Dear Morning People

Dear Morning People,

How do you do it? Seriously, I need tips. How do you manage to motivate yourself into getting up? How do you manage to trick yourself into thinking getting up is a good idea?

Anyone else feel the same? I’m so not a morning person – the joys of waking up are practically nonexistent. You wanna wake me up early? Just don’t. Well, unless it’s something amazing…say you were gonna take me to another country? On a nice holiday?  Feel free to wake me up. If not? Don’t. You. Dare.

Okay, I lie, I am fully prepared to get up in the morning to be productive so I’ll wake up at 08:00 on weekends. If I’m doing something I enjoy, I’ll wake up. Waking at 06:00 for school? No, just no.
Are you a morning person? Or are you more like me? Leave it in the comments below!

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60 thoughts on “Dear Morning People

    1. I mean, I can do mornings I guess just not for school – I was woke up by birds at 4:30am on Sunday (I was on a DofE expedition) then napped til 6am lol, but then myself and two others took down our tent, cooked food and ate it, planned our route and walked around 5 kilometres before 9am, how crazy lol

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  1. I have kids so I guess that’s my motivation to get up every day lol. I get up at 6am. I have to have coffee or I cant function lol. It took a month or so till my body got used to getting up so early but now I wake up with out alarms every day. Even on weekends lol. If I didn’t have kids id prob have the same issues. It definitely takes time that’s for sure. Maybe create a routine.

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  2. Can relate 100% — I am the world’s WORST morning person! I hit snooze at minimum around 2 or 3 times, and unless I take a morning shower ain’t nothing getting accomplished. LOL.

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  3. I have become a morning person. Only since I started blogging funnily enough. I get so excited to wake up and see what’s going. I have gotten up before 6 am on the rare occasion to check my blog….I may have a problem XD

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  4. Well I have to say I am a morning person and also a nocturnal person. I love to wake up early to start doing the things I love. And I also love Monday’s. They say I’m weird. I just feel happy to think. It’s a new week. A new beginning let’s see what o can do to make it different. Once I set the positive intention everything turns out good. Be positive.

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  5. due to my work schedule which is night shift (8pm -5am) you can already imagine me asleep during daytime all through working days,However,the struggle is real when I needed to wake up early the next day to attend some party,or wedding,or even have a trip.I couldn’t sleep at all,or perhaps only a nap.LOL

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  6. I’m definitely a morning person! It’s really helpful when you go to bed at the same time every evening because then you have an actual routine. Also, listening to positive/dance music in the mornings wakes me up and makes me happy! xx Friederike

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  7. I’m definitely a morning person…I think I’ve always been that way. I just like feeling like I have my WHOLE day ahead of me to do whatever I want to do. I definitely think waking up early enough to not be rushed is the biggest thing for me. I need to be able to leisurely get ready. I love listening to music and/or watching youtube videos (vlogs mostly) while I’m getting ready! It puts me in a better mood! I totally understand why people hate getting up in the morning though; the bed is just sooooo comfy!

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  8. I’m kind of a morning person. Ever since school started for me, I started waking up at 6 in the morning, and I don’t like that. I DON’T WANNA BE A MORNING PERSON.

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  9. Wait! I know a way on how to wake up early! There’s this video called “How to wake up early” by one of my favorite youtubers, Anna Akana. I haven’t tried the method but you should! She tried it and she said it was insanely effective.

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  10. Nope, not a morning person. Well, let me clarify. I don’t mind getting up early-ish, but I want to be left alone when I do. I enjoy mornings, sitting with my coffee, reading my Bible, being on the deck and just chilling. But I want to be LEFT ALONE. I don’t want to converse, I don’t want breakfast. My husband, on the other hand, wakes up like a ray of sunshine… I just growl at him on the weekends and make my coffee. After 6 years of marriage, he usually lets me be. After a half hour or so I’m good.

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      1. Ahh, the joys of working from home for me and being a *ahem* housewife. So for 5 days out of 7, I get to sleep in till I’m good and ready to wake up, without cheeriness waiting for me, haha. I HATED school, but only because of the getting up and all. I liked the learning part.

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  11. I’m such a morning person! The past three years I’ve had to be to work at 6 am so I’m used to waking up early. I love the morning because when it’s early, there’s so much you can do, there’s so many possibilities. If you wake up at noon, the day’s half over and you’re limited to what you can do that day. I’m not sure if that makes any sense at all but that’s how I look at it! Haha

    But a good tip that I use is listening to music in the morning. It gets me in a good mood and I end up dancing so I have some energy. My husband has learned a couple key words to say if he needs to wake me up. Any mention of the word “coffee”, “pancakes” or “road trip” and I’ll be out of bed so fast! Lol

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  12. I have always been a morning person (as opposed to night owl). I would much prefer going to bed at 9pm and wake at 6:30ish (depending). Maybe its because I have been condition all through middle school and high school by waking up at 5am to make the bus at 6am. Who knows…

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      1. Hey! I couldn’t find a contact section on you page so I will post it here… I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I really enjoy reading your posts and wanted to share your blog. Pop over to my page to view the instructions (under the Award tab). I wish you the very best!



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