊

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