Embarrassing Stories

So, embarrassing stories. We all have them, let’s be real. In an attempt to be the Relatable Blogger™, I thought I would share some with you!

Well, here goes. Story number one is a throw back to summer 2016 when I walked directly into one of those umbrellas you see on the beach. As if I wasn’t already mentally cursing myself, there were people under said umbrella. I swear I heard one of them laugh, though that may of been me laughing at myself lol

Can we take a moment to talk about clumsyness in public, crowded enviroments?  Imagine walking near some roadworks and walking directly into a bright orange traffic cone. Yeah, I guess you don’t particulary want to imagine that huh? Well, that’s happened to me when I was too engrossed in my phone (don’t walk and text, kids)

It’s the everyday things that go from normal to cringe worthy in a few seconds. Say your walking through a cafe? Oh look, a chair! You can try and avoid it but it goes without saying that at least one of you, if you’re with a group, are going to trip.

PLEASE COMMENT STORIES BELOW! lol okay if I’m gonna share something, I need you guys to share as well aha
{This post was originally written and posted on my blog months ago, however, I decided to take down old posts to rewrite and republish them}

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68 thoughts on “Embarrassing Stories

  1. ahaha the relatable blogger tm truu bb and I just had an embarrassing encounter with my college professor earlier today- I was turning in my test and she was like ‘did you read the packet’ I was like ‘uh yah’ and shes like ‘no you didn’t’ and then she got a packet and read it to me because I missed a few parts (mind you the room was silent so) I’m a failure ahahah it’s fine it’s cool

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  2. 😂 lol. Let’s see … ooh! I have an embarrassing story that just happened! So,I was at the movie theater with my family and it was really dark. Well,I decided to go and get some food in the middle of the movie. When I got back I walked down and sat in what I thought was my row. Turns out my row was behind it!😳 When I got to my actual row,my brother was cracking up!🙄🤣

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  3. Haha.. I remembered I quickly grab my bestfriend’s hand in order to cross the streer however I heard someone says “ahh excuse me”..I turned and to my surprised it was a different hand I was holding. 😬😑😳 .My friend and the woman was trying hard not to laugh.. 😂😂.Lucky it wasn’t a man. Haha

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    1. Thank you so much! Regular posting is something that I never did at the start of my blog, but as soon as I did, I gained a following much quicker! Also, use relevant tags to get your blog noticed! ❤


                    1. I made my blog last year and posted for like a month then practically stopped until December/ January time – I only really started posting properly this year aha and I’m in the process of taking down all of my old posts, rewriting them and reposting them ❤

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  4. Believe it or not, after publushing my firdt post, i stepped out to get a coffee. On the way back I tripped a couple of times. So you have company on that one.
    But, i am wondering, maybe its not a good idea to step out after you publish a post. What wuth the adrenaline flowing, and a heady feeling that finally its done. 🙂

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  5. Haha, once I was trying to do a leprechaun jump in the kitchen but slipped…not only accidentally landing really hard on my bum, but also stuffing both hands in a bag full of rubbish and scraps of dinner that was on the floor (so gross)… and to make matters worse, I had hit this weird nerve in my hip that makes you feel dizzy and light headed…so long story short, I tried walking to my bedroom but instead did a complete face-planted faint. And ALL of this happened in front of my older sister, who thought it was the funniest thing ever :/.

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      1. Haha yeah, I was fine… in between laughing her head off, my sis got me to stick my head between my legs and the usual treatment for that sort of thing. My bum did hurt though for about 2 weeks afterwards… so not something that I would recommend ;).

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  6. My teacher once did the chair thing while walking through the classroom and she fell on one of my friends before getting up and falling again aha. I’ve gotten slightly less clumsy but, in my opinion, awkward people are some of the best people anyway xD

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  7. I thought my clumsiness was something that would fade as I got older, but alas, I’m still tripping over things as insignificant as blades of grass. My most embarrassing, though, was when I sat in dog crap at one of my boyfriend’s lacrosse games, and tried to clean it off with window cleaner spray (only thing available), so I smelled like a freshly cleaned window the rest of the day… and yes, people notice.

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    1. Aha I hoped I would grow less clumsy but nope! I swear I’ve even managed to trip on air…is that even possible?
      That sounds awful! I knew I wasn’t the only one who did stupid things like say, walking into a traffic cone haha

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  8. Pahahahaha this made me chuckle! There’s a few times now where I’d be happiliy walking down a busy street then I suddently trip, I just chuckle to myself after hahahaha. Sometimes I see people doing the same and they just pretend it didn’t happen! hahahaha.

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