When Not To Talk To Someone

I can’t be the only one who sometimes just doesn’t want to talk. So, in case you hadn’t got the message about any of these or just want to read something (probably) relatable, here are a few times you just shouldn’t talk to someone.

Headphones – please tell me somebody relates to this! Firstly, my headphones block out all other noise – I’m not going to hear you if I’ve got them in, especially if I’m listening to music. If I am listening to music (which lets face it, I probably am…why else would I have my headphones in?) then I’m probably relaxed, enjoying the quiet…or not so quiet? Let’s say enjoying the quiet from other people, enjoying the noise from my music. Also, don’t then get angry at me if I don’t reply…I probably didn’t hear you. That or I just don’t want to talk at that precise moment!

When I’m asleep– This ones obvious but some people just don’t seem to have got the memo *cough* air hostess’ *cough*. (Yes, I know it’s their job and they can’t help it) Like seriously? Do you really want to deal with me just after I’ve woken up, correction – just after you’ve woke me up! I’m bad enough in the morning, let alone when you wake me because you wanted a chat! I’m sorry but I’m not gong to cooperate. I get it, you have to wake me in an emergency but an aimless chat is not an emergency.

Reading or watching TV, any sort of thing that requires concentration– Especially if I’m doing some form of work, if I haven’t asked for help, don’t go questioning me unless you have an actually, helpful correction. Same for writing blog posts, I want to concentrate! Just let me get on with it, then feel free to ramble to me.

Honestly, I could rant for days about when you shouldn’t talk to someone, but I don’t have the time to write it all down! Make sure to leave a comment telling me if you can relate to these or any other times you don’t want people to annoy you!

~My LifeOnline 


36 thoughts on “When Not To Talk To Someone

  1. Oh yeah, the headphones deal is crazy. I have big, obvious wrap around headphones (and sometimes don’t listen to music, but put them on to blot out some of the noise to help me write). I take them off once in a while, like when I’m going to get another cup of coffee or something, but that’s about it. If I leave them off, it’s good to talk, but when I’m done, I’m putting them back on and going about my business. At least nobody’s tried to take the damned things off my head. I might get a tap on the table next to me if somebody’s asking a very important question and I’ll take them off and answer to give my full attention (though 9 times out of 10 it’s something pointless and I wish I hadn’t bothered). I’d be glaring them to death if somebody just took my earbuds out or headphones off my head.

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    1. The headphone deal is definitely crazy! It frustrates me so much when people think their question is more important than my work or my music! It’s even worse if you’re writing something important and they make you lose your train of thought! ❤

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  2. Ugh yes!! I hate when someone is talking to me while I’m reading, writing, listening to music or watching something! Like excuse you😒 one of the most annoying things ever

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  3. I can relate to all of these! The worst is when I’m in my work area and a need to focus on what I’m doing cause my product has x amount of time to finish what I’m doing before it sets. That’s the time my husband decides to tell me about what is going on, or how he won a rare thing in his game.

    I’m just like really you had all day. Lol glad I’m not the only one.

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  4. The headphone part! Yes! Omg and it gets soo annoying when people ask what you’re doing and try to have a conversation (which you’re clearing avoiding) Obviously you are listening to music and not in mood for small talk why else would you have your earphones on? Duh!

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