A dangerous flight…

As we were flying through a lightning storm, I decided to write down my thoughts…you know, like any sane person would! Well, here they are:

Okay, I swear there is a lightning storm happening outside right now, the sky keeps flashing. 

Earlier, as I wrote this post, I thought I saw a flash of lightning, but later passed it off as my imagination. Now that it’s dark? The sky is flashing up every few seconds and I’m pretty sure it’s lightning. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of terrified.

Why isn’t the pilot mentioning the lightening storm that’s blatantly happening?

I’m not going mad, my family just confirmed that they too can see the sky lighting up

Okay it seems to have stopped now, I’m slightly happier.

Just found out from an air hostess that there was in fact a lightening storm and that we are currently being diverted around it.

Hopefully that’s the end of it.

I’ve jinxed it, I can see lightning again…I’m actually freaking out inside.

Its getting closer, the clouds right by us just lit up

Oh my god that strike was right by the wing

I say the clouds light up…well, we are flying directly over a lightening storm…not through it thank god

What exactly happens if the strike is below us? I mean, it doesn’t exactly hit us but it’s so close it could? Honestly? I’ve no idea.

It’s actually strangely beautiful, even if it’s terrifying

What exactly am I meant to feel right now? We’re flying above lightening.

What is going on!? Why hasn’t the pilot mentioned it yet?

I’m usually okay with flying. Now? I never want to fly again

Haha according to the air hostess earlier we were being ‘diverted around the storm’. Umm no, I can still see it.

How oblivious is everyone? The sky outside is being brightly lit every few seconds in a way that is blatantly caused by lightning yet I can hear no one else freaking out?

Everytime there’s a small pause with no lightning I’m like ‘oh! It’s stopped!’. It hasn’t…it really hasn’t. It’s getting worse.

Oh my god, stop lightning!

Writing is hard when every few seconds you check outside the window to see another lighting strike. I’m not paranoid, I swear

Most the flashes are coming from behind the wing now… Does that mean we are finally getting away from it?

I guess the flashes are getting further away…the pilot still hasn’t mentioned it though

Lightning? You there? Ooh! I think it’s gone

No, still there…what fun…

Now are you gone?

I think we’re starting to go down. We couldn’t do that if there was anymore lightning, right? Right?
{This post was originally written and posted on my blog months ago, however, I decided to take down old posts to rewrite and republish them}

~My LifeOnline 


21 thoughts on “A dangerous flight…

  1. Yay- you’re alive! This kind of reminded me of when I went abroad ages ago and there was an ash cloud so I got to miss two weeks of school. Everyone in my class legit thought that was dead xD

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  2. I hate flying and your post reminded me of one reason why lol. My dad is a huge Twilight Zone fan and I remember watching an episode with him where a man is on a plane during a storm. He looks through the window to see, what he believes to be a monster on the wing of the plane. This post made me think of that black and white episode with all the details you were describing. Glad you made it in one piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Usually I’m okay with flying and enjoy it to some extent but flying through a lightening storm is certainly not an enjoyable experience! I haven’t actually watched twilight but that episode does sound similar to how I was feeling! And thank you 🙂


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