My attempt at writing something cool

Paint. Splashing across a canvas in a spectrum of colour sketching a tale of jubilation and bliss. Then, nothing . A blank sky, a clear piece of paper. Tension sharp enough to cut with a knife, waiting and watching as the world slows. Over-looking eagerly, the moon smiles – like shattering shards of glass, a breathtaking display finally fills the air. Down below the moment is captured : an avid camera flashes. Vibrant and vivid, the image prints, floating slowly down, reaching the river below.

Spiralling like falling snowflakes, a light mist rises from the water, a blue lagoon of peace and tranquillity. Gently placed on top, Tower Bridge stands, a glimmering crown perfecting the sight. Reflecting a ray of beaming lights and magnificent colour, the water ripples happily. Undisturbed, it’s free to dance and spin to its heart’s content.

~My LifeOnline 


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